plays forty minutes to one hour long


Plays forty minutes to one hour long.

A Contemporary Christmas Carol – a modern day Scrooge story

A country reunion – American comedy about hicks and a bottle o’ moonshine

A Deep Rural Tract – American court case drama script

A Load of Carp – slightly fishy British comedy script

A Town without Heroes: A House, a famous author, a dark secret…

Aladdin – comedy script for kids and amdram

All there is – British one act drama about a father and son relationship

Alms – Dark Comedy about Catholicism (Digital Script)

Alms – Dark Comedy about Catholicism (Printed Book)

An Empty Chair – drama in one act

And all his Songs were Sad – biography of Sean McCarthy

Attic Antics! – Farcical Comdy set in a school

Bird Feud – One act British Comedy about a longstanding, but unusual feud

Blasphemous Rumours – a satirical drama. Set in hell.

Carmilla – stage play script about vampires

Chatter – a love story and a case of mistaken identity in one act

Chrissy’s Revenge – drama about being transgender and not being accepted by family

Christopher goes through a Breakup – hilarious one act about being dumped

Clear as Clear – a one act cowboy drama

Cyborg with Rosie – a robotic sci fi comedy

Disney in Deutschland – a biography about the relationship between Hitler and Walt Disney

Dr Kritzinger’s Twelve O’clock – award winning play about the creation of the Holocaust

Dreamtime – play about teen murder based on the notorious murders of two Dartmouth Professors in 2001

Falling Together – a Christmas Drama about a family in crisis

Falls into Place – British double crossing whodunit set in the swinging sixties

Fervan Cerato Does Not Exist – political drama set in a dictatorship

Finding my Root – South African Monologue

First Impressions – Pride and Prejudice Revisted – when the honeymoon bliss is over!

Hang ups – funny one act musicals

Holiday shorts – collection of short plays for the holidays – 60 min total

In tents – one act teen play about bullying

Jerico – script about the fall of Jerico and of man

Lord Watchout! – Comic Fantasy Script set in Wales

Marvin’s Fetish – gay drama for two actors

Murder: The Final Frontier!An interactive sci-fi comedy

Myth- Modern Greek Play for Schools

Myth II – Heroes and Halfwits – a comic look at Greek Mythology

Nana and Paige – poignant comedy about escaping Lockdown

North Fork – when two brothers love the same girl – it causes a rift in the family that may never heal

Scream – one act apocalyptic suspense thriller

Sock Hops, Recorders and Owl Pellets – Tips on Surviving the 4th Grade

Style – one act drama about factory workers on the line

Taken to Tusk – an off the wall British comedy

The astounding works of Simon Trout – hilarious teen one act

The Dummies Guide to saving the USA – CIA comedy script

The Franklin Franklin Show – comedy about a retired boxer turned talk show host

The Great Bank Robbery Hostage Crisis two act comedy about a bank robbery gone wrong

The Lads – Drama about Irish Americans – a modern folk tale

The Lady of the Lake Murder – a fantasy whodunit

The Pen – South African Play Scripts about love, reality and fantasy

The Visit – French family drama

The WAITING……………. room. Character based comedy about a doctor’s waiting room

Riding a Peacock -African American Family Drama

Second Time’s a Charm – senior romantic drama

Shapeless – a full length one act satire dealing with eating disorders

Stag – a two-hander drama script for two men

Stand and Deliver!A Pantomime about Dick Turpin, notorious Highwayman

The Condition – a one act drama

The Devil Dances – a sex drama in one act

The Faun – a fictional drama about Michelangelo

The Mistress of Wholesome – a comedy where the mistress takes on the wife

The Simple Hard – a South African township drama

The Window – a one act comedy-drama about marriage

Things that go by the Board – Comedy about Home Owner Associations

Trailer Trash – a drama for four actors

Two Many Witnesses – a courtroom drama script in one act

Verbal prostitution – a psychological drama for four actors

Waiting for Nelson – South African Drama play

What’s on Your Mind – a comedy of the absurd

Why Affairs Happen – a 90 minute 1 act hospital drama

Yvette – period drama romance set in Paris

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