Jumping the league – comedy about a priest

comedy about a priest


Mike isn’t your typical Catholic priest – he has his own gun, likes to hunt and, to be frank his language is a little on the foul side. His best friend, Pat is the total opposite. In fact, Pat acts very much more like a real priest than Mike does. When Pat comes round to visit Mike they end up having a few drinks. As they drink, the conversation veers very naturally onto the subject of sex (or the lack thereof) as both guys are celibate (and thus think about it a lot) –  one by choice of profession and the other because life has kind of gotten in the way. The lack of sex, however isn’t the only thing that isn’t all that satisfying.  It turns out that neither is completely satisfied in their jobs and wish to ‘jump the league,’ as it were. They only need that small push to make them go in this comedy about a priest and his best friend.

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Author: James Campbell

Type: One act play

Genre: Comedy about priests

Cast: 3M (two young, one older)

Ages of the actors: Two young, one small part older

Length: Thirty to thirty five minutes

Suitable for: PG 16 (Language, Sexual innuendos)

Set: The study of a Catholic priest in the early 1960’s. The room is furnished with two easy chairs, bookcases, a desk and a portable TV
set. There is a passageway leading OFF RIGHT to other rooms in the apartment. There is a closet door, UP RIGHT. Another door, DOWN
LEFT, leads to a hallway and staircase leading to the lower floor of the building. The room is slovenly, the walls festooned with weapons and athletic gear. There are some religious artifacts. Dusty piles of
books and papers adorn the shelves and the desk. There is evidence of someone getting ready for a hunting trip

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization

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