Plays written by British Authors

British Plays – Contemporary British plays

Plays written by British Authors


Contemporary British plays – these modern British plays are written by British writers living both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Our plays also include plays written for or aimed at British audiences or actors. Also includes Irish plays.


A Beatle’s story – play about the Beatles and how they formed
A Clean Break – sci-fi teen drama
A Load of Carp – slightly fishy British comedy script
A Love, never forgotten – comedy drama for seniors set in a retirement home
A Mother’s Ransom- Gritty British drama set in the 1960’s
A Payment Unkind- drama about sexual exploitation in the entertainment industry
A Queen and three slaves – British farce with Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and three very ‘Essex’ slaves
A Second Chance – a group of dead people get a second chance to change history
A Snitch in Time – time travelling comedy adventure for teens and young people
A Soldier’s Tale – tragic monologue about being a soldier
A Town without Heroes: A House, a famous author, a dark secret…
Action Man and the Lost Kids – are modern kids losing their imagination? Action Man to the Rescue!
After the Pyre  – male monologue – when brothers grow apart
Aladdin -British comedy/panto (no songs)
Aladdin, the pantomime!
Alan Grimaldi and the 183 – a comedy about finding that you’re dead
Alexa. A short funny script for two male actors about an Alexa
Alien research –  hilarious play for primary school
Alice in Wonderland – the Pantomime!
All there is – British one act drama about a father and son relationship
An ordinary man – a comedy about a guy who’s sick of being a werewolf
And all his Songs were Sad – play about Mattie Lennon, Irish songwriter
ANYONE can Dance – British award winning romantic drama about Soulmates
Attic Antics! Farcical Comedy set in a school


Behind the nets – in a 1930’s small town, a women finds out her husband is gay.
Bemused – British comedy about Youth and Age and what we all have in common
Beyond the Edge – a play for secondary schools about climate change
Biddies Borstal – a whodunit ‘before’ he did it!
Bird Feud – One act British Comedy about a longstanding, but unusual feud
Beside the Kitchen Table – the ghost of a murdered girl seeking revenge haunts a local family

Breakdown Point – a Very Psychic Comedy
Brookland’s blooming cats – British children’s musical 


Call me Stan – a dark comedy about the ‘not so ideal’ boyfriend
Chauffeur Driven – Short British drama about a spoiled teenage boy
Cinderella – the Panto
Cinderella in Space – An Out of this World Cinderella Pantomime
Choice – Hard hitting drama about the child sex trade
Conned to DEATH!! A play abotu a fake psychic medium that goes awry
Crawl to be Kind – A comedy about a Missing Spider
Crossword – award winning British play about a murder
Cuckold – comedy about exactly that
Cyborg with Rosie – a robotic sci fi comedy


Dark Matters – a play about the demons of Depression and Mental Health
Daughter like you – a couple who have lost their daughter face difficulties adjusting
Dick Turpin: From the Horse’s Mouth. British Pantomime!
Dick Whittington – the Pantomime!


Eye to Evil Eye – drama about a prison vist to a serial killer


Falls into Place – British double crossing whodunit set in the swinging sixties
Family Play – play about growing up in a dysfunctional family
Fervan Cerato Does Not Exist – political drama set in a fictitious land
Fred, Ted, Jack and Harold – a killer comedy. Literally
Friends Like Us – a Halloween play about an Ouija Board
Fulfill me FULLY Phil – dark comedy musical set in a small town


Gatecrashers – an elderly couple gatecrash a Jewish wedding with hilarious results
Girl in the Hood – Pantomime with all your favourite fairytale characters!


He’s Behind You – a whodunit and a panto rolled into one
Holiday Island – comedy about typical Brits on holiday 
Honesty – drama and British radio play
Hynde Horn and the King’s Daughter – play for teens based on a Scottish legend


In the Hut  – comedic monologue about an Irish busdriver 
In the Rubble of Paradise – World War 2 Cabaret Musical
Is this seat taken? – Award winning drama about roleplaying


Jack and the Beanstalk – pantomime!
Joe’s Brass – two act comedy about an inheritance and a hidden stash of cash!


Lady Killers – three monologues by women who kill
Lateral Sinking – Comedy about a Television Quiz Show
Le Shaggy dog – comedy set in wartime France with an Allo Allo flavour
Listen – monologue about PTSD and a solider
Love is a stranger – play about trans love and the difficulties they face


Madrababes – musical Madrigal style with wicked comedy thrown in
Memory Junk – Award winning British drama about the world, Post Covid Pandemic
Merriweather’s Murderous Weekend – a murder party goes wrong. Who really dunit?
Mink – comedy about animal rights activists ‘liberating’ a mink farm
Mock Tudor Land – a Drama with a bit of a Bite!
Molly and the magic phone  – children’s/teen musical about a mobile phone
Monthly Payments – drama about a TV remote control that controls others
Mother Goose, the Pantomime
My Child – duologue for two women about an unwanted baby
Myth- Modern Greek Play for Schools
Myth II – Heroes and Halfwits – a comic look at Greek Mythology


Nest of Vipers – Film Noir Screenplay set in Tinseltowne
Nights  – British musical about the Arabian nights for a female cast
No Way! – A serial killer is on the loose in a small town and the wrong man stands accused (Screenplay)
No Year’s Eve – the end of the world is nigh…..a comedy
No ordinary man – an interview with a serial killer ends in terror
Not of THIS Earth – an out of this world comedy


Odin and Christ  – slightly offensive comedy about when Christ and Odin, um, get together. 
Oldens but Goldens – comedy about a scam, and another one. In an old people’s home!
On Holiday – a Play about Blame and Covid
On The Rebound – Drama romance for the over sixties. Because you’re never too old to fall in love
On Tour – large cast teen play for mostly male cast
One act play – British comedy – award winning
One Fine Day at the Car Dealership – comedy sketch about drivers who think they own the road
One Fine Day at the Vet – comedy sketch about a nutty client
Ooze Monster – Drama about Mental Illness and the monster within


Parallelodram Two – short drama that parallels two families with the same problem but two very different outcomes – nature versus nurture!
Parents – comedy about typical primary school parents
Prelude to Macbeth – award winning prequel to the Macbeth play
Prelude to Murder – British crime script


Requiem for Murder – play about the perfect murder
Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates – PANTOMIME!


Salesman by day – Two Act British Drama about casual sex
Save Our Souls – Short Comedy (Suitable for kids) set on board a ship
Seize the Crown – Comedy about Amdram
Silent Killer – a one act drama about the Corona Virus in a care (old age) home
Sinbad The Sailor! Pantomime of course!
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves  – classic British panto
Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – award winning Snow White pantomime
Snow White – the pantomime. Traditional British
Stag – two British guys are in a foreign city and it’s their stag night. Drama
Stand and Deliver!A Pantomime about Dick Turpin, notorious Highwayman
Stumped – a British comedy about cricket


Taken to Tusk – an off the wall British comedy
The Appointment – ten minute comedy about customer service
The astounding works of Simon Trout – hilarious situational family comedy
The Baby – period drama about a difficult pregnancy
The Banalities – British comedy about philosophy
The Call Centre  – comedy about a call centre trainnee 
The Chase – 1950’s London romantic comedy
The Edge – a Drama about climate change
The Heirs  – Farcical who gets the inheritance comedy
The Hippodrome Cage – a play about the Greenwich music hall (and its cage for rowdies)
The Lady of the Lake Murder – Arthurian whodunit. 
The Life we Lived – British poignant comedy about a love that endures past death
The Other Side – monologue about what happens when you die
The Perfect Place for a Mouse – Children’s play with music
The Pub Sitters Reunion – Revenge is a Dish best served COLD…
The Play’s the thing – drama about lovers and husbands
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – play based on the classic tale
The Read Through – Ten Minute Ghostly Horror Script
The release of Theodore Marlow – romantic drama period piece 
The Retirement of the Witches of Ipswich – British comedy plays
The Return of the Idol – adventure comedy script for teens and children

The Safety Officer – an amdram performance goes wrong. Horribly wrong. 
The Serpent under it – a true story about Helen Duncan tried as a witch in world war 2. 
The Ship has sailed – when you finally ask her out, but it’s too late
The Sweet Spot – Physical comedy about mobile phone reception
The three unwise men – nativity spoof.
The Vicar, The Four Thousand Year old Demon and the Cup of Tea
The Well Keepers – play for older children based on a traditional folk tale The Welsh Matchstick – a biography of Welsh boxer, Johnny Owen’s last fight
The White Feather – British drama about the Great War
The Wish – a comedy about three teenage boys and a somewhat unusual genie

The Wizard of Odd – pantomime Wizard of Oz
The Wrong side of the Road – teen drama about a fatal accident
The Worst Law Firm in Merry Old England – a merry farce around with the law
Things that go by the Board – Comedy about Home Owner Associations
Todd – the Sweeney Todd story as a drama
Treasure Seekers – Children’s adventure based on stories by E.S. Nesbit


Unhappily Ever After. A fairytale. Gone horribly wrong!


Victims of the Forest – medieval horror


Waiting – a guy and a girl stuck in the queue to go to the loo have a battle of the sexes which takes a weird otherwordly turn. 
Waiting for John – drama about a family torn apart by a son’s death
When summer dies of shame – drama about a woman conceived from a rape who finds her father
When was 1916? Irish play about the Easter Rising
Where there’s a Will, there’s a Play! Fun Contemporary Shakespeare
Who cares for God’s acres? Play about stopping property developers in a small village
Woke Coffee – a comedy about being OFFENDED!
Wotcha! Gotcha! – pantomime with Oliver Twist set in old London


Ye’ll vote for me – short Irish political satire skit
You do what you can – parody on Macbeth
You wanted to see me? Comedy sketch about being late for work

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