two-act comedies


Two-act comedies great for community and professional theatre groups.

Looking for a great farce? Have a look at our FARCE SCRIPTS!

A Snitch in Time – time travelling comedy adventure for teens and young people

A Queen and three slaves – British farce with Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and three very ‘Essex’ slaves

After Ever After – a fairytale musical for schools

Aladdin, the pantomime!

Anniversaries – two-act comedy about rescuing a failing hotel

Antibiotic – a hospital comedy script in two acts

Cinderella – the Panto

Clown car – an hilarious whodunit script. With clowns.

Crooked Hand: Game of Cups. Comical whodunit!

Dick Turpin: From the Horse’s Mouth. British Pantomime!

Death’s no laughing matter – two act comedy play

Dirt nap – Two-Act Comedy about the mob (Or…what happens when you start digging them up)

Don’t say you’re Harry – a two act farce

Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin – musical children’s plays

Ejected – two act comedy about a video store

Explain the Handcuffs – a time travel adventure – sci-fi comedy script

Fishwrap – two act comedy about a struggling small town newspaper

Foulweather friend – a two act dark American comedy

God help us – dark religious comedy scripts

He’s Behind You – a whodunit, comedy and a panto rolled into one

Heir to a Misfortune – a short two act farce

Holed up – Comedy about Two Idiot Bank Robbers caught in the wrong hole at the wrong time

Hot air – romantic comedy scripts

Human rat Lab – hit comedy

I should tell you – two-act comedies

Jack Masterson and the Case of Absurdity – a farce in two acts

Killers with Benefits – funny crime script

Leak in the en suite – British sex farce scripts

Lofty Larceny – two act French style farce

Mascot Masquerade – whodunit costume comedy play

Mister Hislop’s Dating Agency – funny ghost story script

Monty’s Mouthwatering moments – British farce scripts

Moose Tracks – a dark comedy about a series of missing boyfriends. And a fly, sorry moose on the wall…

Nights – funny musical Arabian Nights

Nothing to die for – dark comedy drama about affairs, murder and revenge

Nuns – a two-act satire about rebellious nuns running riot

Pirate Appreciation day – comedy script about pirates. Aargh!

Puss in Boots in the Wild West – The Pantomine!

Repertory Theatre – hilarious two-act comedy about trying to get a play staged

Ribbit – award winning comedy script about believing in fairy tales

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates – PANTOMIME!

Roxanne of the Islands. Or – They’re playing our Sarong! Two act comedy melodrama

Running of the Aaah!Comedy about the bulls trying to sabotage their own Running

Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

Sassafras Cannon – Civil war black comedy

Saving Persephone – comedic Greek style play about Hades kidnapping Persephone because he’s, well just horrible.

Seize the Crown – Comedy about Community Theatre

Shady Ladies – a play about scriptwriting and the perfect con!

Shriek! The Fairytale – a musical comedy for high school

Sir Lyonel and the legion of unlikely heroes – funny fantasy script

Sleeping Beauty – the Pantomime – the modern day version!

Snow Good – Hilarious Snow White pantomime in the style of the Goons

Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – alternative funny pantomime script

Snow White – the pantomime. Traditional British

Something’s got to give – family comedy play about the night in which everything goes wrong

Take my wife, please! A funny and farcical sex comedy

The 7th Officer – large cast adventure play for high school

The Dragons of Spring – a two-act medieval teen comedy

The Blueberry Balladeer – plays for youth theatre

The Cindy Variations – coming of age cabaret type comedy

The confederation of radically altered people (CRAP) – superhero comedy play

The Ghost of Agnes Keller – a comedy set in the life after afterlife

The Great Bank Robbery Hostage Crisis two act comedy about a bank robbery gone wrong

The Hopeful Diamond Caper – two act crime comedy about a huge diamond on a ship, a wealthy woman and a couple of bad guys

The Impostor – Comedy about an estate agent

The Mayhem Motel – Two-act American farce

The Outlaws – comedy about THE INLAWS…

The rat trap – large cast comedy farce

The Retirement of the Witches of Ipswich

The Return of the Idol – adventure comedy script for teens and children

The Seven Suits – teen sci-fi comedy about the apocalypse (well almost) and an unlikely team of heroes

THE ten minute Hamlet – large cast comedy about putting on Hamlet at the old folks home. In ten minutes

The three unwise men – spoof nativity play

The Warhol Institute for the Forgotten Famous – comedy about ‘Wannabe A lister’ group therapy

The Way Out- comedy about escaping from the loony bin

The Worst Law Firm in Merry Old England – a merry farce around with the law

Trolls Stole the North Pole – musical Christmas play

The Wizard of Odd – a pantomime script of the Wizard of Oz

Thirds – suburban satire about 3 sisters dividing a house they’ve inherited. Literally.

Try Psychology – melodramatic comedy in two acts

Tumbleweed – large cast comedy set in the wild, wild west

Tune in – two act comedy about reigniting a dilapidated TV station

What could possibly go wrong? A stage manager’s worst nightmare

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