gay and lesbian plays


These gay and lesbian plays deal with LGBTQIA+ themes and include dramas, comedies, one acts and full length plays. A listing on this page does not mean that the Playwright, Producer or Publisher are/were identified as gay, merely that the plays have a gay interest.


Behind the nets – drama about a woman in a small town who finds her husband is gay
Boise, USA – story of the homosexuality scandal in 1950’s Boise
Bourgeois Behavior – gay drama about what happens after you come out
Carmilla – classic vampire tale of love between two women
Chrissy’s Revenge – drama about being transgender and not being accepted by family
Juan and Emmett – tragic LGBT love story
Love is a stranger – British one act about forbidden love
Jars – drama about love between two women
Marvin’s Fetish – gay drama for two actors
Mock Tudor Land – a Drama with a bit of a Bite!
Parkside – Short Gay drama for two actors about accepting yourself for who you are.
Souvenir from Copenhagen – a LGBTQ love story
Stumps – female driven dramatic LGBT play
Surprises – short one act drama for two women
The Circuitous Route an anthology of LGBTQ+ plays and a screenplay
Three months to the day – LGBTQ drama about realising you’re gay


Anne then Some – play about teen friendship and love
Ascorbic Acid Freak – dark comedy about HIV in the 1980’s

Chicken, airbags and wors – one act gay comedy about a sex change operation
Dinner at Dario’s – gay comedy about the new boyfriend meeting the old one
For never, not always – when the bride gets dumped at the altar, for the best man!
It’s Never too late! Comedy about coming out of the closet
The Game of Life – one act comedy plays for 6 actors
Twisted Lucy Fans – dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans

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