plays for six actors

A Christmas Carol – Christmas skits

  • Cast of 6 – at last 2 should be M
  • Length 3 minutes

A Wolf by the Ears – comedy set in an Irish Village Police Station

  • 5M 1F
  • Length 30 minutes

An Empty Chair – drama about a comatose man’s struggle to awaken

  • 5M 1F
  • Length 45 minutes

And all his Songs were Sad – follows the life and works of Sean McCarthy

  • 4M 2F
  • Length 1.5 hours

Arcanum – one act comedy about friends and love

  • 5M 1F
  • Length 20-25 minutes

Ascorbic Acid Freak – dark comedy about HIV in the 1980’s

  • Cast of 6 4M 2F
  • Length 25-30 minutes

Chatter – a love story and a case of mistaken identity in one act

  • 4F 2M
  • Length 1.5 hours

Choices – South African plays for teenagers

  • 6F
  • Length 20-25 minutes

Christmas in Cape Coral – romantic comedy for the holidays

  • 3F 2M
  • Length 100 minutes

Disney in Deutschland – play about Adolf Hitler and Walt Disney

  • 4M, 2F
  • Length 2 hours

Doctor Duplicate – short medical skit

  • Cast 6 one should be female , the doctor male and the others vary
  • Length Three to four minutes

Dreamtime – award winning play about teen murder based on the notorious murders of two Dartmouth Professors in 2001

  • Cast 3M 1F and two others who play all the small parts
  • Length 70 minutes

Extra Lessons – a high school one act comedy where the boy kisses the teacher

  • 2M 4F – 3 teens, 1 twenties, 2 older
  • Twenty five minutes

Gatecrashers – one act comedy about a wedding crashing elderly couple

  • 3M 3F
  • Length 15-20 minutes

Handsome and Griddle – short skit on Hansel and Gretel

  • Cast of 6 1N 2M 3F
  • Length 4-5 minutes

Happy Reality – fairytale story for adults

  • 5F 1M
  • Length fifteen minutes

Juan and Emmett – tragic LGBT love story

  • Mains 4M 2F
  • Length 2 hours

Lady T – one act drama for high school and drama college

  • 3M 3F
  • Length 30 minutes

Lemonade Gurus – comedy about two down and out clowns setting up a lemonade stand

  • Length 10 minutes
  • Cast 4M 1F 1N

Lies You Can’t Make up – a drama script about JFK

  • Anything from 2 to 8 actors
  • Length  2 hours

Little Red Walking Hood – skit on little red riding hood

  • 3F 1M 2N
  • Length 3-4 minutes

Lovely to look at – comedy about community theatre

  • Cast 2M 4F
  • Length 35-40 minutes

Madrababes – fun filled one act musicals

  • 5F 1M
  • Forty minutes

Moose Tracks – a dark comedy about a series of missing boyfriends. And a fly, sorry moose on the wall…

  • 3F 2M and a moose
  • lengh 2 hours

Nietzche’s Nose – comedy about a dysfunctional family

  • Cast 4-5M, 1F
  • Length four act play

Robotic love – sci fi play script about a robot created by a man who teaches her how to be human and then won’t let her go

  • Cast of 6 3M 3F
  • Length Three act play


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