NINETY MINUTE PLAYS – one and half hour scripts

ninety minute plays

Ninety minute plays for you to enjoy – ninety minute comedies, dramas, teens and children’s and musicals. All in approximately ninety minutes.  Ninety minute plays are a great length for community theatres and amdram.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespearean comedy adapted for high school

A Queen and three slaves – British farce with Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and three very ‘Essex’ slaves

After Ever After – a fairytale musical for schools

Adam and Yoshi – award winning poignant American comedy

Aladdin, the pantomime!

Alice in Wonderland – the Pantomime!

Anniversaries – two-act comedy about rescuing a failing hotel

Bemused – British comedy about Youth and Age and what we all have in common

Biddies Borstal – a whodunit ‘before’ he did it!

Captive Christmas – a comedy about kidnapping Santa

Christmas in Cape Coral – romantic comedy for the holidays

Cinderella in Space – An Out of this World Cinderella Pantomime

Creature Features!! A Comic Horror Script. (Part 2 of the tales of the Cul de Sac…)

Crooked Hand – funny film noir script

Crooked Hand: Game of Cups. Comical whodunit!

Dick Turpin: From the Horse’s Mouth. British Pantomime!

Dick Whittington – the Pantomime!

Dirt nap – Two-Act Comedy about the mob (Or…what happens when you start digging them up)

Don’t say you’re Harry – a two act farce

Double Booked – a comedy about a wedding and funeral being double booked at the local church!

Ejected – two act comedy about a video store

Fishwrap – two act comedy about a struggling small town newspaper

Fred, Ted, Jack and Harold – a killer comedy. Literally

Fulfill me FULLY Phil – dark comedy musical set in a small town

Genealogy (Digital script) – comedy about DNA testing

God help us – dark religious comedy scripts

Grief and Grizzly Bears -a comedy about finding your family. And a bear.

Grudges – An American Political Satire

Grudges – An American Political Satire (PRINT BOOK)

He’s Behind You – a comedy, whodunit and pantomime rolled into one

His Heinous Crime – a dramedy about being caught drunk driving

Holed up – Comedy about Two Idiot Bank Robbers caught in the wrong hole at the wrong time

Hot Fudge Pickles – THE Musical for children

Human rat Lab – hit comedy script

Hoods Forever – Superhero Versus Supervillain Adventure Comedy Script

In the KNOW – comedy about everyone knowing the future

Jack Masterson and the Case of Absurdity

Jake Revolver – Freelance Secret Agent – a comedy whodunit

Just us Girlz – full length Mafioso style farce set in a hair salon

Keeping Right. The New, mostly fake, Swedish Screwball Comedy (Digital Script)

Keeping Right. The New, mostly fake, Swedish Screwball Comedy (Print)

Leonardo – a murder mystery set around Leonardo Da Vinci

Merriweather’s Murderous Weekend – a British whodunit script that shouldn’t have been

Mister Hislop’s Dating Agency – funny ghost story script

Nuns – a two-act satire about rebellious nuns running riot

Mother Goose, the Pantomime

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates – PANTOMIME!

Roxanne of the Islands. Or – They’re playing our Sarong! Two act comedy melodrama

Sassafras Cannon – Civil war black comedy

Saving Persephone – comedic Greek style play about Hades kidnapping Persephone because he’s, well just horrible.

Seein’ is Believin’- a full length murderous farce

Shady Ladies – a comedy about a scriptwriter, the perfect script and the perfect con!

Sleeping Beauty – the Pantomime

Shriek! The Fairytale

Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – alternative funny pantomime script

Something’s got to give – family comedy play about the night in which everything goes wrong

The Beach House – dramedy about a rich family that’s falling apart

The Beach House – farcical comedy about a dead relative that everyone thinks is still alive and a Beach House

The Best Day of your Life – a very UNROMANTIC romantic comedy

The Cindy Variations – The Cindy variations: coming of age cabaret type comedy

The Easy Lovin’ Blues – award winning drama

The Exit Strategy Club – a dark comedy about planning your own death to find life is worth living

The Ghost of Agnes Keller – a comedy set in the life after afterlife

The Hopeful Diamond Caper – two act crime comedy about a huge diamond on a ship, a wealthy woman and a couple of bad guys

The rat trap – large cast comedy farce

THE ten minute Hamlet – large cast comedy about putting on Hamlet at the old folks home. In ten minutes

The Warhol Institute for the Forgotten Famous – comedy about ‘Wannabe A lister’ group therapy

The Wizard of Odd – a pantomime script of the Wizard of Oz

The Worst Law Firm in Merry Old England – a merry farce around the law

There was a great BIG MOOSE! – horror satire set in a small Canadian town

Thirds – suburban satire about 3 sisters dividing a house they’ve inherited. Literally.

Try Psychology – melodramatic comedy in two acts

Tumbleweed – large cast comedy set in the wild, wild west

Villains Anonymous – a supervillain story

You are your own worst enemy – American period comedy about a small town hotel


Anastasia Romanova – alternative history of the life of Anastasia Romanova – what if she survived the slaughter?

Boise,USA- dealing with the homosexuality scandal in the 1950’s

Bourgeois Behavior – a 2 act play about coming out of the closet

Burn – Crime thriller for four actors

Burning Rubber – Irish crime drama

Conformity – drama for high school students

Early Liberty – two act American drama play

Enchanted – plays for Junior High – two lost scouts encounter a magical kingdom

Enter Love – original modern musicals

Grace will lead me home –  Grace’s quest to find a magical cure for her ill mother takes her on a fantastic adventure

In Hyding – award winning chilling version of the classic story, with a feminine twist

Love, Norman – drama about suicide, family and all that comes with it

Mock Tudor Land – a Drama with a bit of a Bite!

Nest of Vipers – Film Noir Screenplay set in Tinseltowne

No Way! – A serial killer is on the loose in a small town and the wrong man stands accused (Screenplay)

Ooze Monster – Drama about Mental Illness and Unleashing the Monster Within

Parade day – drama about Roswell, years later

Take my wife, please! A funny and farcical sex comedy

Pigeons – the story of a potential millionaire in 2 acts

Prelude to Murder – British crime script

Requiem for Murder – play about the perfect murder

Robotic love – sci fi play script about a robot created by a man who teaches her how to be human and then won’t let her go

Salesman by day – Two Act British Drama about casual sex

Sexbot – a sci fi drama about a young female robot who takes on the identity of a human to defeat an empire

Shoot this Picture – A Guardian Angel Comedy Script (Part 3 of the Tales of the Cul De Sac)

Skinned – award winning horror screenplay

Strange Bedfellows – a true story about a fateful night in the American war of independence

Tail End Charlie – family drama about PTSD and mental illness set in post WWII America

The Back Seat – drama about college rape

The Chronicles of Jack – South African drama scripts

The Edge – a drama about climate change

The Perfect Place for a Mouse – Children’s play with music

The Price of a Ghost – a dramatic ghost story for stage in two acts

The Robber Baron and the Baker Thief

The Scepter has Departed – a Jewish Drama in 2 acts

The Way Out- comedy about escaping from the loony bin

The Wings of Dracula – audio (radio) or zoom horror play script

Transcendental Exercises – drama about a marriage falling apart from a seed of doubt

Treasure Seekers – Children’s adventure based on stories by E.S. Nesbit

Twenty First Century Stomp – a drama in rap in two acts

Unhappily Ever After. A fairytale. Gone horribly wrong!

Unlikely Hero – a comedy drama about firefighters

Welcome to Playwit – Children’s play – Izzy is swept off on an adventure by a magical Teddy

What happens in the sky – drama about suspected infidelity

Woodstock Reunion – American family dramedy about following your dreams


Dream Beat – 1960’s Two Act Stage Musical

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