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The Appointment With God – a one act family drama


This is a one act family drama about a husband and wife who  have moved to the USA in order to attain ‘the good life’ and yet live past each other, remaining happy in their own little worlds. All seems to be going as normal when Frank  receives a mysterious phone call.  He is not exactly sure who it is that called him and set a very important appointment for later the very same day. He is told it is a matter of life or death that he is at the appointment, and so reluctantly he agrees and cancels his golf game to be there.  June, his wife, who tends to be a bit self obsessed and materialistic, assumes it is a big promotion from work with a great move and loads more money. Little do they know who really called that day…


Franklin and Friends one act play festival, South Africa
International Theatre Studio (ITS), Malaga, Spain – 2018

Author:  Dave Morgan

Genre: Family Drama

Type: One act play, one-act play, 1 act play

Length:  Thirty minutes

Suitable for :  All ages

Actors:  1M 2 F, one man two women

Ages of actors: All the their 30’s-40’s

Level of Difficulty:  5-6/10 – the play has full stage directions which can very easily be followed

Set:  Two or three piece lounge suite, coffee table with a telephone, a door on stage right,  with another door leading off the the kitchen stage left, various ornaments and a drinks cabinet.

The  play must be produced unaltered.

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