Anniversaries – two act comedy about a failing hotel

two act comedy


Diane Culthorpe, the reputable and ‘motherly’ proprietor of a clifftop hotel in Italy is about to celebrate her thirtieth anniversary as the owner of the hotel. Sadly, she has been far from financially astute and the bank is about to foreclose on the mortgage.

Alan Barron, a novelist and author of the trilogy, Anniversaries, has been a guest at the hotel for twenty five years and might also be celebrating his twenty fifth wedding anniversary, had his wife not left him during the first week of their honeymoon.

Reg Moss and his colleague Elaine, property investment executives, arrive at the hotel with an ulterior motive – to ascertain whether it would be in their employer’s interests to purchase the hotel to develop it as a casino.

Will the executives be exposed and will the hotel be saved in the end in this two act comedy? Read about playwright Keith Passmore. Other comedies by Keith.

Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Comedy

Type: Two act comedy

Length: 1.5 hours, 90 minutes

Cast: 7M 4F

Ages of the actors: All adult, young to older

Suitable for: PG 12 – language

Set: A patio and balcony area at a hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. There are white patio chairs, tables and a few folded umbrellas on stands. There are also potted palms and climbing plants. UL is a balustrade to the balcony.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – character driven play.

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