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Bertie – One act play for a cast of Three

one act play for a cast of three


Marcia Jameson, divorcee has put up an advert for a room mate in her local paper. What she’s looking for is company – someone to go shopping with, to the theatre with and generally be a friend. When she receives an answer to her ad, she’s happy but quickly a bit put out to find that her prospective tenant is in fact an older man in his fifties called Bertie. Despite Bertie’s assurances that they’ll get on like a house on fire, she’s hesitant to accept him initially and then decides to give him a chance in this one act play for a cast of three.

Bertie quickly moves in and makes himself at home. A little too quickly, perhaps, but then he does come with impeccable references. Marcia’s best friend, Shelly is at first surprised, then suspicious, but when Bertie wins her over by promising to invite a famous friend who is well known in the art circles to Shelly’s exhibition, she welcomes him with open arms.

Bertie is everything Marcia needs and more. Helpfully cooking for her when she’s late at work, mixing her drinks, clearing out her garage within a day of moving in. He’s too good to be true.

Or is he…..?


Norfolk State University, VA, USA – 2021
Saint Leo University, FL, USA – 2021
Pittsburg State University, KS, USA – 2021

Read about playwright Jean Blasiar. Read other suspense thrillers by Jean – Scream – one act apocalyptic suspense thriller.

Author: Jean Blasiar

Genre: Thriller, drama

Type: One act play

Cast: Three – 2F, 1M

Ages of the actors: Both women late thirties, Bertie in his fifties

Suitable for: Adult actors, could be played by an older cast. Whole family can watch it.

Length: Twenty minutes

Set: The home of Marcia Jameson. Actual room not noted, likely a living room but can be at director’s discretion.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – building just a slight sense of unease throughout the play.

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The Girl Who Didn’t Exist – one act drama for 4 actors

one act drama for 4 actors


Lucan is a bitter old man, on his deathbed. His only company is his dead wife, Maria, who may either be a ghost or part of Lucan’s imagination, depending on how the play is interpreted. Lucan’s children haven’t talked to their father for years, but now that they realise that he is ill, they have come back into his life. Lucan is bitter, feeling that the only reason they are there is for their inheritance. Have they truly come to make amends in this one act drama for 4 actors?


TH Rogers MS, TX, USA – 2018
Newman International Academy, TX, USA – 2019


Other family dramas by James Hanson – A Castle: Broken Apart – drama about leaving home and your sister behind with a bitter crazy old father

Author: James Hanson

Genre: One act drama for 4 actors

Type: 1 act play

Cast: Cast of four – 2M 2F

Ages of the actors: One elderly, three in their 20’s-30’s

Suitable for: All ages to watch and also suitable for all ages to perform

Length: 15 minutes

Set: Lucan’s room, with a bed, a dresser with a glass of water on top of it.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – creating a real situation and a ghost who is real to Lucan at the same time

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Tranquility Disturbed – comedy drama about a frazzled family and dying grandmother
Aldous remembers – drama about a man who battles to remember reality

Now Boarding – one act comedy for 3 female actors

one act comedy for 3 female actors


Zoey and Annette could not be more different. That Zoey is from the wrong side of the tracks is pretty obvious. Annette is an immaculately dressed, high powered business woman with one flaw, her fiance.

When the two of them are put on a flight together, they could not be less pleased with their flight companion. But as the flight progresses, they learn that they have more in common than they thought, teaming up to sort out Annette’s fiance issues, dealing with Zoey’s horrible air sickness and and becoming the best of friends in this one act comedy for 3 female actors.


White Station High School, TN, USA – 2018
Wisconsin Area Middle School, WI, USA – 2019
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – 2023

Author: Macee Binns

Type: One act comedy for 3 female actors

Genre: Comedy, one act, airplane

Cast: 3F (two mains and a stewardess) Offstage parts include voiceovers from a captain and an airport attendant.

Ages of the actors: 20’s-40’s

Suitable for: Adults to perform, PG 10 language to watch.

Length: Thirty minutes. A nice festival play

Set: A small piece set in the toilets and then the rest is set on the plane itself.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – static seating. The two mains are seated the whole play so a bit of creativity will need to be used to prevent the play becoming static.

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Enter Love – romantic musical set in an airport
Matter Matters – ten minute comedy for 1M 1F set on a small aircraft

The Astounding Works of Simon Trout – hilarious teen one act

hilarious teen one act


When Karen Carter has yet another fight with her family and she storms into her room, the last thing she expects to find is a fully grown good looking guy sitting on her bed. After getting over the shock of this (and passing out a few times), she confronts him. It turns out that he is actually a magical creature, called a Sprite, but who is generally known as ‘Simon,’ whose power is to restore balance to those who have called for help.

He assures her that he can change her family to the way she would like them to be. This appeals and so he waves his magic hand over the unsuspecting family who are sitting down to dinner. A series of very funny identical scenes follow in which they are at first made more honest (doesn’t work), more loving (too much!) more affectionate (OMG) and so on until they reach the inevitable conclusion in this hilarious teen one act script.

Performance history:

Sir John Talbot’s Leisure Centre…Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK
Kino Culture Oswestry Shropshire, UK
Silvester Horne Institute Church Stretton Shropshire, UK
Theatre Severn (Walker Theatre) Shrewsbury Shropshire, UK
Old Scona Academic High School, Alberta, Canada – 2018
Mountain View High School, CO, USA – 2018
Eagle Point High school, OR, USA – 2018

Moresby Art Theatre, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – 2019

Read about playwright Owen Lewis

Author: Owen Lewis

Type: One act play

Genre: Comedy, British comedy

Cast: Cast of five, 3M 2F

Ages of the actors: Three in their twenties, two older but can be made up.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Forty Five minutes

Set: The action is initially in Karen’s bedroom and then the Carter family kitchen – diner.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – repeating the same scene over and over with changes in the dialogue

Read a Sample of the Script

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Jack Masterson and the case of absurdity – a ”who stole it” teen farce
Aladdin – comedy script
ESPN, B.C. – teen comedy with no words!

Nothing personal, just business – funny one act script

funny one act script


In this funny one act script for eight actors, Reginald Forester, billionaire lives the life others only dream about. He has a faithful wife, a beautiful young daughter, an affair on the side and a house boy who works for him without having to pay him a cent because of a debt his father owed him. He seems to have it all. Except for the fact that his wife is actually a raving alcoholic, his affair is in reality a paid hooker and his daughter is having an illicit affair with the house boy and plans to spend the rest of her life with him, instead of the very wealthy man her father has chosen for her.

Things all start to unravel after a seemingly innocent poker game in which Reginald lets a secret slip out – the fact that he has lied to his houseboy for years about the debt and that he owes him nothing, and has in fact been ripping him off for years. His reason – it’s nothing personal of course, just business.

Production History:

The Little Seed Theatre Company, Queensland, Australia – 2016

Read other one act comedies (The Mayhem Motel) by Landen Swain.

Author: Landen Swain

Genre: Funny one act script

Type: One act play

Length: 30-40 minutes

Cast: Eight actors, 5M 3F

Ages of the actors: Two in their twenties, parents middle aged, small parts any adult age

Suitable for: All ages

Set: The sitting room in an elegant house

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – timing

Read a Sample of the Script

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A cut above the rest – farce in one act
Over my dead body – award winner about two ghosts who won’t be evicted
You do what you can – parody on Macbeth

Love is a Stranger – British one act drama about forbidden love

one act drama


Vivian is a young transgender call girl who has fallen in love for the first time with one of her clients. She dreams of them running away together and has high hopes, until it all comes crashing down around her because of a huge publicity scandal. Her client, it turns out, never gave her his real name and he is, in fact a famous MP, with a wife and a little girl. He is shamed by the press and loses everything, including his life. The play begins after their dirty secret has been made public and deals with three very different characters – Clive, the destroyed MP, Vivian, the call girl and Lucia, a burnt out publicist whose aim it is to reap a profit from the scandal and get Vivian to tell her side of the story in this British one act drama.

A great three hander that explores the human condition: How we deal with sudden awful changes in circumstances. Some will profit, some will fight and some will despair. It’s what at the end of that road that counts.

Other dramas by Joseph Hawkins include Stag.

Author: Joseph Hawkins

Genre: One act drama, gay plays

Type: One act plays

Cast: Cast of three actors, 2M 1F  (The one male should be able to pass for an attractive woman)

Ages of the actors: Cast age late twenties to late forties

Suitable for: Adults only

Length: Play script 35 minutes long

Set: The stage is split between VIVIAN in her room and CLIVE sitting at a table in a quiet, seedy pub.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – challenging dramatic piece with good quality monologues that capture the characters

Read a Sample of the Script

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Choice – Hard hitting British drama scripts about children being prostituted
Survivors include – drama about teen suicide
Behind the nets – 1930’s drama about the effect of coming out in a conservative small town
The restaurants are screaming – period drama set at the end of world war 2


Read About It – ten minute comedy scripts -when a middle aged couple meet at a bus stop

ten minute comedy scripts


Sweet romantic comedy about two middle aged widowed people who meet at a bus stop.  Herb is minding his business at the local bus stop, when he is interrupted by Hilda, who strikes up a conversation, much against Herb’s will.  Hilda notices things. For example, she notices the mirror  in the window of the local travel agents is a trick mirror, making people look thinner than they are and showing them on holiday, enjoying themselves.

She also notices that Herb is a recent widower which is great as she is a widow!


Kenai Players, AR, USA – 2019
Johnson High School, TX, USA – 2022

Other one act comedies (Am I good?) by Jean Blasiar

Author:Jean Blasiar  

Type: Ten minute comedy play script

Genre: One act play

Cast: Cast of 5 actors 3M 2F

Ages of the actors: Cast two young, two middle aged, one older actor

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages

Set: Bus stop and the deck of a ship.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – nice fun play with easy dialogue. Character driven.

Read a Sample of the Script

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A Blind Date – two misfits meet each other for a blind date!
For never, not always – comedy script about that guy who actually speaks up at your wedding


Am I good? – one act comedy scripts

one act comedy scripts


In this one act comedy, Nora is anxiously preparing for a big date, when her next door neighbour, Mrs Henderson, arrives at the door with a family emergency and asks if she could leave her sixteen year old son, Brody with Nora for a short time. Nora says yes, of course, but what she doesn’t know is that while she was getting ready, the hem of her skirt had gotten caught in her waistband on the one side, exposing half of her bottom and her thong for Brody to see.

A lovely piece for three actors with great comic elements but also shows the development of the characters as the play progresses.

“Am I Good,” written by Jean Blasiar and directed by Sarah Albertson with a screamingly funny performance by the youthful Caber Russell as Brody and an innocently sexy performance by Ann McCormick as Nora Fisher. “

 To commemorate its 20th year of offering up the “8 Tens @ Eight” festival, a smorgasbord of 10-minute plays, the Actors’ Theatre this year is produced 16 playlets, one of which was ‘Am I good?’

Read more about playwright Jean Blasiar. Other plays by Jean Blasiar.

Author: Jean Blasiar

Genre: One act comedy scripts

Type: One act play

Cast: Three 2F 1M

Ages of the actors: One middle aged F (small part), one F in her twenties and one M aged 16

Length: Twenty minutes

Suitable for: PG 14

Set: An ordinary living room with flowers, candles, wine and a bottle opener.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – comic to more serious elements in this play for two main actors

Read a Sample of the Script

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Rhetorical – one act couple drama
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Road Toll – one act dramas for four actors

one act drama


In this one act drama for four actors, two police officers arrive at the door of an elderly lady, Delma with the unfortunate news that her son, Willy has passed away in a car accident. Delma flatly refuses to believe them because, according to her, Willy died eight years ago, also in a car crash. The two police officers decide to stay with Delma and unravel the mystery of the car accident victim. As the evening progresses and her daughter, Carol arrives the two policemen are forced to accept the shocking truth about what really happened that day, eight years ago…


The Little Theatre, Leicester, UK – 2019
Lipscomb Academy (High school) – TN, USA – 2019
LACC (Los Angeles City College) – CA, USA – 2022
The Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, PA, USA – 2022
River City Players, BC, Canada – 2023

Author: Sarah Tighe

Genre: one act dramas

Type: One act play

Cast: 3F, 1M

Ages of the actors: One elderly, the others young in their twenties to early middle aged

Length: 30-40 minutes long

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A living room, modestly decorated in Christmas paraphernalia. Delma, in her early 70’s is glued to ‘Carols by Candlelight’, which is playing on television.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – pacing – getting the pace right in this type of drama is fundamental

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © April 2015 Sarah Tighe and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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The Gold Locket – family saga about an unknown face in a gold locket
Used hearts – romantic drama script
The Pen – South African drama about love, fantasy and reality


Rhetorical – one act couple drama

one act couple drama


In this one act couple drama, which is part of the well reviewed ‘Ugly Art’ series by Terry Roeche, a married couple is at an art gallery, viewing a red painting. They have not been as close to each other recently, and despite the fact that they are out together, both have concerns about their marriage and whether or not ‘It’s over.’

UGLY ART is a series of related scenes that take place before an imaginary red painting during an art gallery opening. The art is from monochromatic painter Barnard Surio.

The characters interpret the red painting, how they see the painting reflect who they are as people; loving, hopeful, hateful, jaded and so on …

Redditch Advertiser, Worcesterhire, England

Produce by Mouthpiece Theatre, Worcestershire, England 2004

“Putting on a theatre performance is always a risky business. You don’t know whether the audience will turn off he telly and risk the chance of a waster evening. Mouthpiece Productions remedies this by taking theatre to the people. And if has certainly deliver the goods with its latest festival offering – Ugly Art… The show was a treat – a performance of this quality is worth traveling to watch. The show was light accessible and above all, very entertaining.


ENGLAND – Mouthpiece Theatre
Ugly Art 2005
Ugly Art as Red Wine & Canvas 2008
The Old Nick theatre, Gainsborough, UK – 2019
Nirak Films, Warwichshire, UK – 2020

CROATIA – Dreamscape Theatre (UK)
Red Wine & Canvas 2009

CANADA – Dreamscape Theatre (UK)
Red Wine & Canvas 2009 Edmonton Fringe Festival

Author: Terry Roeche

Genre: One act couple drama

Type: One act play

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: 30-30 year old adults.

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Black box set with a red painting either hanging on the wall or on an easel.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – the script flows easily

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © Terry Roeche and Off The wall Play Publishers

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