THREE ACT PLAYS (and four act plays)

THREE act plays

THREE ACT PLAYS (And Four Act Plays)

Play scripts in three and four acts.  Three act plays and four act plays of all genres!


A Fairly Tall Adventure – adventure plays for kids

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespearean comedy adapted for high school

Alice in Football Land – play for older kids and young teens

Ronnie the Fird – period school drama set in the 1960’s

The Gold Medallion – three act adventure play for a large young cast

The Last Time I saw Paris – teen parody on the whole horse of Troy thing

Wotcha! Gotcha! – steam punk funny pantomime set in Victorian London


Ad Hoc – Three act Romantic comedy about an ad agency

Bemused – British comedy about Youth and Age and what we all have in common

Captive Christmas – a comedy about kidnapping Santa

Christmas in Cape Coral – romantic comedy for the holidays

Creature Features!! A Comic Horror Script. (Part 2 of the tales of the Cul de Sac…)

Disastral Plane – comedy about getting involved with the supernatural

DUMPED! – hilarious political satire about Donald Dump (mixed media)

Four Hour Casanova – comedy about a little blue pill!

Guilty Party – whodunit three act farce script

Holiday Island – comedy drama about a bunch of Brits on holiday in Tenerife

Let’s get rid of the plump people – Greek satire

MarriageSSSS – a comedy about just that

Merriweather’s Murderous Weekend – a British whodunit script that shouldn’t have been

Murder and other fun things – off the wall whodunit

Nietzche’s Nose – comedy about a dysfunctional family

Oldens but Goldens – comedy about a scam, and another one. In an old people’s home!

Singles Forever – comedy about that time just before you get married

Some Unfinished Chaos – poignant comedy about the relationship between a failing writer and his protege

The Fun Doctor – large cast Rock and Roll Comedy

The Heirs – British zany comedy script about the crazy last wishes of an old lady

You’re never too old – three act comedy script


A House Divided – a Civil War Play in four acts

Daughter like you – family drama about coping with the loss of a child

In Hyding – award winning chilling version of the classic story, with a feminine twist

Lonely birds and shadow figures – psycho thriller script

Monthly Payments – full length drama for 7 actors

Next – drama script about a killer virus striking a small town

Ooze Monster – Drama about Mental Illness and the Monster Within

Regicide – fantasy play about revolution. And murder

Return to Vardia – Three act adventure for a large cast

Parlor City Noir – a  classic whodunit script

Robotic love – sci fi play script about a robot created by a man who teaches her how to be human and then won’t let her go

Sexbot – a sci fi drama about a young female robot who takes on the identity of a human to defeat an empire

Some Unfinished Chaos – poignant comedy about the relationship between a failing writer and his protege

Strange Bedfellows – a true story about a fateful night in the American war of independence

Tales of Dark imagination:The Dark Chronicles of the Golden Raven society – ghost story scripts

The Edge – a Drama about Climate Change

Taylor – a four act play about loss

The promise – drama thriller script

The release of Theodore Marlow – romantic period drama script about joining a lost love

The Royal Blood cannot be Mixed

Victims of the Forest – medieval scary plays

War Stories – a 3 act cop drama

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