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Ejected – Two-act comedy about a video store

comedy about a video store


‘Same Day Video Rental’ is quite literally on its last breath and the owner, Henry, is equally over being the heir to a crumbling and profitless video rental store. In Ejected, the world is simply streaming via the Internet more and more every day and there is no room for an establishment like Henry’s in this two-act comedy about a video store.

Duke, the local ‘tough guy,’ who was once a ‘loser’ compared to Henry in their youth, has a large stake in the property market surrounding ‘Same Day Video Rental’ and also owns a very successful movie streaming service. His big property stake is as large as his tolerance for his dumb girlfriend, his ego and his disposition for anabolic steroids.

Duke antagonises Henry, his staff (Wilson and Justin) and his sister (Rachel) just enough to push Henry to sell the store…to him. In this comedy/drama in two acts, the force that is family and loyalty coming together for a cause that is more than worthy, change this sad excuse for a video store for the better and give Henry a sense of optimism he hasn’t seen in too many years. Blurb If he can’t save it – Rachel, Wilson and Justin will!

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Author: Drew Moyer

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Comedy-drama

Main Characters: 2 – M, 1 – F, total cast 4M 2F

Ages of the actors:  Younger adults 20’s-30’s

Suitable for: All ages to watch. Older teens up to perform

Length:  100 minutes

Set: The interior of Same Day Video Rental

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization.

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The Worst Law Firm in Merry Old England – Two Act British farce


two act British farce


A merry two act British farce involving a bunch of senile, incompetent, drunken, dishonest lawyers, missing bank employees, and policemen seeking to circumvent the law. Add to this, a witch, a couple of conniving females, and a pair of criminals who may or may not be what they seem. At stake is a fraud of 1 million pounds but who was or were the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime and where is the money? All of this presided over by a pompous ass of a judge.

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Author: Leon Kaye

Type:Two act British farce

Genre: Farce, two act comedy script, British

Cast: 7M, 4F – however, one of the females should be played by a man in a dress.

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 90 minutes

Set: A well-manicured cozy office. There are desks facing each other, one far stage left and one right. In front of each desk there is a chair for a client to sit. Far right there is a back door. Up stage there is a fireplace, a large picture window that looks onto the street, and the main entrance door, left. There is a painting of an elderly man hanging above the fireplace mantle.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – getting a farce right is an art to build it to a ridiculous climax

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Something’s Got to Give – two act suburban family comedy play

two act suburban family comedy play


Children are a gift from God. Alcohol ensures they remain so.

Henry Goodman, his wife Monica and their two daughters Denise and Danielle are typical average householders with 2.5 kids and a house in the suburbs. And they have a strict ritual. This ritual takes place in the family’s living room, usually after a hard day of school for Danielle, work for the parents and well, uh, newly-wed life for ‘damsel of drama’ Denise. The ritual begins when Monica asks her beloved husband to fix her an alcoholic beverage, which he does. He also mixes himself something strong too. This happens every evening.

But one day, things fall apart. In Something’s Got to Give, (a two act suburban family comedy play) we are thrust into the drama of everyday life unraveling fast and furiously as everything that could go wrong and right in a couple of hours, does. Throw in the police, illegal drugs, a car accident or two or more and we have to ask if it would be fair to blame their daughters? Teenage Danielle who wants to fit in? Wildcard Denise who married when she thought she was pregnant and might still be, but can’t be sure? The answers for Henry and his wife are easier to bear with a martini glass in hand. Perhaps, the answers themselves lie in said glass.

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Author: George Freek

Genre: Family comedy play

Type: Two act play

Cast: 3 – M, 3 – F

Ages of the actors: Two middle aged actors, three in their twenties, one in high school

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 80 minutes

Set: The scene is the Goodman’s living room, conventional, but neat. Front entrance is in the rear: a small bar and door to the kitchen, right, a door to bedrooms, left.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a fun zany comedy by an award winning author.

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The Mayhem Motel – Two Act American Farce

American farce


It’s not destined to be Hector’s day. He’s just been told by his doctor that he has a kidney stone, which he urgently needs to pass. In order to do that, Hector needs to relax as much as possible. Peace and quiet. Check.

But what could be more relaxing than a day spent behind the desk of a quiet country motel? A local hick checks in, complete with his hunting rifle and a couple of dead squirrels. So far, so good. Then, when you add the arrival of a famous baseball player, followed closely by two rather demanding female fans of his, whose life ambition is to sleep with the aforementioned baseball player, his doppelganger (who no one else knows about,) whose life ambition is to sleep with the fans of the famous baseball player, and then the very high maintenance wife of the baseball player, you have a recipe for disaster.

And no kidney stone. To find out if it gets passed, read on…..


Knights of Columbus, ON, Canada – 2020


Author: Landen Swain

Genre: American farce

Type: Short two-act play

Cast: 3M 3F and 1N

Ages of the actors: Adult actors

Suitable for: PG 10

Length: 60 minutes

Set:The lobby of the Jericho Motel. Room one is on the DR position of the stage SR wall, room two is U.R. on the same wall. On the upstage wall, room three is URC, the main entrance UC, and stairs leading up are ULC. On the SL wall is a wooden manager’s desk which takes up almost all of the wall, a door to the manager’s room is DL, it has a sign on the door that says manager’s room. Behind the manager’s wall is a wall of keys with the numbers one through five above the keys. Each room door has the number of what room it is. An armchair, paintings, a chandelier. A coat rack is behind the desk, a cash register, a telephone and a bell are on the desk.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – one of the less complicated farce scripts.

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Hot air – full length romantic comedy scripts

romantic comedy scripts


Megan and Harry are a newly married couple with one small problem. Harry is a thrill seeker and Megan is not. In order to save their marriage, Harry agrees to give up his daredevil lifestyle if Megan does one dangerous act. Megan complies and the couple embarks on the adventure of their lives. But complications arise and truths and secrets are revealed as the couple find themselves floating high above the ground and hanging on for dear life.

HOT AIR first received a staged reading at The Players Theatre in Sarasota, Florida in July, 2014.


Dark Blue Daisies Theatre Group, UT, USA – 2018

Author: Mark aloysius Kenneally

Genre: Romantic comedy scripts

Type: Full length two-act play

Cast: 2M 2F

Ages of the actors: 1M 1F mid to late twenties and 1M 70’s and 1F 50’s-60’s

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two and a half hours

Set: A living room and a hot air balloon.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – technical with hot air balloon

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Don’t say you’re Harry – a two act farce script

two-act crime comedy


In this two act, full length farce script, Snake and Harry, two professional diamond thieves gatecrash the funeral of Miss Amelia Devonport, who was the late owner of the fabulous Devonport diamonds.  Snake and Harry plan to impersonate relatives of the late Miss Devonport in order to get information on the diamonds and where they could be hidden in the old Devonport mansion. Then they plan to steal the famous stones.

Unbeknownst to Snake and Harry, two cops, Capt. Theunis van Staden and his young partner, John Smith have also gatecrashed the same funeral, and are, um, also posing as relatives. The two policemen received an ‘anonymous tip’ earlier in the week that led them to believe that two thieves, masquerading as relatives of the deceased, would crash the funeral and steal the diamonds.  Their task: to find the location of the famous stones, and use them as bait to trap the diamond thieves into revealing themselves.

It all gets rather complicated when each one of them decides to call himself ‘John Smith’ in this hilarious farce script.


Elgin Theatre Guild, ON, Canada – 2020

The author will allow workshopping of this script.

Claire Linda Demmer is a small festival award winning playwright, whose plays have sold internationally.  A one act version of the same script ,  ‘A cut above the rest,’ has been published previously.

Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Genre: Comedy, farce

Type: Full length two act play

Length: 90 minutes

Actors: 5M (males, men) ,  3 F (females, women),  maid and guests.(2-4)

Ages of actors: Late twenties (20s) up to late seventies (70s)

Set:  Lounge with a coffin on a dais, with a set of stairs upstage right and a door leading the the kitchen on the lower level stage right, and another door leading to the parlour upstage left.  The front door is downstage left. Various chairs are set around the room for the funeral.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 timing of the farce.

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Jack Masterson and the Case of Absurdity – a two act teen farce




In this two act farce, Jack Masterson has just started a private detective agency with his friend Lisa and they are awaiting their first case when Miss Lovely walks through their door in need of assistance.  It seems that a priceless family heirloom of Miss Lovely’s has gone missing and she needs Jack to find it for her.  Jack gladly accepts the case and starts by checking out the scene of the crime and questions Miss Lovely’s maid, Yvette and her obnoxious neighbor Sandra Moody.

Jack comes to the conclusion that his old nemesis, Professor D. Veous must have some information on the whereabouts of the missing heirloom.  While Jack goes off to question the Professor at his headquarters underneath the local Happy Hamburger Hut, Lisa goes down to Club Shady to question some of the local thugs about the theft.  While there she runs into Jack’s biggest rival Detective O’Malley who decides to help her out questioning the criminal element.  What heirloom could possibly worth so much trouble?  With three different endings it could be anything!!!

Author: Michael Maxwell

Characters: 18 (12F/6M)

Genre: Comedy, Two act Farce, TWO ACT TEEN FARCE

Type: Full Length Stage Play in 2 acts

Length: 90 Minutes

Suitable for: Any ages

Ages of Actors: Teen and Up

This show was produced and performed at Theatre 29 in Twentynine Palms, California in 2001 and was presented as a Summer Youth Play.  It was also nominated for Best Original Writing in 2002 by the Desert Theatre League of Palm Springs.


Maranatha Baptist University-Music and Drama Camp, WI, USA -2017
Towson High School, MD, USA – 2017
Tallulah Falls School, GA, USA – 2019
Carrollwood Players, FL, USA – 2019
White Oaks Secondary School, ON, Canada – 2021
St Columba College, SA, Australia – 2022

Michael Maxwell has been writing plays for the past 10 years and has written 13 plays and  had 11 of them produced both domestically on the community theater level and internationally at schools for English language programs. He has also written close to 60 “Saturday Night Live” style skits for a live sketch comedy show that performs in the Inland Empire.  His show “Like Clockwork” won the Desert Theater League of Palm Springs’ Best Original Writing Award in 2001.

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