CHILDREN’S PLAYS: Plays for Primary and Elementary School

children's plays


These children’s plays will suit children in primary  or junior school up until early middle school, in other words, these plays are aimed at kids between the ages of seven and fourteen – some are for actors of those ages and some are aimed at kids of that age and have children in the cast as well as  adults.

30 Silly skits – a Month of Short Skits

A Fairly Tall Adventure – adventure plays for kids

A Manger Carol – a Nativity Play for kids and teens

Action Man and the Lost Kids – are modern kids losing their imagination? Action Man to the Rescue!

Adventures of Mojoe and Snowy in Lochloosa – a children’s play

Aladdin – comedy script

Aladdin, the pantomime!

Alien research – funny play for primary school children

Alice in Football Land – American pantomime for older kids and young teens

Another Anansi – traditional children’s play script about a cheeky spider!

Attorney skit – we’ll get what you paid for!

Beauty and the Prince – an alternative retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Brookland’s blooming cats – children’s musical script

Dick Whittington – the Pantomime!

Doctor Duplicate – short medical skit

Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin – musical children’s plays

Dreidel – Jewish children’s plays

Dueling Chefs – short skit on when chefs fight

Enchanted – plays for Junior High

ESPN, B.C. – teen action comedy script

Foreign gifts – powerful play for teens/young people about communism and capitalism

Forgotten – what happened after Neverland? Large cast fantasy play

Funeral Skit – skit about a tragic funeral. For a fish!

Gettin’ Hitched – skit about getting married. When you’re ninety!

Girl in the Hood – Pantomime with all your favourite fairytale characters!

Glasses – a children’s monologue about getting terrifying glasses!

Grace will lead me home –  Grace’s quest to find a magical cure for her ill mother takes her on a fantastic adventure 

Handsome and Griddle – short skit on Hansel and Gretel

Holiday shorts – collection of short plays for the holidays

Hoods Forever – Superhero Versus Supervillain Adventure Comedy Script

Hot Fudge Pickles – THE Musical for children

How we saved our homeroom teacher – children’s play about their teacher being kidnapped by an evil wizard

Hynde Horn and the King’s Daughter – play for older children and teens based on a Scottish legend

It’s a Small World! Literally – children’s comedy about a microscopic world, a meteor and fighting the bad guys!

Ivy – children’s play about finding a way home to your family

Jack and the Beanstalk – pantomime!

Judge Chewout – courtroom comedy skit

Juleo and Romiet – skit on Romeo and Juliet

King of the Sea – short children’s play

Kingdom – children’s musical about a dragon who loses his flame

Launching a kid’s comedy club – book of skits

Lawyer Skit – short skit set in the courtroom

Little Miss Muffet: The Official Skit

Little Red Walking Hood – skit on little red riding hood

Magic, the Moon and a Pig named Dog – magical children’s play

Molly and the magic phone – musical for children

Mother Goose, the Pantomime

Mr Fluffy is missing – short skit about a missing pet

My Little Mermaid – skit on The Little Mermaid

Myth- Modern Greek Play for Schools

No-Thanks-Giving! Skit

On Tour – large cast teen play for mostly male cast

Once Upon a Term – play for children age 5 to 12

One fine day in the operating room – short medical skit

One Hot Knight – comedy skit for 4 actors

Orphan Antsy – skit on the musical Annie

Puppet show – a short children’s play

Puss in Boots in the Wild West – Puss in Boots Pantomime

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates – PANTOMIME!

Save Our Souls – Short Comedy (Suitable for kids) set on board a ship

Show and Smell – short skit set in the classroom

Sinbad The Sailor! Pantomime of course!<

Slim Fat Commercial – skit about weight loss fads

So Easy, a Caveman can do it – short skit about inventing the wheel

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – British Snow White panto

Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – alternative funny pantomime script

Snow White – the pantomime. Traditional British

Sock Hops, Recorders and Owl Pellets – Tips on Surviving the 4th Grade

Space Shenanigans – children’s comedy set in space!

Stand and Deliver!A Pantomime about Dick Turpin, notorious Highwayman

Start Wreck – short skit on Star Trek

The Big Solar Storm – children’s play about the solar system

The Blueberry Balladeer – plays for youth theatre

The Christmas Ghosts – a children’s play about the three ghosts of Christmas. With a tech savvy approach

The Girl in the Lavender Glasses – children’s play about being different and magical!

The Idol Maker’s Son – A play about God

The Magician’s Nephew – an adaptation of the classic children’s story

The mystery of the missing meatball – play for younger children

The Operation – short skit about Siamese (conjoined) twins

The Owl and the Pussycat – short play for younger children

The Perfect Place for a Mouse – Children’s play with music

The Pied Piper of Hawaii (Trouble in the wild west)

The Poetry Machine – a play for children

The Real Lost Boys – ten minute comedy for teens about two stupid bullies

The Return of the Idol – adventure comedy script for teens and children

The Tell Tale Teacher – Award winning children’s adventure comedy play

The Twelve Days of Nativity – Nativity Play for Schools and Youth Groups

The Wandering Bard’s Tale – a children’s fairytale in one act

The Well Keepers – play for older children based on a traditional folk tale

The Wish – a comedy about three teenage boys and a somewhat unusual genie


The Wizard of Odd – a pantomime script of the Wizard of Oz

To be a tree – play for children about the environment

Town Crisis – short comedy sketch about sensational, but fake news

Treasure Seekers – Children’s adventure based on stories by E.S. Nesbit

Treasured Planet – children’s play about saving the ocean

Trolls Stole the North Pole – musical Christmas play

Trouble on Tatu Ween – War Stars Parody

Unhappily Ever After. A fairytale. Gone horribly wrong!

Ursula – fairytale about a princess who escapes her imprisonment in a castle by turning into a bear

Vet Skit – short skit set at the vet

Wedding Flour – skit about a homophone misunderstanding

Welcome to Playwit –  Izzy, who wants to grow up too soon, is swept off on an adventure by a magical Teddy

When Santa got caught – skit for the holidays

Wotcha! Gotcha! – steam punk funny pantomime

Zombies in the Staffroom – detention has never been so fun. Or so deadly…

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