Three’s a Crowd – One act for three actors

one act drama


A story of two best friends, their simple enough lives and their complicated relationships. Simon and Kerry have both reached the point of no return in the way they lead their love lives. Kerry has ended it with her physically and mentally abusive boyfriend Dylan, whilst Simon has recently come out and is embarking on his first relationship with another man. Kerry and Simon hide zero elements of their lives from one another but have never had the most intimately delicate parts intersect… That is until Simon realizes he is in love with Kerry’s ex, Malcolm. When Simon and Kerry’s friendship takes a turn for the less friendly and more romantic road, they have no choice but to face their uncertain futures with or without each other.

… Because girls and boys can never just be friends.

Read more about playwright Ashley Nader. Other plays (Cheesecake) by Ashley.

Playwright: Ashley Nader

Genre: Drama, romance

Type: One act for three actors

Length: 25 minutes

Cast: 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult, young adult

Suitable for: Adults

Set: Various – but easy to move in a one act situation. Table and chairs represent a restaurant on one side of the stage and on the other is a living room in a flat.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – revealing the pain of the characters , easy to remember words with everyday spoken English, ideal for festival play

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