Virtual Frenemies – one act comedy plays

one act comedy plays

VIRTUAL FRENEMIES –  ONE ACT COMEDY PLAYS – when you meet your online gaming rival and get stuck next to them on a plane

Two girls get acquainted on a plane when they are travelling to attend a conference. Being similar in personality, they immediately get along, much to the annoyance of the almost mute passenger sitting next to them. As they get talking, each of the girls reveal that they are addicted to the same virtual gaming platform. They gradually learn that their online avatars have had virtual altercations with each other, leading to a real-life confrontation. However, through some mid-air mishaps the online rivalry is forgotten and the girls forge a friendship despite their virtual animosity. One act comedy plays for four actors.


Millbury Jr/Sr High School, MA, USA – 2023

Author: Revelly Robinson

Type: One act  comedy plays

Genre: Comedy

Length:  30-35 minutes. Approximately half an hour long

Number of  actors: four 2F 2M

Ages of actors: 20s-30s

Suitable for: All ages

Set:  Three seats side by side on a plane with armrests in between. Chairs have revolving tables on armrests which function as the tray tables. Seatbelts are attached to the chairs. ROBYN and BROOKE both have a carry-on bag and handbag. BRENDAN has excess carry-on baggage. ROBYN and BROOKE each carry a book in their bags and BRENDAN has a car magazine. Three dinner trays are needed as the airplane meals.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 Maintaining audience focus as the subject matter is quite specific to the online community.

The author will allow workshopping of this play. Read more about Revelly Robinson

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