BEST SELLERS – best selling plays

best selling plays



Anna, alone – one act drama about a girl dealing with multiple personality disorder

You Do Love Me, Don’t You – a Funny but Scary Psycho Thriller in One Act

101 Ways to Dump Someone in Five Minutes

Call of the Riled – short skit for Thanksgiving

A Christmas Carol, too! Christmas carol short skit

My middle name is angry – award winning comedy by Ashley Nader

The Wizard of Odd – a pantomime script of the Wizard of Oz

Death of a Gerbil – a dark comedy about how to deal with being dead

God’s visit – funny script about God and er, Bob

A Cut Above the Rest – a farce in one act



The Call centre- comedy sketch about an insurance call centre

Clown car – whodunit play script – with clowns

Handsome and Griddle – funny short skit

Alien Research – funny play for primary school

A Blind Date – a short one act romantic comedy

The Chicken or the egg – political satire script

But I’m French – one act romantic comedies

The Game of Life – one act comedy for 6 actors

Guilty Party – a whodunit medical farce

Cupid’s Bad day – skit for Valentine’s day

Stirred, not shaken – one act dark comedy about fiances, dead bodies and martini’s

King of the Sea – short play for children

Over my dead body – one act funny ghost plays

Orphan Antsy – skit on the musical ‘Annie’


Early Liberty – two act American drama play

Two brothers – one act drama about dealing with Alzheimer’s

White widow – teen ghost story script

A Payment Unkind -drama about sexual exploitation in the entertainment industry

Believe – ten minute drama scripts

The price of a Ghost – scary plays

Pigcat – two act challenging drama for four actors

The Investigation – ten minute award winning drama scripts

Someone to remember – one act teen drama play

Next – drama script about a killer virus

Conformity – teen drama for high school

Todd – full length drama based on Sweeney Todd

Carmilla – stage play script about Vampires based on a classic story

Blasphemous rumours – one act tongue in cheek drama. Set in hell

These are Off The Wall Plays best selling plays.

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