These South African Play Scripts are all by South African authors. From the township drama, to the South African pantomime as well as dramas and South African Comedies, we have it all.

A Cut Above the Rest – a farce in one act

A Saucy Tail – a short punny skit for two

A Snitch in Time – time travelling comedy adventure for teens and young people

Aboard Disorder – Short satire about Mental Disorders

After Ever After – a fairytale musical for schools

Anna, alone – one act drama about a girl dealing with multiple personality disorder

Arcanum – one act comedy about friends and love

Blanket – a female monologue about loss and betrayal

Boykie and Girlie – a drama about a failing relationship

Butterfly Kisses – a drama about a family pushed to the edge by a kidnapping

Call me Stan – a dark comedy about the ‘not so ideal’ boyfriend

Chatter – a love story and a case of mistaken identity in one act

Chicken, airbags and wors – South African comedy scripts

Choices – South African plays for teenagers

Comrade Babble – a political satire about an undead businessman, with unfinished business.

Death of a Gerbil – dark comedy in one act

Dinner Date – A short psycho thriller

Disruptions of an Impressionable Tea – comedy about making a good impression on the Reverend

Don’t Knock – comedy thriller script

Don’t say you’re Harry – a two act farce

Don’t Shrink Me! – one act comedy script

Extra Lessons – a play dealing with the taboo of teacher student relations

Family Planning – Two person sketch about planning family reunions

Finding my Root – South African Monologue

Guy meets Girl – a one man comedy show or routine

Happy Reality – fairytale story for adults

Jerico – script about the fall of Jerico and of man

Joined at the hip – South African comedy scripts

Le Shaggy dog – award winning comedy set in wartime France

Leonardo – a murder mystery set around Leonardo Da Vinci

Letters of Love – romantic couple drama – one gets sent to war and these are the letters they write

Life’s Just a Merry Go Round – comedy about trying to kill your spouse

Luke Warm – superhero play script

Making Friends – short comedy sketch about a supermarket queue

Miss Independent – one act comedy about what not to do when your marriage goes down the toilet

My Middle Name is Angry – a two-hander comedy in one act

Once Upon a Term – play for children age 5 to 12

One Fine Day at the Car Dealership – comedy sketch about drivers who think they own the road

One Fine Day at the Vet – comedy sketch about a nutty client

Pillow Talk – a dramatic monologue/duologue for 1/2F about abuse and murder

Ralph – a whodunit Monty Python style

Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

Say What?  Hilarious Adult Comedy about Dating

Shriek! The Fairytale

Sleeping Beauty – the Pantomime

Stirred, not Shaken….

Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – alternative funny pantomime script

Stranger Times – play about being made to take a Holiday

The Adventure of the Unkindest Cut – Sherlock Holmes Spoof

The Appointment – ten minute comedy about customer service

The Appointment with God – a one act family drama

The Basement – a one act comedy thriller

The Call Centre – short comedy sketch about insurance call centre

The Chronicles of Jack – South African drama scripts

The Duck of the Baskervilles – punful Sherlock Holmes play

The Gold Locket

The Last Evening on Earth – a Dystopian Drama Script

The love of Cheesecake – adult comedy in one act

The Mysterious Death of Christine Wilde

The Pen – South African Play Scripts above love, reality and fantasy

The Pump Room – a Drama set in Post Apartheid South Africa

The Simple Hard – a South African township drama

Strip me to the bone – a one act sex comedy about a bachelorette party gone wrong

The Sweet Spot – Physical comedy about mobile/cell phone reception

The three unwise men – spoof nativity play

The Twelve Days of Nativity – Nativity Play for Schools and Youth Groups

The Vicar, The Four Thousand Year old Demon and the Cup of Tea

Think before you vote – South African school story

Three’s a crowd – drama about a love triangle between a girl and two gay guys

Treasured Planet – children’s play about saving the ocean

Trouble on Tatu Ween – War Stars Parody

Two Peas – short comedy sketch about twins

Waiting – the battle of the sexes with an alien twist in one act for 1M 1F

Waiting for John – drama about a family torn apart by a son’s death

Waiting for Nelson – South African Drama play

Who I am – Play for Teenage Girls

Who Killed Santa? Film Noir Comedy Spoof

You do love me, don’t you – a scary psycho thriller in one act

You wanted to see me? Comedy sketch about being late for work

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