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Odin visits Christ – Short comedy skits for two actors

short comedy skits



A short skit for two actors in which Odin pops round to Christ’s house for a visit (and possibly a bit on the side.)   Odin is a bit down because of his lack of followers lately, other than the occasional nutter in a caftan. Christ helpfully points out that Odin’s followers slaughtering all his potential converts in battle could potentially be the source of the problem? They lament that state of religion nowadays  (Even Satan has opened a club (with air conditioning) in Soho.) and generally have a good old natter about the state of the world and what Odin’s wife wants for Christmas this year.

Author: S Rob

Genre:  Comedy, theological debate (broadly speaking)

Type:  Short comedy skits

Length:  Ten minutes

Number of actors: Two 1M 1F

Ages of the actors:

Suitable for: PG 16 –  blasphemy, sex toys

Set: Simple – anywhere as long as there is an implied front door

Level of difficulty:  7/10 – a conversation so may become static.

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Two Cats, No Dogs! Ten minute romantic plays

ten minute romantic plays


In this award winning romantic comedy script, a man and a woman find themselves at an art gallery, viewing a red (very red) painting. They get chatting to each other and, superimposed on their ‘chit chat’ are their thoughts – that they really and truly like each other and wish that the other would like them back. Their personal thoughts also intrude on what they’re trying to say to each other which leads to the sort of stuttering that happens when people are trying to impress each other. A lovely, funny two-hander script for one man and one woman of any age.

Read more about award winning playwright Terry Roeuche. Read  But I’m French – also by  the same author.


…was produced in the United Kingdom in 2016
… won second place in the 2003 Porter Fleming Writing Competition sponsored by the Greater Augusta (GA) Arts Council.
… selected for the 2002 Second Annual Pregnant Chad New Plays Festival, Stormy Weather Players in New Windsor, NY.
… was selected for the 2001 StageRight Production’s Off-Off Broadway one-act play festival.
… awarded “Best Play” in the 1999 Turnip Theatre Company 15-Minute Play Competition, New York City.
… was selected for the 1999 Theatre Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) One-Act Series.
… was selected for the 1999 New Play Festival at Converse College, Spartanburg, SC.
The Old Nick theatre, Gainsborough, UK – 2019
American School of Dubai – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2020
Nirak Films, Warwichshire, UK – 2020

Micro Theatre on Broadway, PA, USA – 2023

Two Cat, No Dogs! is one of a series of short plays collectively known as “Ugly Art.”


Redditch Advertiser, Worcesterhire, England
Produced by Mouthpiece Theatre, Worcestershire, England 2004
“Putting on a theatre performance is always a risky business. You don’t know whether the audience will turn off the telly and risk the chance of a waster evening. Mouthpiece Productions remedies this by taking theatre to the people. And if has certainly deliver the goods with its latest festival offering – Ugly Art… The show was a treat – a performance of this quality is worth traveling to watch. The show was light accessible and above all, very entertaining.

Sumter Item, Sumter, South Carolina
Produced by Urban Theater of Sumter 2004
“Three large canvases (blue, yellow and green) one bench and a small table displaying several wine glasses set the stage for “Ugly Art,” written by last year’s South Carolina playwright’s winner Terry Roueche… The play itself is sophisticated dialogue, evoking laughter through seven vignettes that explore a variety of topics – marriage, control, snobbery, fidelity and artistic talk…

Author: Terry Roueche

Genre: Ten minute romantic plays, romantic comedy

Type: Short one act plays

Length: Ten minutes

Number of actors: Two, 2, 1M 1F.

Ages of the actors: Any adult age

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Simple black box set with a single red painting

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – a nice two hander play for 1F 1M

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Cost is $10.50 for this award winning digital script

Cost is $15 for the printed script. Reduced costs with multiple copies, please inquire.

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But I’m French – one act romantic comedy plays

one act comedy plays


Charles is convinced that he’s actually French – to the extent that he speaks in a French accent, and talks garbled ‘French’ to total strangers that he meets. This annoys his girlfriend, Penelope to no end. When he befriends two confused French girls and talks to them in ‘French,’ Penelope is embarrassed and begs him to stop. But Charles won’t be deterred and thinks he knows a way to convince Penny that he is in fact French.

‘But I’m French’ is the 2009 winner of the Little Fish Theater’s – Pick of the Vine Play Contest. San Pedro, California. It was also selected for Lee Street Theatre’s SIX IN THE CITY 10 Minute Original Play Festival 2009 Salisbury N.C. It  won first place in the 2007 Porter Fleming Writing Competition sponsored by the Greater Augusta (GA) Arts Council and was selected for Barestage Theatre’s “Six 15s @ Eight” New Plays Festival 2005.

Further Production History

Parish Episcopal School. Texas, USA – 2016
South Albany High School Theater Arts, Oregon, USA – 2016
Infinite Imagination, Alberta, Canada – 2017
Darien High School, CT, USA – 2018
Mehlville High School, MO, USA – 2019
Nirak Films, Warwichshire, UK – 2020
Jesuit Philelectic Society, Jesuit High School, LA, USA – 2021
South Tama County High School, IA, USA – 2021

Read more about playwright Terry Roueche.

Author: Terry Roueche

Genre: One act romantic comedy plays

Type: One act play, two hander play

Length: Ten to Fifteen minutes

Number of Actors: Two, 1M, 1F

Ages of the actors: 20’s – 30’s.

Set: It can be set anywhere as it is a conversation.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – a fun, easy place that will be enjoyed by the audience and actors alike.

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When the Devil Come Knockin’ – ten minute drama scripts

ten minute drama scripts


When the Devil come Knockin’ – is a ten minute drama script about the broken relationship between an alcoholic father and his son. It revolves around years of abuse and alcoholism. Charles and Darius must learn to forgive and to love each other in order for them to move on with their lives.

This play was first produced by Lee University’s English/ Literature Department Fringe Fest 2013 under the direction of Stacey Isom.

Author:  LaDarrion Williams

Genre: Drama

Type: One-act play, ten minute drama scripts

Number of Actors: Two male actors, 2M, two men

Ages of actors:  One late teens-20’s, other 40’s up.

Suitable for:  All ages

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – showing the level of hate and love in one person that exists in these relationships

Set: Easy, simple a bare apartment with a table and a bottle of liquor on it.

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Cost is $6 for this previously produced play

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Copyright October 2013  LaDarrion Williams and Off The Wall Plays

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Stag – two-hander drama (poignant comedy) script for two actors

full length drama scripts


Two Englishmen are out of place, out of time and dangerously low on vodka…

In this two-hander drama script,  two old friends, John and Davvo, stage a reunion after a lapse of 10 years in a hotel room in an East European city. John is on the brink of marriage while Davvo, his best man, has embraced a life of carefree debauchery.  They find the battered charm of the city they remembered has evaporated, replaced by rampant consumer capitalism and belligerent British stag-nighters. At the same time, they’re painfully aware of the death of their own youthful idealism and John’s ambivalence about his impending marriage.

Over the course of an evening, they probe each others’ insecurities, finally agreeing to spend a “lost weekend” together, during which their friendship is tested to crisis point.

The producer and playwright Giles Morris was inspired to write Stag when returning to a small ex-Soviet capital after 10 years and seeing that while the city had been transformed by globalization, the ex-pat community were largely unaltered.

‘Stag’ was produced at the Courtyard Theatre, London, in October 2011.

“A concoction of sharp humour and tension that challenges our ideas of romance and commitment, security and freedom. Both actors give excellent performances in a bold play that will leave you talking and thinking for many nights afterwards.” www.remotegoat.com

Author: Joseph Hawkins

Genre: Two-hander drama script

Type: One act play

Length: Seventy minutes

Number of actors: Two, 2M. Voices offstage.

Ages of actors: Two men in their late thirties to early forties.

Suitable for: PG 14 (Language)

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – building a climax and tension between the two actors and it’s quite wordy.

Set:  A hotel room in a minor capital city in Eastern Europe. There are twin beds with a coffee table between them, and large, curtained windows to the rear. A television set, a cracked mirror, tumblers and an ashtray. Overall, the décor is extremely dilapidated, in Soviet style, with heavy floral patterns in brown, beige and red and cheap dark wood. Dim electric light.

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Copyright  October 2013 Joseph Hawkins and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Road Rage – a one act comedy play

one act comedy play


In this one act comedy play, a woman knocks and enters a man’s office, making sure she has the right person and indicating she is a messenger. He shows his annoyance and, in a silly charade, pretends he is not who she is looking for, but it turns out she is not who she says she is. Eventually, she reveals who she is and why she is there and takes him through various stages of emotion, eventually taking the audience by surprise and leading to a dramatic climax.

Leonard has written about a dozen full length plays and somewhat more one act plays. Some have won prizes: full length plays “Laramie, Equal Rights” and “Clara” won awards at the Shoreline Readers Theater, 2009 and 2010, in Washington State. “Road Rage” and “Apartment 4G” won in the 2010-2011Ink to Boards” One-Act Play Competition at Wildfire Arts.   Several plays have been produced locally in the Seattle, Washington and in New York are others have been read at writers’ workshops, and some at festivals.


St John’s school, TX, USA – 2018
Chapel Hill Thespians, NC, USA – 2019
The Little Theatre Cleadon, South Tyneside, UK – 2020

The author will allow workshopping of the play, subject to the right of refusal and he must be notified through us of any suggested modifications two weeks in advance. Read about playwright Leonard Goodisman

Author: Leonard Goodisman

Type: One 1 act play

Genre: Comedy, but can be played as a drama

Length:  Ten 10 minutes

Number of actors:  Two 2

Age of actors: Adult any age

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Simple, an office

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – maintaining tension and building to a climax

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright February 2013 Leonard Goodisman Off The Wall Plays

Two Brothers – a two hander one act play

two hander one act play

Two Brothers – a two hander one act play

Two Brothers – a two hander one act play is a drama about two brothers, Gary and  Jeremy, and the responsibility of caring for their aging mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Although she hardly knows them, they feel that they have a responsibility to care for her, but on the other hand,  there is also a need to move on with their own lives.  There is a feeling of being trapped in their situation.

When Jeremy decides to break free from their situation and move to Las Vegas with his wife, Gary feels that Jeremy is abandoning their mother and also leaving him with most of the responsibility.

Author Morley Shulman tackles this delicate situation that is so well known to many families by diving straight into the subject!  This is a character driven short two hander one act play that should be simple to perform in a one act play festival, for example.

Morley Shulman is the author of the award winning play, Naked, that took top spots at the both Franklin players festival of one act plays and the EADS festival of one act plays in 2012.

Production History:

Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama, USA – 2016
West Des Moines Valley High School, IA, USA – 2022


Author: Morley Shulman

Type: One act  festival play

Genre: Drama

Length: 15 minutes

Ages of actors:  20s-40s.

Cast: 2M, two men, two male actors

Set: Simple – a living room

Suitable for:  PG 12 – language

Level of difficulty: 7/10 –  the play starts on a medium to high level of emotion and then increases further before dipping to a conclusion. Maintaining the focus and energy.

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Other Plays by Morley Shulman

Read more about Morley Shulman

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