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American plays

These American plays are written for American audiences, and reflect the ups and downs of coming from one of the biggest countries in the world. We do have other plays written by Americans that do not appear on this page, as they tend to be more international in feel.


A Blind Date – a one act comedy about two misfits meeting for a blind date
A Contemporary Christmas Carol – modern day Scrooge set in Beverly Hills
A country reunion – American comedy about hicks and a bottle o’ moonshine
A deep rural tract – court case drama script -African American family drama
A Famed Life – ten minute comedy about a personal servant leaving her very needy boss who cannot cope without her!
A field of Glory – American Civil War Drama
A House Divided –  Civil war drama
A Less Expendable Husband – one act comedy for three women
A House of Dolls – script about a crazy man obsessed family

A Manger Carol  – Hilarious alternative nativity play
A Man’s home – one act American drama
A Matter of Who – he’s convinced she’s cheating as she’s just too damn happy!
A major for Dixie comedy about running for mayor
A NOT so dark and stormy night!  A (Okay, we actually know who did it) Whodunit Melodramatic Comedy
A Smart Alec and Two Idiots walk into a Closet – short one act comedy script
A Visit During Covid – comedy about being stuck at home during the Corona virus outbreak
A Walk in the Park – five minute romantic drama for seniors
Adam and Yoshi – award winning poignant American comedy
Adventures of Mojoe and Snowy in Lochloosa – Children’s play with a cast of children plus two adults set in Florida
Agatha the ugly – period drama about friendship
Alice in Football Land – Modern day Alice in Wonderland for young teens
Another Anansi – traditional children’s play script about a cheeky spider!
Anne then Some – play about teen friendship and love
Ascorbic Acid Freak – dark comedy about HIV in the 1980’s


Barred – short one act for 4 actors
Barfly – ten minute romantic comedy about a blind date
Bertie – one act thriller for a cast of 3
Blind Date. A play about dating in Central Park – Blindfolded!
Blind Date – 20 minute comedy for two actors
Blind Date: The Aftermath. When the date’s over, is it really?
Boise, USA Set in the turmoil of the homosexuality scandal in the 1950’s town of Boise, USA.
Buckingham’s Palace – a comedy about friends and family for a mostly senior cast
Burn – Psychological Thriller Script about an unsolved murder and a story to tell...
By The Rivers of Babylon – American Drama Script


Call of the Riled – Short skit for Thanksgiving
Calpurnia’s Misfortune – Ten minute Quirky Comedy
Cancelled – One act comedy set in radio station which is held hostage by a member of the mob
Captive Christmas – a comedy about kidnapping Santa
Chelsea and Me – a short comedy about a cat lady and her lady cat
Christmas in Cape Coral – romantic comedy for the holidays
Christmas in the country – American period romantic drama
Clear as Clear –Cowboy drama
Cold War – American one act drama about the war on fraud by ordinary people
Condo Mania a teen sketch about a misunderstanding
Confession Air. A ten minute comedy set on a crashing plane
Conformity – drama for high school students
Crooked Hand – funny film noir script
Crooked Hand: Game of Cups. Comical whodunit!


Disharmony commercial -Skit about online dating website and it all going horribly wrong
Dirt nap – Two-Act Comedy about the mob (Or…what happens when you start digging them up)

Dislocations – drama about an African American man lost in the wrong place at the wrong time
Don’t Tell – a comedy about newlyweds
Don’t think she won’t – a comedy about getting your old boyfriend in to do your husband’s life insurance policy.
Dreamtime – play about teen murder based on the notorious murders of two Dartmouth Professors in 2001
Dueling Chefs – short skit on when chefs fight


Early Liberty – Best selling drama set in a crumbling hotel
Eddie – award winning romantic drama
Ejected – two act comedy about a video store
Empathy – a series of monologues celebrating women’s voices Exquisite Anxieties – Seven Slivers of Suspense – A Collection of Bone Chilling Short Scripts


Faith – Play about abuse of women and its consequences for an African American woman.
Fausto e Mefisto – funny Faust script
Final Conversations – award nominated short drama about the last morning a son spends on earth
First Date, First Base – a comedy about bringing a girl home and finding your mother there unexpectedly!
First Impressions – Pride and Prejudice Revisted – when the honeymoon bliss is over!
First Play – comedy about 2 unscrupulous Hollywood producers and a little old lady
Flat – a drama about conspiracy theories, and the story of how a young man is affected
Foreign Therapy – tongue in cheek political comedy script
Forsaken – a play about good and evil. In the Flesh…
Foulweather friend – Dark comedy about finding an audience for your stage play, even if they have to be brought back from the dead!
Fried Grits – play about saving a girl from domestic abuse
Funeral Skit – skit about a tragic funeral. For a fish!


Gettin’ Hitched – skit about getting married. When you’re ninety!
Goon Today – funny fairy tale script for adults and older teens
Great Land -A romantic journey for two people down to Graceland to see The King
Grief and Grizzly Bears -a comedy about finding your family. And a bear.


Ham and Eggs – ten minute melodrama
Handsome and Griddle – short skit on Hansel and Gretel
Happy Wife – a drama about newlywed infidelity
Hell Froze over – comedy script about sports taken a BIT too far
Hikers – one act for 2M. Where a chance encounter on a mountainside can change the course of your life forever
His Heinous Crime – a dramedy about being caught drunk driving
Holed up – Comedy about Two Idiot Bank Robbers caught in the wrong hole at the wrong time
Hossback – a satire with cowboys in the old west
Holiday shorts –  Set of short plays for adults and children, perfect for the holidays


If God Ate Fried Chicken – Comedy about priest and nun going on a date to the local fried chicken joint
In Hyding – award winning chilling version of the classic story, with a feminine twist
In tents – one act teen play about bullying
Insurance on the line – Short one act satire about insurance
Irish Jack – drama comedy about marrying outside your culture
It’s a Good Fang – ten minute dark comedy
It’s Never too late! Comedy about coming out of the closet
Ivy – children’s play about finding a way home to your family


Jake Revolver – Freelance Secret Agent – a comedy whodunit
Jars – drama about love between two women
Juan and Emmett – tragic LGBT love story
Judge Chewout – courtroom comedy skit
Juleo and Romiet – skit on Romeo and Juliet
Jumping the league – comedy about a priest who doesn’t want to be
Just us Girlz – full length Mafioso style farce set in a hair salon


Lawyer Skit – short skit set in the courtroom
Learning to Fly – comedy about an unconventional grandma
Lemonade Gurus – comedy about two down and out clowns setting up a lemonade stand
Lies You Can’t Make up – American drama for 2-8 actors about the conspiracy surrounding JFK
Life on the Line – when an old T Shirt’s life is about to end, two shirts hatch a plan to help him escape the line!
Little Miss Muffet: The Official Skit
Love, Norman – drama about suicide, family and all that comes with it


Mack to the Past – 30 minutes ‘Shakespeare meets ‘Back to the Future’ comedy for teens
Magic, the Moon and a Pig named Dog – magical children’s play
Man Con. A comedy about Men. Real Men
Marvin’s Fetish – gay drama for two actors
Mask of Thorns – teen drama about the effect of divorce on kids
Meeting Meryl –Off The Wall comedy about a girl who wants to audition for an acting part alongside Meryl Streep
Memory Palace – lovely script about the life of a typical family spanning generations
Midnight Infomercials – satire about late night TV
Moan Alone – A Zombie Comedy!
More Pasta – ten minute comedy about veganism
Moose Tracks – a dark comedy about a series of missing boyfriends. And a fly, sorry moose on the wall…
Mother – a comedy about being politically (in)correct
Murder: The Final Frontier!An interactive sci-fi comedy


Nativity, news of Jesus – short nativity play
Nero, the Man.  A play about the fall of ancient Rome
No-Thanks-Giving! Skit
North Fork – when two brothers love the same girl – it causes a rift in the family that may never heal
Now boarding – one act comedy for 3 women on a plane


Over my dead Body –  Dark comedy about two ghosts who refuse to be evicted


Parade day – drama about Roswell, years later
Parkside – Short Gay drama for two actors
Parlor City Noir – Classic film noir script
Passing – poignant comedy about growing old together
Plain as Jane – a comedy where Jane Austen is brought to life to help a young writer

Pulling off petals -a short drama about waiting for a lost love
Puss in Boots in the Wild West – The Pantomine!


Rag-Na-Rock! Loki, at the local high school, is about to start a war to end all wars and it’s up to the kids and 1 teacher to stop him
Riding a Peacock –  Family drama about the life of two African American families
Roxanne of the Islands. Or – They’re playing our Sarong! Two act comedy melodrama
Roots and wings –  Short two-hander about two men forgotten in the hole they were digging
Running of the Aaah!Comedy about the bulls trying to sabotage their own Running


Sassafras Cannon – Civil war black comedy
Satan Can’t have my fried chicken – dark comedy script about a funeral parlour and a fried chicken joint
Second Glance – one hour drama about estranged family
Shady Ladies – a play about scriptwriting and the perfect con!
Shall we Dance? Award winning short comedy about learning to dance
She’s a Pill – ten minute dark comedy about a thirteen year old who tries to kill her mom’s boyfriend
Show and Smell – short skit set in the classroom
Shut up and Sit Down! What if historical figures cut loose on a late night talk show?
Sindication – one act commentary on modern society that breaks the fourth wall

Snow in July – a collection of one act plays
Sock Hops, Recorders and Owl Pellets – Tips on Surviving the 4th Grade

Some Unfinished Chaos – poignant comedy about the relationship between a failing writer and his protege
Static – short female monologue about working out
Stone Cold Sober – monologue by a child of an alcoholic
Straight to the top – Screenplay set in the Prohibition

Strange Bedfellows – a true story about a fateful night in the American war of independence
Stuffed Panda – monologue for 1F about alcoholism
Style – one act drama about factory workers on the line
Survivors include – Teen drama about suicide following the death of a beloved brother in Iraq


Take my wife, please! A funny and farcical sex comedy
Tales of Dark Imagination:The Many Ghosts of Dr. Lazarus – ghost story scripts – based on stories by Edgar Allen Poe
Taylor – Beautiful story about finding love again and accepting that love after your spouse has passed away
Temp Work – ten minute comedy about a sleazy boss
Teru’ah – Jewish political drama script set in an alternate reality
The 7th Officer – large cast adventure play for high school
The 27 Club – one act drama for three women
The Any Key – Monologue for one male actor – drama.
The Apartment Sitter – one act comedy for 2M 2F about a missing cat
The Appointment with God –  A wealthy man receives a mysterious phone call announcing his appointment with his maker.
The Back Seat – drama about college rape
The Best Policy –
when your spouse dies and you think he’s been having an affair

The Blueberry Balladeer – Zany adventure play for Youth Theatre

The Cindy Variations – coming of age cabaret type comedy
The Cost of Love is not Immune to Inflation – a Snowman Comedy
The Death of Donald Trump – Contemporary American one act drama
The Dummies Guide to saving the USA – CIA comedy script
The Easy Lovin’ Blues – award winning drama
The First Thanksgiving –  a short Thanksgiving comedy sketch
The Franklin Franklin Show – comedy about a retired boxer turned talk show host
The Game of Life – one act comedy plays for 6 actors
The Ghost of Agnes Keller – a comedy set in the life after afterlife
The Great Bank Robbery Hostage Crisis two act comedy about a bank robbery gone wrong
The Group Session – play about multiple personality disorder
The Henderson Hall Horror – one act horror script
The Hopeful Diamond Caper – two act crime comedy about a huge diamond on a ship, a wealthy woman and a couple of bad guys….
The Impostor – Comedy about an estate agent
The Interview – poignant comedy about getting older
The Ladies Guild Annual Pre-Christmas Planning Session – Comedy about Women’s Groups
The Last Voyage of the Albatross – ghost story about an ill fated ship based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe
The Lie – short comedy about lying and then some for two actors
The Makeover – comedy about seeing an old flame again
The Mayhem Motel – Two-act American farce
The Memory Jar – American family drama play
The Mirror – a collection of ten minute plays by an award winning author
The Operation – short skit about Siamese (conjoined) twins
The Outlaws – comedy about THE INLAWS…
The Passion of Mary – American historical play about the Quakers
The Pendragon Sacrifice – award winning play about Merlin and King Arthur
The Pied Piper of Hawaii (Trouble in the wild west)
The Pigeons in the Orchard – a Chekhov adaptation
The Real Housewives of Cape Coral – comedy about suspecting your spouse is cheating
The Real Lost Boys – ten minute comedy for teens about two stupid bullies
The Roses of Oshiro Village – fantasy adventure for teens
The Smith Mountain Hunting Club – when the new guy in your hunting club is not what he seems
The Storyteller – a play about forgetting your anniversary!

The Surprise – a short comedy play about a botched proposal
The Summoning – audience participation comedy horror sketch
THE ten minute Hamlet – large cast comedy about putting on Hamlet at the old folks home. In ten minutes
The Ten Minute Play that went Wrong – a very, very short farce
The Price of a Ghost – A man is haunted by a mysterious ghost bent on revenge.
The things that happen in New York – drama about a young couple losing their apartment
The Unbroken Chain – drama about war and its effect on families
Things that go by the Board – Comedy about Home Owner Associations
Thirds – suburban satire about 3 sisters dividing a house they’ve inherited. Literally.
Thirty Deep – American one act comedy about a taxidermist and an unusual request
Transcendental Exercises – drama about a marriage falling apart from a seed of doubt
Treasure Seekers – Children’s adventure based on stories by E.S. Nesbit
Trump: American Nightmare – short Donald Trump skit
Trump: I’m not a RACIST! skit
Trump: Wolf of Pennsylvania Avenue – Trump comedy sketch
Tumbleweed – large cast comedy set in the wild, wild west
Twelve Tulips of Tinseltowne – a satire about Hollywood
Twenty First Century Stomp –Rap drama about the recession
Twisted Lucy Fans – dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans
Two cousins and a Pizza – Italian American ten minute comedy play


Unbelievable – a play about having the gift of precognition
Uncovered – romantic drama script set in a Chicago apartment


Vet Skit – short skit set at the vet
Villains Anonymous – a supervillain story
Villains incorporated – award winning Teen one act


Waiting – short romantic comedy about a blind date
War Stories –  Three act cop drama about corrupt cops
Wedding Flour – skit about a homophone misunderstanding Welcome to Playwit – Children’s play – Izzy is swept off on an adventure by a magical Teddy
What could possibly go wrong? A stage manager’s worst nightmare
What happens in the sky – drama about suspected infidelity

What the old guy said – funny senior monologue
What was That? A Comedy about Camping
When Santa got caught – skit for the holidays
With Our Clothes Still On? A drama about relationships in the workplace
Woodstock Reunion – American family dramedy about following your dreams


X’s and O’s – five minute comedy sketch for seniors


Yasmina, Cloris and Gordafarid – three monologues by women in wars
Yellow Roses – ten minute romantic comedy script for two actors
Yoo Hoo, Mister Solomon –  Cute romantic comedy about an elderly Jewish man and his nosy neighbor.
You are your own worst enemy – American period comedy about a small town hotel
You’re never too old – Comedy about two brothers who hate each other but reluctantly go into business yet again.


5 eggs left – a Comedy about Menopause
30 Silly skits – a Month of Short Skits
343 Union Street – comedy about living in Brooklyn

Hope you enjoy these contemporary American plays.

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