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See our selection of  thriller and horror plays!

Apparitions – Ghostly drama about a fateful accident

Berenice – stage play adaptation of an Edgar Allan Poe Story

Beside the Kitchen Table – the ghost of a murdered girl seeking revenge haunts a local family

The Basement – a one act comedy thriller

Becoming Disappeared – short eerie sci fi script for 2M

Bertie – one act thriller for a cast of 3

Bride and Seek – short female monologue about a fateful wedding day

Butterfly Kisses – a drama about a family pushed to the edge by a kidnapping

Carmilla – stage play script about vampires

Comrade Babble – a political satire about an undead businessman, with unfinished business.

Darkest Before Dawn – the Screenplay

Dinner Date – A short psycho thriller

Disastral Plane – comedy about getting involved with the supernatural

Exquisite Anxieties – Seven Slivers of Suspense – A Collection of Bone Chilling Short Scripts

Eye to Evil Eye – drama about a prison vist to a serial killer

Friends Like Us – a Halloween play about an Ouija Board

God’s Madmen – Drama horror about the human condition set in an asylum

In Hyding – award winning chilling version of the classic story, with a feminine twist

Lonely birds and shadow figures – psycho thriller script about a stalker

Losing an Angel – short supernatural drama about demons

Mister Hislop’s Dating Agency – funny ghost story script

Moan Alone – A Zombie Comedy!

Mock Tudor Land – a Drama with a bit of a Bite!

Moonlight Preludes – spine tingling ghostly drama romance

No ordinary man – an interview with a serial killer whose twisted motives may just end up costing the detective dearly.

No Way! – A serial killer is on the loose in a small town and the wrong man stands accused (Screenplay)

Ooze Monster – Drama about Mental Illness and Unleashing the Monster Within

Over my dead Body – award winning funny ghost story about 2 ghosts who won’t be evicted

Petals in Formaldehyde – a Lovecraftian Style Horror

Prelude to Murder – British crime script

Scream – one act apocalyptic suspense thriller

Skinned – award winning horror screenplay

Tales of Dark imagination:The Dark Chronicles of the Golden Raven society – ghost story scripts

Tales of Dark Imagination:The Many Ghosts of Dr. Lazarus – ghost story scripts

Thank you for shopping Hoochum’s bargain basement – funny thriller script

The Case of Ivan Kane – serial killer script

The Comfort of Concrete – one act drama about a missing girl, presumed dead

The Eater of Dreams – when your dreams become your reality and your ultimate nightmare

The Frankenstein Factory – sci fi drama about letting a murderer go free in a new body

The Ghost of Agnes Keller – a comedy set in the life after afterlife

The Henderson Hall Horror – one act horror script

The Last Voyage of the Albatross – ghost story about an ill fated ship based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe

The Price of a Ghost – a dramatic ghost story for stage in two acts

The promise – drama thriller script

The Pub Sitters Reunion – Revenge is a Dish best served COLD…

The Read Through – Ten Minute Ghostly Horror Script

The Red Death – a one act based on a theatre horror story by Edgar Allen Poe

The release of Theodore Marlow – romantic period drama script about joining a dead love

The Summoning – audience participation comedy horror sketch

The Wings of Dracula – audio (radio) or zoom horror play script

The Witch’s Cackle – one act ghost story for Halloween

There was a great BIG MOOSE! – horror satire set in a small Canadian town

Todd – full length drama script based on ‘Sweeney Todd’

Under the Floorboards – An Adaptation of Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

Victims of the Forest – medieval scary plays

White widow – teen ghost story script

You Do Love Me, Don’t You – a funny but scary Psycho Thriller in One Act

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