Little Red Walking Hood – little red riding hood skit

little red riding hood skit


In this skit on the traditional fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood,” Little Red is forced by her mother to take goodies to granny’s house, even though her mother is very well aware of the nasty vicious wolf lurking in the forest between them. This smacks of child abuse to Little Red, but, hey, off she goes, encounters the wolf, naturally. It turns out that the wolf wants her to pay him to escort her through the dangerous woods, but since he doesn’t take visa, they part ways. Until granny’s house…

Note: This little red riding hood skit is two pages long.


Madison #1 Middle School, AZ, USA – 2019

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Author: Lois and Kelly Corcoran

Type: Short little red riding hood skit

Genre: Comedy

Cast: 3F 1M 2N.

Length: 3-4 minutes

Ages of the actors: Any

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A chair is needed to represent a bed

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – fun skit for the whole family

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Copyright December 2015 Lois and Kelly Corcoran and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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