THREE act play



three act comedy


Three act comedies are rare but these are a real gem.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespearean comedy adapted for high school

Ad Hoc – comedy about an ad agency

Alice in Football Land – play for older kids and young teens

Bemused – British comedy about Youth and Age and what we all have in common

Captive Christmas – a comedy about kidnapping Santa

Christmas in Cape Coral – romantic comedy for the holidays

Crooked Hand – funny film noir script

Disastral Plane – comedy about getting involved with the supernatural

Dumped – hilarious political satire about Donald Dump (mixed media)

Four Hour Casanova – comedy about a little blue pill!

Guilty Party – whodunit three act farce

Holiday Island – comedy drama about a bunch of Brits on holiday in Tenerife

Let’s get rid of the plump people – Greek satire

MarriageSSSS – a comedy about just that

Merriweather’s Murderous Weekend – a British whodunit script that shouldn’t have been

Murder and other fun things – off the wall whodunit

Nietzche’s Nose – comedy about a dysfunctional family

Oldens but Goldens – comedy about a scam, and another one. In an old people’s home!

Shoot this Picture – A Guardian Angel Comedy Script (Part 3 of the Tales of the Cul De Sac)

Singles Forever – comedy about that time just before you get married

Some Unfinished Chaos – poignant comedy about the relationship between a failing writer and his protege

The Fun Doctor – large cast Rock and Roll Comedy

The Heirs – British zany comedy script about the crazy last wishes of an old lady

The Last Time I saw Paris – teen parody on the whole horse of Troy thing

Wotcha! Gotcha! – steam punk funny pantomime set in Victorian London

You are your own worst enemy – American period comedy about a small town hotel

You’re never too old – three act comedy script for older male and female actors

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