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After Ever After is a full length fairytale musical play that would be suitable for middle school or older primary school pupils. It has a large cast based on popular characters from literature. In  ‘After Ever After,’ the ‘baddies’ have been send to Dungeon,’ the rehabilitation centre for ‘the baddies, ‘ and the ‘goodies’ are living out their happy lives in Camelot. Unfortunately things are not going as smoothly as they could hope –  the baddies are plotting their revenge and escape from rehab, aided by the evil Claude Frollo, who runs the rehabilitation centre. They plan to attack the ‘goodies’ and take over Camelot. Who will win this final battle between good and evil?

“Carnivals of the Heart,” a young amateur theatre group based in Somerset-West,  performed AEA in December 2011. The play contains songs from popular music and popular animated movies.The musical rights for these songs would have to be purchased from the relevant local musical licensing authority or the songs substituted.  The authors will allow workshopping of the play with their permission, but the title is not to be changed.


Monkayo College of Arts, Sciences and Technology, Compostela Valley, Philippines – 2017
Alternative School in Keaau, Hawaii – 2018
Kambala, Sydney, Australia – 2022

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Authors: Pilar Pringiers-Spinnox and C.J. Opperman

Genre:  Fairytale Musical for schools in two acts

Type: Two act fairytale musical for schools

Length:  1-1.5 hours

Suitable for: All ages

Number of actors: 40, Forty

Ages of actors:  10 and up

Set: On one side of the stage is ‘the Dungeon’ and on the other side is ‘The village,’ and in between is the forest. Pinocchio’s bedroom is set up at the side. A table with 2 chairs is set up at the other side with the Dete and Huntsman, writing the story.


Level of Difficulty:  7/10 crowd control and placing the characters on the stage

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