ONE HOUR LONG PLAYS – scripts 60 minutes



A field of Glory – American Civil War Drama – this script is closer to 75 minutes

An Act of Grace – award winning dark comedy thriller about blackmail, coercion and murder

Comrade Babble – a political satire about an undead businessman, with, er.. unfinished business.

Father – one act comedy about a priest who gets stuck with it all on his first day

Flat – a drama about conspiracy theories, and the story of how a young man is affected

Heir to a Misfortune – a short two act farce

I should tell you – a comedy in two acts

Killers with Benefits – funny crime script

Magic, the Moon and a Pig named Dog – magical children’s play

Moan Alone – A Zombie Comedy!!

Nights – funny musical Arabian Nights

Oldens but Goldens – comedy about a scam, and another one. In an old people’s home!

Regicide – fantasy play about revolution. And murder

Repertory Theatre – hilarious two-act comedy about trying to get a play staged

Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

Second Glance – one hour drama about estranged family

Seize the Crown – Comedy about Community Theatre

Sir Lyonel and the legion of unlikely heroes – funny fantasy script

The Great Incan Treasure of Confusion plays for high school about pirates, treasure and Arrgh!!!

Tales of Dark Imagination:The Many Ghosts of Dr. Lazarus – ghost story scripts

The Impostor – Comedy about an estate agent

The Mayhem Motel – Two-act American farce

The Outlaws – comedy about THE INLAWS…

The Retirement of the Witches of Ipswich – British comedy plays

The Return of the Idol – adventure comedy script for teens and children

To be a tree – play for children about the environment

Trolls Stole the North Pole – musical Christmas play

Twisted Lucy fans – dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans

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