Daughter like you – Family drama script about losing a child

British family drama script


A married couple still mourning the death of their child Abby who passed away fifteen years ago are both struggling to keep their relationship alive.
David works as an engineer and his latest job will see him return to the small town where he and Maria first met and fell in love. He brings Maria along with him with the idea to rekindle their love but also for Maria to reconnect with her Sister Elle, who she has not spoken to in over a decade.

Elle and Maria quickly make up, a little too quickly but Elle fears that her own daughter Sam fifteen years old is focusing too much on a foolish career as a fashion model and is risking destroying her education and chances of going to college. Elle enlists Maria to hang out with Sam and to find out more for her, hoping that Sam will open up more to Maria than she ever would to her.

Maria now starts a close relationship with Sam, unwittingly using her to fulfill her own desires to be a mother at long last. If Abby, the child she had lost all those years ago was still alive today she would be Sam’s age. Maria wants to help Sam become a model, going against everything that Elle had asked of her and tries to convince Sam to come away with her to London to begin her modelling future and where they can exist together as mother and daughter. Secrets and lies come pouring out as everyone fights for what they really want; to be happy.

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Author: Simon Parker

Genre: Family drama script, three act drama script

Type: Three act drama script

Cast: 2M 3F

Ages of the actors: Three in their forties, two late teens, early twenties

Suitable for: PG 10 – heavy topic

2-2.5 hours

Set: Various houses but set can be minimal – for example the first scene just needs a large sofa with a wicker chair next to it.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – heavy piece dealing with family tragedy and loss. Performances should be genuine.

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