Finding my root – South African monologue for a female actor

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Finding my root is a challenging monologue for one female actress in which a young woman explores her roots, in the hope of getting closure and finding her biological father whom she never met. Only once she knows where she came from, will she truly be able to know who she is.

A complex South African monologue for a female actors, suitable for use for an arts festival or for drama at high school or university level. The actress should be capable of portraying many different characters, both male and female and of different ages. A challenging piece for the aspiring young actress.

Author: Nanziwe Mzuzu

Genre: South African monologue, drama

Type: One act monologue

Cast: 1F

Age of the actor: Late teens to early twenties but since she plays so many roles of different ages, some flexibility is allowable.

Length: One hour

Suitable for: PG 12 – some sexual imagery

Set: Black box set, blank stage

Level of difficulty: 9/10 – a challenging piece for a talented young actress

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