pantomime scripts


Aladdin, the pantomime!

Alice in Football Land – modern day Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland – the Pantomime!

Cinderella – the Panto

Cinderella in Space – An Out of this World Cinderella Pantomime

Dick Turpin: From the Horse’s Mouth. British Pantomime!

Dick Whittington – the Pantomime!

Girl in the Hood – Pantomime with all your favourite fairytale characters!

He’s Behind You – a comedy, whodunit and pantomime rolled into one

Jack and the Beanstalk – pantomime!

Kingdom – children’s pantomime musical about a dragon who loses his flame

Mother Goose, the Pantomime

Puss in Boots in the Wild West – The Pantomine!

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates – PANTOMIME!

Shriek! The Fairytale – hilarious panto for teens up

Sinbad The Sailor! Pantomime of course!

Sleeping Beauty – traditional Pantomime set in the modern day

Snow Good – Hilarious Snow White pantomime in the style of the Goons

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – British Snow White panto

Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – alternative funny pantomime script

Snow White – the pantomime. Traditional British

Stand and Deliver!A Pantomime about Dick Turpin, notorious Highwayman

The Pied Piper of Hawaii (Trouble in the wild west)

The Wizard of Odd – a pantomime script of the Wizard of Oz

Wotcha! Gotcha! – steam punk funny Alice in Wonderland pantomime set in Victorian London.

What is the difference between a pantomime and a musical play?  A pantomime is a funny version of one of the classic fairy tales, such as The Wizard of Oz,  Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Traditional pantomime scripts usually have a ”Dame” in the cast, who is  a woman traditionally played by a male actor. Often many or all of the roles can have gender reversal which is quite funny.

There are always songs in the pantomime script, which are usually chosen at the director’s discretion, although some scripts have songs written in. Most of the pantomime scripts stocked by Off The Wall Plays have show tunes and/or popular songs already cleverly adapted for the story itself, so it can save some on music choice.  But in the end it is up to the director to use the music they prefer.  The songs are often chosen from popular music or show tunes.   As a difference, a ”musical” will often contain original music, and be either a drama, love story, historical play or comedy.

At Off The Wall Plays, we are constantly on the lookout for musical play scripts and pantomimes. If you have one lying dormant in a drawer somewhere, send it in – it could be published!!

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