The Masked Avenger – superhero skit

superhero skit


When there’s danger….he’ll come. When there’s a damsel in distress….he’ll come. When there’s life threatening circumstances….he’ll be there to save the day. All you need to do to call him is to give the super signal in this superhero skit.

But one day, two policeman get to reminiscing about old times and working with The Masked Avenger. The fact that they’re in the same vicinity as the super signal seems too good to be true. So….they press it. What happens next?

Author: Peter Keel

Type: Short one act comedy play, skit.

Genre: Superhero skit

Cast: 3M

Ages of the actors: Any age

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Seven minutes

Set: The rooftop

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a funny skit for three actors. Characterization.

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