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Now Boarding – one act comedy for 3 female actors

one act comedy for 3 female actors


Zoey and Annette could not be more different. That Zoey is from the wrong side of the tracks is pretty obvious. Annette is an immaculately dressed, high powered business woman with one flaw, her fiance.

When the two of them are put on a flight together, they could not be less pleased with their flight companion. But as the flight progresses, they learn that they have more in common than they thought, teaming up to sort out Annette’s fiance issues, dealing with Zoey’s horrible air sickness and and becoming the best of friends in this one act comedy for 3 female actors.


White Station High School, TN, USA – 2018
Wisconsin Area Middle School, WI, USA – 2019

Author: Macee Binns

Type: One act comedy for 3 female actors

Genre: Comedy, one act, airplane

Cast: 3F (two mains and a stewardess) Offstage parts include voiceovers from a captain and an airport attendant.

Ages of the actors: 20’s-40’s

Suitable for: Adults to perform, PG 10 language to watch.

Length: Thirty minutes. A nice festival play

Set: A small piece set in the toilets and then the rest is set on the plane itself.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – static seating. The two mains are seated the whole play so a bit of creativity will need to be used to prevent the play becoming static.

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A puzzle for two – a philosophical play

philosophical play


Two witty individuals in a void try to make sense of their selves and each other. They come across a cryptic message which they interpret as a calling, one which leads them to an outburst of discussion and debate about the meaning of most everything in this philosophical play.

As far as what we know, one thing is clear: there should be a fine line between reason and result, in every sense of those two words. That line, that definite line between cause and effect, seeing and
believing, mind and matter, that line informs the discussion between one and oneself in ”A Puzzle for Two.”

In one riveting, meditative session, the mind probes its consciousness and vice versa as person tries to understand itself in and out of its particular circumstances. It is a conversation unlike any other; necessary for the person, futile for both the mind and its self awareness and naturally, alive with

An experimental piece with questions and snark remarks. A brief snappy tale of two existentially hungry beings. One thought starts where the last one ended. This play is great for students of philosophy or for drama students who like a philosophical approach.

The question is the question itself.


Mountain View High School, CO, USA – 2018

Author: Niels Versavel

Genre: Philosophical Play

Type: One Act play

Length: 25 – 30 minutes

Main Characters: 1 M/F , OR 1 –M/F, 1 – M/F

Suitable for: Adults

Ages of the actors: Adult

Set: An empty stage. Black box theatre

Level of difficulty: 9/10 – keeping the focus of the audience.

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