The things that happen in New York – drama set in New York

drama set in New York


In this drama set in New York, a young couple, Hank and Sarah struggling to make ends meet, lose their apartment and end up moving in temporarily with Hank’s brother Ted, his wife Joyce and their two babies. All in a one bedroom apartment. The stress brought on by losing their apartment after months of trying comes to a head as Hank and Sarah very naturally compare their situation to that of Ted and Joyce. When Sarah reveals that she has done something that in Hank’s eyes is an ultimate betrayal of trust, but in her eyes is something to bring them together, the couple is forced to confront that what they both want from life is ultimately very different.

The title of the play really reflects what happens in New York! The story is very realistic – it has been said that New York is the city where it is so easy to fall off (become homeless) because you give as much as much as you get. The story is an interesting and enlightening account of how a couple can suffer in the city, get a helping hand but still be at its mercy. The powerful way in which Sarah is revealed to be so patient with Hank who is somewhat foul to her and everyone around him is thanks to the writer’s smooth writing.

Author: James Hanson

Genre: One act American drama set in New York

Type: One act play

Cast: Cast of four. 2M 2F

Ages of the actors: All late twenties to early thirties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Thirty five to Forty five minutes

Set: Ted’s living room

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – challenging piece but with easy dialogue great for one act festivals and drama school

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