Alphabetical List of Plays by Title and Author


Our list of plays by title. To see our list of plays listed by author or playwright, please have a look at our Plays by author or playwright page

list of plays



A Beatle’s story  – Morley Shulman
A Blind Date – Elliot Baker
A Castle:Broken Apart – James Hanson
A Clean Break
A Contemporary Christmas Carol – Mark Mcquown
A country reunion – John Schall
A Christmas Carol, too! – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
A Cut Above the Rest  – Claire Demmer
A deep rural tract – court case drama script – Loretta Moore
A Fairly Tall Adventure – Richard Van Den Akker
A Famed Life – James Hanson
A field of Glory – Sharon Talbot
A Gift – Jean Blasiar
A House Divided –  Sterling Cullipher
A House of Dolls – James Hanson
A Less Expendable Husband– Jacob Appel
A Likely Story – five minute comedy filler
A Load of Carp – Troy Banyan
A Love, never forgotten – Peter Pitt
A Manger Carol  – Richard Van Den Akker
A Man’s home – one act American drama – Donna Hopkins
A Matter of Who – Jean Blasiar

A major for Dixie – Landen Swain
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Altaire Gural
A Mother’s Ransom – Owen Lewis
A NOT so dark and stormy night!  – E.J. McFall
A Payment Unkind – James Chalmers
A Puzzle for two – Neils Versavel
A Queen and three slaves – Richard Goodman
A Saucy tail – Tom Considine
A Second Chance  – Peter Pitt
A Smart Alec and Two Idiots walk into a Closet – Sarah Tarrant
A Snitch in Time – Claire Demmer
A Soldier’s Tale – Bob Hammond
A Sordid Affair – Robert Luxford
A Tale of Two Balconies – Kate Cosette
A Town without Heroes – James Chalmers
A Visit During Covid – Leon Kaye
A Walk in the Park – Stanley Dyrector
A Wolf by the Ears –Mattie Lennon
Aboard Disorder – Meghan Van Lelyveld
Action Man and the Lost Kids– Owen Lewis
Adam and Yoshi – Tom Cavanaugh
Adventures of Mojoe and Snowy in Lochloosa –Michael Holtzhauer and Shirley Gambrell
Ad Hoc – Morley Shulman
After Ever After – Pilar Pringiers-Spinnox and C.J. Opperman
After the Pyre – Adam Croft
Agatha the ugly – C. Cannon Rosenau
Aladdin –Bradley Coffey
Alex and Lindsay Take on the World – Brent Holland

Aladdin, the pantomime!
Alan Grimaldi and the 183 – Bob Hammond
Aldous remembers – Paul Hood
Alexa – Dan Weatherer
Alice in Football Land – Richard Van Den Akker
Alice in Wonderland – Anthony Morgan
Alien research – Kate Goddard
All a Twitter – Robert Luxford
All in the past -Lauren Ennis
All there is – Joseph Hawkins
Alma – Jean Blasiar
Alms – Dark Comedy about Catholicism (Digital Script) – T.J. Elliot and Joe Queenan
Alms – Dark Comedy about Catholicism (Printed Book) – T.J. Elliot and Joe Queenan
Anastasia Romanova – Pilar Pringiers Spinnox
Another Anansi – Timothy Brown
Antigone – Keith Passmore
Am I good? – Jean Blasiar
An Empty Chair –  Damien Darr
An ordinary man –  S. Rob
And all his Songs were Sad – Mattie Lennon
Anna, alone –  Cat Coxon
Anne then Some – Allison A. Fradkin
Anniversaries – Keith Passmore
Antibiotic – Keith Passmore
ANYONE can Dance – Sean Baker
Apparitions – Keith Passmore
Arcanum –  James Chisholm
Art Talk – Terry Roeche
Ascorbic Acid Freak – Grant Vuille
Attic Antics! – Gary Davis
Attorney skit – we’ll get what you paid for! – Lois Corcoran

Awaiting patients – Christopher Cartwright


Bad News, Pluto! – Peter Keel
Barfly– Christopher Cartwright
Barred – Greg Urbaitis
Beauty and the Prince – Olivia Arieti
Becoming Disappeared –  Dana Shamlawi
Becoming Strangers – George Freek
Behind the nets – Peter Pitt
Believe – Jean Blasiar
Believe – Marc Littman
Bemused – Paul Symonloe
Bench Buddies – Sam Stone
Benny and Boris – Morley Shulman
Berenice – David Schmidt
Bertie – Jean Blasiar
Beside the Kitchen Table – Jasper Kent
Better safe than sorry – George Freek
Beyond the Edge – Paul Symonloe
Biddies Borstal – Troy Banyan
Bird Feud – Troy Banyan
Black Man – Demarquis Johnson
Blasphemous Rumours –  Agustin D. Martinez
Blanket – Ashley Nader
Blind Date – Michael Anna Fambro
Blind Date – Tanis Galik
Blind Date: The Aftermath – Tanis Galik
Boise, USA – Gene Franklin Smith
Bourgeois Behavior – Rico Smith
Boy-1 – Claire Caviglia
Boys Night Out – Timothy Brown
Brookland’s blooming cats –  David Morgan
But I’m French – Terry Roeche
Butterfly Kisses – Ashley Nader
Bob – T. J. Edison
Breadman – Lee Dorsey

Breakdown Point – Troy Banyan
Bride and Seek – Jack Hutchinson
Buckingham’s Palace – Jean Blasiar
Burn – Crime thriller for four actors – John Muggleton
Burning Rubber – Jimmy Cunningham
By Faith – Christian Skits
By The Rivers of Babylon – David Greenberg
By the Way – Jean Blasiar


Call of the Riled – Lois Corcoran
Call me Stan– Claire Demmer
Calpurnia’s Misfortune – – Nina Berggren
Cancelled –M.  Robert Grunwald
Captive Christmas – Vin Morreale, jr.
Carmilla – David Macdowell Blue
Cash for Christ – Robert Luxford
Cashless – Robert Luxford
Channel Surfed – Jeff Carlson
Chatter – Anton Krueger
Cheeky – Morley Shulman
Check Off in the sun – Leonard Goodisman
Chicken, airbags and wors – Ashley Nader
Chicken salad – Paul Donnelly
Childish Authors – Leon Kaye

Choice – Peter Hynds
Choices –Shannan Browne
Christmas in the country – Olivia Arieti
Cinderella – Mick Gaunt
Cinderella in Space – An Out of this World Cinderella Pantomime – Anthony Morgan
Chauffeur Driven – Simon Parker
Chelsea and Me – Carl Megill
Chrissy’s Revenge – S.R. Anzalone
Christmas in Cape Coral –
– Carl Megill
Christopher goes through a Breakup – Aisha Tritle
Clear as Clear –David Greenberg
Clown car –Mark Keneally
Cold War – Debra Cole
Comrade Babble – Alan Kolski Horwitz
Condo Mania – Tim Brown
Confession Air – Matthew Konkel
Conformity – Kevin E. VanMeter
Conned to DEATH!!! – Gary Davis
Corpse. All Inclusive – Anatoliy Krym
Covidiots – Morley Shulman
Crawl to be Kind  – Troy Banyan
Cream Gravy Piled River – Timothy Starnes
Creature Feature – Jeff Carlson
Crooked Hand – Jeff Carlson
Crooked Hand: Game of Cups – Jeff Carlson and Zach Triplett
Crossword – Sean Baker
Cuckold – Wesley Taylor
Cupid’s Bad day –  Lois Corcoran
Cyborg with Rosie – Troy Banyan


Dark Matters – Dan Weatherer
Day of all Days – Keith Passmore
Dead on Stage – Gilbert Sarabia
Death of a Gerbil – Dewan and Claire Demmer
Death’s no laughing matter – Tony Broadwick
Deliverance – Keith Passmore
Dick Turpin: From the Horse’s Mouth. British Pantomime! – Jenny Gilbert
Dick Whittington, the Pantomime! – Mick Gaunt
Dinner at Dario’s – A. Giovanni Affinito
Dinner Date – Ashley Nader
Dinner for the End of the World – Christopher Connors
Dirt nap – Mark Kenneally
Disastral Plane – Jeff Carlson
Disharmony commercial -Lois  and Kelly Corcoran
Dislocations – Cornelius Fortune
Disney in Deutschland –  John Powers
Disruptions of an Impressionable Tea – Lianne Gill
Doctor Duplicate – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
Don’t think she won’t – George Freek
Down by the River – Randall Davis Barfield
Double Booked – Mark Keneally
Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin – Grant Vuille
Dream Beat – 1960’s Two Act Stage Musical – James Chalmers
Don’t Bank on it – George Freek
Don’t Knock – Ashley Nader
Don’t say you’re Harry – Claire Demmer
Don’t Shrink Me! – Ashley Nader
Don’t Tell – Jean Blasiar
Dr Kritzinger’s Twelve O’clock – Jim Snowden
Dr Reason – David Philippe
Dreamtime – Maura Campbell
Dreidel – Evan Guilford Blake
Daughter like you -Simon Parker
Dueling Chefs – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
Dumped – Tony Bishop


Early Liberty –Rita Anderson
Ejected – Drew Moyer
Empathy – Vin Morreale
Empty Places of the Heart – Robert Luxford
Enchanted – Prince Duren
Enter Love –  Lynn Lupold
Explain the Handcuffs – a time travel adventure – Jeff Carlson and Zach Triplett
Exquisite Anxieties – Seven Slivers of Suspense – Vin Morreale, Jr.
Extra Lessons –  Jen Schmidt
Eye to Evil Eye – Dan Weatherer



Faith –Simone Mimbs
Falling Together – Olivia Shake
Falls into Place – Stan Thompson
Family exercise – Eldad Cohen
Family Planning – Ashley Nader
Family Play – Matt Fox
Family Separation – Peter Keel
Father – one act comedy about a priest – J. Mark Tiller
Fausto e Mefisto – James Campbell
Fervan Cerato Does Not Exist – James Chalmers
Final Conversations – Rita Anderson
Finding my Root – Nanzizwe Mzuzu
First Date, First Base – Carl Megill
First Impressions – Alex Acuff
First Play – Jean Blasiar
First to see the lights go on – – James Campbell
Fishwrap – Ben Bromley
Following dogs – Tim Garvin
For never, not always  – Jennifer Peters
Foreign gifts – Nina Kossman
Foreign Therapy -Kate Cosette
Forgotten – – Altaire Gural
Forsaken – Vin Morreale, jr.
Foulweather friend –James Kent
Four Hour Casanova – Tony Broadwick
Fred, Ted, Jack and Harold – Matt Fox
Frederick J. Prescott – Randall Davis Barfield
Frida and Diego –Tony Broadwick
Fried Grits – Sam Stone
Friends and Family – teen drama script – Pearson Kunz
Friends Like Us – Dan Weatherer
Fulfill me FULLY Phil – Sebastian Rex
Funeral Skit – Josie Wert


Gatecrashers – Peter Pitt
Genealogy (Digital script) – T.J. Elliott and Joe Queenan
Genealogy (Printed script) – T.J. Elliott and Joe Queenan
Gettin’ Hitched – Lois Corcoran
Getting this close – Brent Holland
Girl in the Hood – James O’Sullivan
Glasses – Barry M. Putt, Jr
God help us – Jeremy Kehoe
Goddle –Revelly Robinson
God’s Madmen – John P. Bray
God’s visit – Evan Guilford Blake
Goon Today – Brent Holland
Gorgeous – Drogheda Woods
Grace will lead me home – Alexia Tiches
Gray Matters – Jean Blasiar
Great Land – Paul Barile
Grief and Grizzly Bears – Timothy Guy
Grudges – An American Political Satire – T.J. Elliott & Joe Queenan
Grudges – An American Political Satire (PRINTED BOOK) – T.J. Elliott & Joe Queenan
Guilty Party – Scott Doss
Guy meets Girl – Dewan Demmer


Ham and Eggs – Agustin Martinez
Happy Reality – fairytale story for adults – Ashley Nader
Happy Wife – Pepper Chambers
Handsome and Griddle – Lois Corcoran
Hang ups – Morley  Shulman
He Delivered – Jean Blasiar
He’s a Nervous Nellie – – George Freek
He’s Behind You – a whodunit and a panto rolled into one – Penny Jones
Heir to a Misfortune –  Mike Maxwell
Hell Froze over – Demarquis Lamar Johnson
Hikers– Victor Bravo
His Heinous Crime – George Freek
Holed up – Mark Kenneally
Holiday Island –  Paul Symonloe
Holiday shorts –  Evan Guilford Blake
Home – Yael Brunnert
Honesty – Tom Baines
Hoods Forever – Brent Holland
Hossback –  James Campbell
Hot air – Mark Kenneally
Hot Fudge Pickles the Musical – Marilyn D. Anderson and Jen Garrett
How we saved our homeroom teacher – Olga Gavrilova
Human rat Lab – Bruno Lacroix
Husband’s anonymous – Carl Megill
Hynde Horn and the King’s Daughter – Olivia Arieti


I should tell you – Mike Maxwell
If God Ate Fried Chicken –Timothy Starnes
Imperfectly serious – Keith Passmore
In Hyding – Carlos Perez
In tents – Pearson Kunz
In the Drink -Timothy Starnes
In the Hut – Mattie Lennon
In the KNOW – Mark Kenneally
In the Rubble of Paradise – James Chalmers
Insurance on the line – Leon Kalayjian
Irish Jack – Tim Brown
Is this seat taken?– Sean Baker
It’s a Good Fang – Matthew Konkel
It’s a Small World! Literally – Teresa and Anabel Schenk
It’s Never too late! – George Freek
Ivy – Jean Blasiar


Jack and the Beanstalk – Nicholas Richards
Jack Masterson and the Case of Absurdity -Mike Maxwell
Jake Revolver – Freelance Secret Agent
Jars – Jordan Morille
Jason and Ali – Timothy Brown
Jerico – Allen Kolski Horwitz
Jinxed – Ash Cresfelt
Joe’s Brass – Keith Passmore
Joined at the hip –  Dave Morgan
John Paul excluded from paradise  – Mark Anthony
Juan and Emmett – Alan Baxter
Judge Chewout – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
Juleo and Romiet – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
Jumping the league – comedy about a priest who doesn’t want to be – James Campbell
Just us Girlz – Sam Stone


Kate the Ultimate and Jane the Invincible:Earth’s Last Inhabitants – Matthew Konkel
Keep on Truckin’ – Lauren Ennis
Keeping Right (Digital) -T.J. Elliott
Keeping Right (Print) – T.J. Elliott
Killers with Benefits – funny crime script
King of the Sea – Olga Gavrilova
Kingdom – Pam Munson Steadman


Lady T – Naadir Joseph
Lady Killers – Matt Fox
Launching a kid’s comedy club – book of skits – Lois Corcoran
Lateral Sinking – Jonny Hopkins
Lawyer Skit – Josie Wert
Le Jeu Espion (The Spy Game) – Sonja Staunton
Le Shaggy dog -Dave Morgan
Learning to Fly – Leon Kaye
Lemonade Gurus – James Hanson
Leonardo – Pilar Pringiers
Let’s get rid of the plump people – Panagiotis Iatrou
Letters of Love – Ashley Nader
Lies”R”Us  – Damien Darr
Lies You Can’t Make up – James Kent
Life of a Salesman – Jake Doberenz
Life on the Line – Matthew Konkel
Life’s Just a Merry Go Round – Tom Considine
Listen – Matt Fox
Little Red Walking Hood – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
Lofty Larceny –  Bruno Lacroix
Lonely birds and shadow figures – E.M. Slocum
Lonely heart – S. Tighe
Lord Watchout! – Gareth Jones
Losing an Angel – Greg Urbaitis
Lost Property – Robert Luxford
Love in the time of Tourette’s –  Morley Shulman
Love is a stranger – Giles Morris
Love, Norman – Jordan Morille
Lovely, dark and deep – Pete Mesling
Lovely to look at – George Freek
Luke Warm -Brett Baxter


Mack to the Past – Mary Long
Magic, the Moon and a Pig named Dog – Evan Guilford Blake
Making Friends – Ashley Nader
Man Con – Matthew Konkel
MarriageSSSS – Lee Dorsey
Mascot Masquerade – -Mark Kenneally

Madrababes –Matt Fox and  Jessie Thompson
Marvin’s Fetish – gay drama for two actors  – S.R. Anzalone
Mask of Thorns– Eliah Medina
Maya from Madurai – Naren Weiss
Mateo falcone – B. K. de Fabris
Matter Matters – James Kent
Meeting Meryl – Jim Curtis
Memory Junk – Neil Sharman
Memory Palace – Maura Campbell
Merman on the Brink – Marc Littman
Merriweather’s Murderous Weekend – Gary Davis

Midnight Infomercials – Timothy Starnes
Mink – Peter Eyre
Mirror – Nina Kossman
Miss Independent – Ashley Nader
Missing the Mark – Mike Maxwell

Mister Hislop’s Dating Agency –  Thomas Baines
Moan Alone – Mark Aloysius Kenneally
Mock Tudor Land – Stan Thompson
Molly and the magic phone –  James Chalmers
Mom! – Jean Blasiar
Mom’s Kitchen – Carl Megill
Monthly Payments –  Thomas Baines
Moon Base Delta – Robert Luxford
Moon Base Delta (Screen Play) – Robert Luxford 
Moonlight Preludes – David Macdowell Blue
Moose Tracks – Mark Kenneally
More Pasta – – Leon Kaye
Mortality – Robert Luxford
Most Likely to – Carl Megill
Mother – Wesley Taylor
Mother Goose, the Pantomime – Mick Gaunt
Mr Fluffy is missing – Josie Wert
Murder: The Final Frontier! – Scott Cherney
Murder and other fun things – Geoffrey Stoddard
Murder in the Asylum – James Campbell
My First Online Date – Carl Megill
My Little Mermaid – Lois Corcoran
My middle name is angry – Ashley Nader
My Child – Kate Ravlic
Myth- Tristan Jackson-Pate
Myth II – Heroes and Halfwits – Tristan Jackson-Pate


Naked! – Morley Shulman
Nana and Paige – Debra Vassallo
Nativity – News of Jesus– Demarquis Lamar Johnson
Nest of Vipers – Stan Thompson
Never alone – Quito Baratas
New Life – Alex Acuff
Next – Austin Lamewona
Nietzche’s Nose – George Freek
Nights – Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson
No ordinary man – Jimmy Cunningham
No Way! – Stan Thomson
No Year’s Eve – Dave Morgan
No-Thanks-Giving Skit – Josie Wert
North Fork – Tim Brown
Not funny, people! – Jean Blasiar
Not of THIS Earth – Troy Banyan
Nothing personal, just business – Landen Swain
Nothing to die for – Michael Miller
Now boarding – Macee Bins
Nuns – Robert Luxford
Nuns – the Screenplay – Robert Luxford


Odin and Christ – S. Rob
Oedipus the play – Keith Passmore
Oh, Momma, OH! – Jean Blasiar
Oh My! – Jean Blasiar
Oldens but Goldens – Gary Davis
On Holiday – Paul Symonloe
On Tour – Nicholas Richards
Once Upon a Term – Sonja Staunton
On The Rebound – Keith Passmore
One act play –  Matt Fox
One Fine Day at the Car Dealership – Claire Demmer
One Fine Day at the Vet – Claire Demmer
Ooze Monster – Simon Parker
Orphan Antsy– Lois Corcoran
On Golden Wings – A. Giovanni Affinito
On How to Accommodate Marlo’s Frying Pan – T.K. Lee
One fine day in the operating room – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
One Hot Knight – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
Out on a date – Demarquis Lamar Johnson
Over my dead Body –  Jean Blasiar


Parade Day – Terry Roueche
Parallelodram Two – Nicholas Richards
Parents – Dan Weatherer
Parkside – Randall Davis Barfield
Parlor City Noir –David Schmidt
Party – Michael Z. Keamy
Passing – Jean Blasiar
Parturition – Michael Zeamy
People’s War – Lauren Ennis

Petals in Formaldehyde – Walter Andrew Rawl
Pigeons – Lee Dorsey
Pillow Talk – Ashley Nader
Pirate Appreciation day – Matthew Warner
Plain as Jane – Leon Kaye
Playground – Satire about modern Politics – Alex Acuff
Prelude to Macbeth – James Chalmers
Prelude to Murder – Stan Thompson
Prince Charming – Peter Keel
Pulling off Petals – Greg Urbaitis
Puppet show – Evan Guilford Blake
Puss in Boots in the Wild West – Kate Goddard


Questions – Keith Passmore


Rag-Na-Rock! – Mary Long
Ralph – Dewan Demmer
Ratboy – James Hanson
Read about it – Jean Blasiar
Regicide – Eliah Medina
Repertory Theatre – Eldad Cohen
Requiem for Murder – Stan Thompson
Resilience – French resistance screenplay – Lauren Ennis
Restaurants at Beautiful times – David McGinnis
Return to Vardia –Keith Passmore
Reverse Psychology – George Freek
Rhetorical – Terry Roeche
Ribbit –Mark Kenneally
Riding a Peacock –  Loretta Moore
Road Rage -Leonard Goodisman
Road toll –S. Tighe
Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates – Mick Gaunt
Robotic love – Simon Parker
Ronnie the Fird – Keith Passmore
Roots and wings –  Terry Roeuche
Roxanne of the Islands. Or – They’re playing our Sarong! – Scott Cherney
Running of the Aaah! – Mark Kenneally


Salesman by day – Owen Lewis
Santa’s Holiday – Pillar Pringiers-Spinnox
Sarah wants the moon –  A. Giovanni Affinito
Sassafras Cannon – Timothy Starnes
Satan Can’t have my fried chicken – Timothy Starnes
Save Our Souls – Kate Goddard
Saving Persephone – – Megan van Lelyveld
Say What? – Ashley Nader
Scream Jean Blasiar
Second Glance – Zachary Mark
Second Time’s a Charm – Stanley Dyrector
Seein’ is Believin’ – Nick Amatuzio
Seize the Crown – Toby Hill
Sexbot – David Philippe
Shadows of time – – Stan Jankaitis
Shapeless –Sean Carthew
She’s a Pill – George Freek
Shady Ladies – Jean Blasiar
Shall we Dance? – Jean Blasiar
Shoot this picture – Jeffrey Carlson
Show and Smell – Josie Wert
Shriek! The Fairytale – Claire Demmer
Shut up and Sit Down! – Timothy Starnes
Sinbad The Sailor! Pantomime of course! – Mick Gaunt
Silent Killer – Nikita Sowan
Sindication – T.K. Lee
Singles Forever – Paul Ajayi
Sir Lyonel and the legion of unlikely heroes – David Schmidt
Six Accusers –Barbara Tuttle
Six days till Sunday – S. Tighe
Sketches – Timothy Brown

Sleeping Beauty – Claire Demmer
Slim Fat Commercial – Lois Corcoran
Skinned – Carlos Perez
Snow Good – Keith Passmore
Snow in July – James Campbell
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – Bradley Coffey
Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – Claire Demmer
Snow White – The pantomime – Mick Gaunt
So Easy, a Caveman can do it – Lois and Kelly Corcoran
So…What do you think of the Band? – Jon Jory
Sock Hops, Recorders and Owl Pellets – Tips on Surviving the 4th Grade – Chris Cartwright
Some Unfinished Chaos – Evan Guilford Blake
Someone to remember – Ash Cresfelt
Something’s got to give – George Freek
Souvenir from Copenhagen – Michael James
Space Shenanigans – Sonja Staunton

Squawk – Troy Banyan
Stag – Joseph Hawkins
Stand and Deliver! – Mick Gaunt
Stairways to Heaven – Geoff Hargreaves
Starline 117 – Stan Jankaitis
Start Wreck – Lois Corcoran
Static – Macee Binns
Sticky – Jean Blasiar
Stirred, not Shaken… – Claire Demmer
Stone Cold Sober – Macee Binns
Straight to the top – Screenplay set in the Prohibition – Lauren Ennis
Strange Bedfellows – Jason Boies
Stranger Times – Ashley Nader
Street Theatre – Morley Shulman
Streetcar Derailed – George Freek
Strip me to the bone –  Ashley Nader
Stuffed Panda
Stumped – a comedy about cricket – Troy Banyan
Stumps – Cosmo Reynolds
Style – James Campbell

Sunday in the park with Phil – Leon Kaye
Sunset on the Potomac – James Campbell
Surprises – Keith Passmore
Survivors include – Paul Donnelly


Tail End Charlie – Joey Banks
Take my wife, please! – Terry Roueche
Taken to Tusk – Troy Banyan
Tales of Dark imagination:The Dark Chronicles of the Golden Raven society – David Schmidt
Tales of Dark Imagination:The Many Ghosts of Dr. Lazarus – David Schmidt
Taylor –Raymond Hobson
Tea for Terror – Robert Luxford
Teamwork – A Play for Teens Brent Holland
Temp Work – Vin Morreale
Teru’ah – David Greenberg
Thank you for shopping Hoochum’s bargain basement – Timothy Starnes
The 7th Officer – Brent Holland
The 27 Club – Rita Anderson
The Adventure of the Unkindest Cut – Tom Considine
The American WayNick Amatuzio
The Any Key –Chris Welzenbach
The Apartment Sitter – Greg Urbaitis
The Appointment – Claire Demmer
The Appointment – A Comedy about Counseling – Jean Blasiar
The Appointment with God –  Dave Morgan
The associate – Terry Roeche
The astounding works of Simon Trout – Owen Lewis
The Audition – Jean Blasiar
The Baby – Owen Lewis
The Back Seat – Drew Moyer
The Banalities – Michael Simmons
The Basement –  Ashley Nader
The Beach House – Timothy Brown
The Beach House – James O’Sullivan
The Best Day of your Life – Philip J. Kaplan
The Best Policy – Donna Hopkins
The Big Solar Storm – Olga Gavrilova
The Black Mask – Jimmy Cunningham
The Blueberry Balladeer – Andrew M. Frohdahl
The book of souls – Naadir Joseph
The Bowl of Soup – Terry Roueche
The Box –  Keith Passmore
The Call Centre –  Claire Demmer
The Captain of a Creative Ship – Alex Acuff
The Case of Ivan Kane
The Chair – Jean Blasiar

The Chase – Nikita Sowan
The Chicken or the Egg – Revelly Robinson
The Christmas Ghosts – Olivia Arieti
The coming of Jed Crest – Peter Pitt
The Comfort of Concrete – Zachary Mark
The Chronicles of Jack – Mbasa Tsetsana
The Condition –Alex Emerson Acuff

The confederation of radically altered people (CRAP) – Brent Holland
The Cost of Love is not Immune to Inflation – Matthew Konkel
The Circuitous Route – Grant Sutor Vuille
The Dane – James O’Sullivan
The Day Trip – Sam Stone
The Death of Donald Trump – Evan Guilford Blake
The Devil Dances –Jack Moskovitz
The Dragons of Spring –Richard Van Den Akker
The Duck of the Baskervilles- Tom Considine
The Duel – Jake Doberenz
The Dummies Guide to saving the USA – Jonathan Smith
The Easy Lovin’ Blues – Evan Guilford Blake
The Eater of Dreams – Elan Gunasekaran
The Edge – Paul Symonloe
The Encounter – Terry Roueche
The End of Class
– Timothy Brown

The Exit Strategy Club – Vicki Vodrey and Carlos Perez
The First Thanksgiving – Carl Megill
The Faun- Gilbert Sarabia
The fence – James Hanson
The Fourth Wall – – Jonanthan Smith
The Frankenstein Factory – Robert Luxford
The Fun Doctor – Keith Passmore
The Game of Life – one act comedy plays for 6 actors – Christopher M. Connors
The Ghost of Agnes Keller – Carl Megill
The Girl in the Lavender Glasses – John Zurn
The Girl who Didn’t Exist – James Hanson
The Gold Locket – Anna Holmes
The Gold Medallion –  Keith Passmore
The Golden years – John Schall
The Great Bank Robbery Hostage Crisis – Landen Swain
The Great Incan Treasure of Confusion – Jonathan Smith
The Group Session – Lindsey Paulette

The happy hornbill –  Revelly Robinson
The Heirs – Jean Blasiar
The Hippodrome Cage – Neil Sharman
The Hopeful Diamond Caper – with co author Patricia Winter
The Idol Maker’s Son – Gilbert Sarabia
The Impostor – Comedy about an estate agent – George Freek
The Interview – Robert McBrearty
The Intruder – Jean Blasiar
The Investigation –Evan Guilford Blake
The Invisible Creature – Stanley Dyrector
The Journey – screenplay about people round the world and despite our differences, that we are all human – Azi Ebrahimi
The Ladies Guild Annual Pre-Christmas Planning Session – Vin Morreale
The Lads -Jean Blasiar
The Lady of the Lake Murder – David Schmidt
The Last Time I saw Paris – – Keith Passmore
The Last Voyage of the Albatross – David Schmidt
The Last Evening on Earth – Johann Badenhorst
The Legend of the Rogue OR Mask me no Questions! – Scott Cherney
The Lie – Jean Blasiar
The Life we Lived – Matt Fox
The Little Things – Peter Keel
The love of Cheesecake – Ashley Nader
The M.A.D. – Gilbert Sarabia
The Magician’s Nephew – Altaire Gural
The Makeover – Jean Blasiar
The masked avenger

The Memory Jar – Kurt Schauppner
The Mirror – Jean Blasiar
The Most Important Thing – Mike Whorley
The Owl and the Pussycat – Sarah Tighe
The Operation – Lois Corcoran
The Oracle (Digital) – T.J. Elliott and Joe Queenan
The Oracle (PRINT) – T.J. Elliott and Joe Queenan
The Other Side – Bob Hammond
The Outlaws – Jean Blasiar
The Passion of Mary – Anne Leighton
The Pendragon Sacrifice – Brent Holland
The Perfect Place for a Mouse – Nicholas Richards
The Pigeons in the Orchard – George Freek
The Playwright – Lee Dorsey
The Play’s the thing – Peter Pitt
The Pub Sitters Reunion – Owen Lewis
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – James Campbell
The Real Housewives of Cape Coral – Carl Megill
The Real Lost Boys – Timothy Brown
The Read Through – Stan Thompson
The release of Theodore Marlow – Dan Weatherer
The Red Death – Olivia Arieti
The Retirement of the Witches of Ipswich – Owen Lewis
The Return of the Idol – Nicholas Richards
The Right Approach – George Freek

The Robber Baron and the Baker Thief – David  Schmidt
The Roses of Oshiro Village – Brent Holland
The Royal Blood cannot be Mixed – John Tshiama Nambombe
The Safety Officer –  Thomas Baines
The Scepter has Departed –Sterling Cullipher
The Serpent under it – Richard Moore
The Seven Suits – Brent Holland
The Ship has sailed – Davina Coulthard
The Simple Hard – Bheki Julius Radebe
The Smith Mountain Hunting Club – Landen Swain
The Storyteller – Jean Blasiar

The Summoning – Timothy Starnes
The Surprise – Tanis Galik
The Sweet Spot – Claire Demmer
The Tell Tale Teacher – Mary Long

THE ten minute Hamlet – Sharon Talbot
The Ten Minute Play that went Wrong – Leon Kaye
The Test – comedy about taking a pregnancy test
The things that happen in New York – James Hanson
The three unwise men – Tom Considine
The Twelve Days of Nativity – Claire Demmer
The Trail’s Creek – Zachary Mark
The Unbroken Chain – Kurt Schauppner
The Vampire Drudgeries – Sonja Staunton
The Vicar, The Four Thousand Year old Demon and the Cup of Tea – Claire Demmer
The Visit –Denis Emorine
The WAITING……………………… room – John Schall

The Warhol Institute for the Forgotten Famous – Robert Luxford
The Way Out – Brent Holland
The Well Keepers– Olivia Arieta
The Welsh Matchstick – Stanley Dyrector
The White Feather – Owen Lewis
The Wilting Press – Ash Cresfelt
The Window –Leonard Goodisman
The Wingman –Brian Mitchell
The Wingman – Carl Megill
The Wings of Dracula – David Macdowell Blue
The Wish – Simon Parker
The Witch’s Cackle – Greg Urbaitis
The Wizard of Odd –  Claire Demmer
The Worst Law Firm in Merry Old England – Leon Kaye
The Wrong side of the Road – James Chalmers
There was a great BIG MOOSE! – Garrett Ryan

Things that go by the Board – Jon Riches
Think before you vote – Shannan Browne
Thirds – Jacob Appel
Thirty Deep – Jordan Morille
This Seat’s Taken – Lindsey Paulette
Three months to the day – Peter Chell
Threes – Rita Anderson
Times Change – George Freek
To Be a tree – Matthew Konkel
To Sleep – a drama about a suicide pact – Matt Fox
Todd – Keith  Passmore
Trailer Trash – Laurie Allen
Tranquility Disturbed – Mark Mcquown
Treasure Seekers – Tanis Galik. Poetry by Morgan Jordan
Tribute to Mother Mangalam – Malaysian screenplay – Jayanthi Mahalingham
Trouble on Tatu Ween – Tanis Galik
Trump: I’m not a RACIST! skit – Demarquis Johnson
Trump: Wolf of Pennsylvania Avenue – Demarquis Johnson
Three’s a crowd – Ashley Nader
Town Crisis – Peter Keel
Transcendental Exercises – George Freek
Treasured Planet – Meghan van Lelyveld
Trolls Stole the North Pole – Art Shulman
Trump: American Nightmare – Demarquis Johnson
Try Psychology – George Freek
Tumbleweed – Brent Holland
Tune in –Timothy Starnes
Twas the day AFTER Christmas – Carl Megill
Twelve Tulips of Tinseltowne – Grant Sutor Vuille
Twenty First Century Stomp –Jack Moskovitz
Twisted Lucy Fans – Sal Anzalone
Two Brothers –  Morley Shulman
Two Cats, no Dogs – Terry Roeche
Two cousins and a Pizza – Anthony J. Piccione
Two many witnesses –T. J. Edison
Two Peas – Ashley Nader


Unbelievable – Jean Blasiar
Uncovered – Greg Urbaitis
Undressed – Macee Binns
Under the floorboards – Dana Hall
Uncovered – Greg Urbaitis
Unhappily Ever After – Millie Hardy-Sims
Unlikely Hero – Sam Stone
Ursula – Jerry Fogel
Used hearts –Tony Broadwick


V for What? – Natasha Tavoukjian
Verbal prostitution – Mick O’Brien
Vet Skit – Josie Wert
Victims of the Forest – Keith Passmore
Villains Anonymous – Jonathan Smith
Villains incorporated – Mary Long
Virtual Frenemies –  Revelly Robinson
Virtual Teacher – Demarquis Johnson


Wall Flower house – Grant Sutor Vuille
Welcome to Playwit  – Jeff Carlson
What’s on Your Mind –George Freek
Waiting – Claire Demmer
Waiting – Jean Blasiar
Waiting for John – Spencer Rowley
Waiting for Nelson – Mbsasa Tsetsana
Wandering Bard’s Tale – Mike Maxwell
War Stories –  Donald Dewey
Wedding Flour – Josie Wert
Well I never! – Keith Passmore
What could possibly go wrong? – Landen Swain
What happens in the sky – Drew Moyer
What the old guy said – – Leon Kaye
What was That? – Jean Blasiar

When Santa got caught – skit for the holidays
When summer dies of shame -James Chalmers
When was 1916? – Charles W. Barry
White widow – Naadir Joseph
Where there’s a Will, there’s a Play! – Nicholas Richards
Who cares for God’s acres? – Jon Riches
Who I Am – Shannan Browne
Who Killed Santa? – Claire Demmer – Chris Connors
Who’s There? – Jean Blasiar
Why Affairs Happen –  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai
Why shoot your husband? – James  Kent
Wilson -Terry Roeche
Woke Coffee – Simon Parker
Woodstock Reunion – Kathleen Holen
Wotcha! Gotcha! – Gareth Jones
Would you let me fini…sh? – Leon Kaye


X’s and O’s – Greg Urbaitis and B. Kemo Hughes


Yasmina, Cloris and Gordafarid – Evan Guilford Blake
Ye’ll vote for me – Mattie Lennon
Yellow Roses – Jean Blasiar
Yoo Hoo, Mister Solomon -Jean Blasiar
You are your own worst enemy – Landen Swain
You can try it – George Freek
You do love me, don’t you –  Claire Demmer
You do what you can – George Freek
You Wanted to see me? – Claire Demmer
You’re never too old – Carl Megill
Yvette – B. K. de Fabris


Zombies in the Staffroom – S. Tighe


5 eggs left – Teresa Stankiewicz
30 Silly Skits- a month of short skits – Lois Corcoran
101 Ways to Dump Someone in Five Minutes  – Damien Darr
343 Union Street – Greg Urbaitis

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