Dick Turpin – From the horse’s mouth. British pantomime script

British pantomime script


The name’s Dick. Dick Turpin. Dick’s a thief and he’s both terrible and great at it. His skills are difficult to judge because while Dick and his team of bandits have actually stolen some worthwhile items before, unfortunately (and this is a big ‘unfortunately’) some valuable property has been taken from him, too. In ‘’Dick Turpin – from the Horse’s Mouth’’ some may call it karma but in 1737 it is just sad. Now, it’s almost Christmas and with no loot and no prospects of looting, Dick decides to go straight and get a crime-free job, so he can get some money in to buy his mother a present. With what he’s put the Dame through, the poor guy has little choice in this British pantomime script.

Things take a turn in this two act comedy when, after scandalously getting involved with the Sheriff’s daughter, Ruby, she is kidnapped by a rival Highwayman, Lady, in front of Dick’s eyes! To get her back he must do what he never, in his lifetime, thought he would; get help from the law.

The adventures of a young buck, his fellow crooks, his mamma, his broad and the wild ride he goes on, on a stolen horse.

Author: Jenny Gilbert

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Pantomime, Comedy

Cast: 17M, 6F and smaller parts played by either sex. As in all pantomimes, a lot of gender swapping can occur within roles.

Ages of the actors: Older children to adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and older children to adults to perform

Length: 90 minutes plus songs

Set: The forest, the village green and near to it, ye olde police station, ye olde job centre, blacksmith’s forge

Level of difficulty: 7/10 Crowd control and scene changes

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