Ten Minute Plays

ten minute plays



Ten minute plays are growing in popularity and are great for short play festivals, as well as comedy and drama evenings and dinner theatre. They require minimal set and usually focus on characterization as well as witty lines to deliver their message.


5 eggs left – a Comedy about Menopause

A Famed Life – ten minute comedy about a personal servant leaving her very needy boss who cannot cope without her!

A House of Dolls – script about a crazy man obsessed family

A Matter of Who – he’s convinced she’s cheating as she’s just too damn happy!

A Smart Alec and Two Idiots walk into a Closet – short one act comedy script

A Sordid Affair – an off the wall comedy. With a Mime

All a Twitter – comedy about people on their phones

Alma – ten minute comedic character piece for a female actor

ANSWER THE QUESTION! A Comedy about Personal Data

Barfly – ten minute romantic comedy about a blind date

Benny and Boris – ten minute poignant comedy for two mature actors

Better safe than sorry – ten minute comedy script

Blind Date: The Aftermath. When the date’s over, is it really?

By the Way – comedy about renting a room

Calpurnia’s Misfortune – Ten minute Quirky Comedy

Cashless – comedy about paying with cash and the millenial who doesn’t understand it

Cheeky – short one act comedy about a butt that’s damn cheeky

Confession Air. A ten minute comedy set on a crashing plane

Covidiots – play about the idiots amongst us out in the Corona Virus Pandemic

Cuckold – ten minute period play

Don’t Tell – a comedy about newlyweds

Down by the River – romantic comedy script

ESPN, B.C. – teen action comedy script

First Play – comedy about 2 unscrupulous Hollywood producers and a little old lady

Frederick J. Prescott – one act funeral home comedy

God’s visit – funny script about when you say ‘Oh God,’ and she appears!

Gray Matters – funny monologue about the guy who runs your brain

Ham and Eggs – ten minute melodrama

He Delivered – comedy about a taxi driver delivering a baby!

Hell Froze over – comedy script about sports taken a BIT too far

Holiday shorts – collection of short plays for the holidays

Hossback – a satire with cowboys in the old west

Husband’s anonymous – comedy about a support group for wives with annoying husbands

Insurance on the line – ten minute comedy plays

It’s a Good Fang – ten minute dark comedy

Kate the Ultimate and Jane the Invincible:Earth’s Last Inhabitants – Short Superhero Comedy

Learning to Fly – comedy about an unconventional grandma

Lemonade Gurus – comedy about two down and out clowns setting up a lemonade stand

Life of a Salesman – funny play for a cast of 5

Life on the Line – when an old T Shirt’s life is about to end, two shirts hatch a plan to help him escape the line!

Lost Property – comedy about Superman, who has lost his clothes

Man Con. A comedy about Men. Real Men

Matter Matters – ten minute comedy for two actors

Merman on the Brink – dark comedy about having a mental breakdown

Mom! A comedy about when a mother in law moves in

Mom’s Kitchen – comedy set in a restaurant where they treat you like your mother does

More Pasta – ten minute comedy about veganism

Mother – a comedy about being politically (in)correct

Odin and Christ – short comedy for the non religious

One Fine Day at the Car Dealership – comedy sketch about people who think they own the road

Out on a date – short romantic comedy

Passing – poignant comedy about growing old together

Ratboy – failed superhero comedy script

Read about it – comedy when two middle aged widowed people meet at the bus stop

Road Rage – a tongue in cheek short comedy

Shall we Dance?Award winning short comedy about learning to dance

She’s a Pill – ten minute dark comedy about a thirteen year old who tries to kill her mom’s boyfriend

Sticky – short farcical comedy about a cheating husband

Street Theatre – short comedy for three actors set in an ordinary diner

Tea for Terror – dark comedy about the very real terrors of tea addiction

Temp Work – ten minute comedy about a sleazy boss

The Appointment – A Comedy about Counseling

The Appointment – ten minute comedy about customer service

The Audition – 10 minute comedy

The Christmas Ghosts – a children’s play about the three ghosts of Christmas. With a tech savvy approach

The Cost of Love is not Immune to Inflation – a Snowman Comedy

The Dane – ten minute comedy script about an audition for Hamlet

The Duel – ten minute knightly comedy for two actors

The End of Class – comedy sci-fi script for teens

The fence – ten minute comedy about relationships

The Intruder – script about two homeless people who outwit a young journalist

The Invisible Creature – a Macabre Comedy Monologue

The Lie – short comedy about lying and then some for two actors

The Little Things – A Small Comedy about the human penis

The Makeover – comedy about seeing an old flame again

The Mirror – a collection of ten minute plays by an award winning author

The Owl and the Pussycat – short play for younger children

The Real Housewives of Cape Coral – comedy about suspecting your spouse is cheating

The Real Lost Boys – ten minute comedy for teens about two stupid bullies

The Right Approach – Ten Minute Comedy about a Brothel

The Storyteller – a play about forgetting your anniversary!

The Surprise – a short comedy play about a botched proposal

The Summoning – audience participation comedy horror

The Wingman – a ten minute comedy script for three actors

Twas the day AFTER Christmas – Comedy about Santa at the Unemployment Office

Two Cats, no Dogs – award winning ten minute comedy for two actors

Waiting – short romantic comedy about a blind date

What was That? A Comedy about Camping

Who’s There? A Short play about dementia

Yellow Roses – ten minute romantic comedy script for two actors

 Yoo Hoo, Mister Solomon – ten minute comedy scripts


A Gift – ten minute drama play for two male actors

A Soldier’s Tale – tragic monologue about being a soldier

Believe – ten minute play script about precognition

Believe – a play about believing in Elvis

Becoming Disappeared – short eerie sci fi script for 2M

Bench Buddies – play script for four mature actors

Cold War – American one act drama about the war on fraud by ordinary people

Exquisite Anxieties – Seven Slivers of Suspense – A Collection of Bone Chilling Short Scripts (Scripts vary from 10-30 minutes)

Family exercise – a short one act drama

Hikers – one act for 2M. Where a chance encounter on a mountainside can change the course of your life forever

Holiday shorts – collection of short plays for the holidays

Jars – drama about love between two women

Jason and Ali – play about dating a high school girl with a bad reputation

Listen – monologue about post traumatic stress disorder

Mask of Thorns – teen drama about the effect of divorce on kids

Maya from Madurai – a drama about drugs

On Holiday – a Play about Blame and Covid

Parkside – Short Gay drama for two actors

Party – a play that celebrates life and death

Questions – ten minute murderous drama for three actresses

Rhetorical – one act couple drama

Sunset on the Potomac – a contemporary tragedy showing the lives of closely interconnected people in an apartment building

Survivors include – one act teen drama about teen suicide

The associate – short drama script about the effects of infidelity in a marriage for two actors

The Big Solar Storm – children’s play about the solar system

The book of souls – teen drama about bringing loved ones back from the dead

The Bowl of Soup – a play about her. She’s leaving him and he’s eating a bowl of soup. Award winner

The Chair – a short one act drama about an unexpected heirloom

The happy Hornbill – play script about spousal abuse

The Investigation – ten minute award winning drama script

The Read Through – Ten Minute Ghostly Horror Script

The Ship has sailed – ten minute drama about asking her out, way too late

The Witch’s Cackle – one act ghost story for Halloween

Two cousins and a Pizza – Italian American ten minute comedy play

Under the Floorboards – An Adaptation of Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

Undressed – monologue about being a stripper

V for What? ten minute adult comedy

Why shoot your husband? Ten minute drama scripts

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