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For all those who want romantic play scripts for their theatre group.

A Blind Date – a short one act romantic comedy

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespearean comedy adapted for high school

A Walk in the Park – five minute romantic drama for seniors

Adam and Yoshi – award winning poignant comedy

Ad Hoc – three act comedy set in an ad agency

Aldous remembers – a drama about love

Alex and Lindsay Take on the World – – what to do when all your friends hate your boyrfriend/girlfriend!!

ANYONE can Dance – British award winning romantic drama about Soulmates

Barfly – ten minute romantic comedy about a blind date

Blind Date. A romantic drama  about dating – Blindfolded!

Blind Date – 20 minute comedy for two actors

Blind Date: The Aftermath. When the date’s over, is it really?

Boykie and Girlie – a drama about a failing relationship

But I’m French – a one act romantic comedy for two actors

Chatter – a love story and a case of mistaken identity in one act

Christmas in Cape Coral – romantic comedy for the holidays

Christmas in the country – American period romantic drama

Dinner at Dario’s – romantic gay comedies

Don’t Tell – a comedy about newlyweds

Down by the River – romantic comedy script

Empty Places of the Heart – family romantic comedy script about love and moving on

Enter Love – original modern musicals

Getting this close – teen romantic comedy for high school

Great Land – a journey of discovery and Elvis. Two act drama romance

Ham and Eggs – ten minute melodrama

Home – romantic one act drama for two actors

Hot air – romantic comedy scripts about bringing excitement (literally) into your marriage

In Hyding – award winning chilling version of the classic story, with a feminine twist

Is this seat taken? Award winning British one act comedy drama about role playing

Jars – drama about love between two women

Jason and Ali – play about dating a high school girl with a bad reputation

Letters of Love – romantic couple drama – one gets sent to war and these are the letters they write

Madrababes – fun filled one act musicals

MarriageSSSS – a comedy about just that

Naked! A One Act Play about Internet Dating

On The Rebound – Drama romance for the over sixties. Because you’re never too old to fall in love

Out on a date – short romantic comedy

Passing – poignant comedy about growing old together

Pulling off petals -a short drama about waiting for a lost love

Read about it – comedy when two middle aged widowed people meet at the bus stop

Reverse Psychology – a comedy about being afraid of getting FIRED!

Say What? Hilarious Adult Comedy about Dating

Second Time’s a Charm – senior romantic drama

Shoot this Picture – A Guardian Angel Comedy Script (Part 3 of the Tales of the Cul De Sac)

Souvenir from Copenhagen – a LGBTQ love story

Take my wife, please! A funny and farcical sex comedy

Taylor – a play about losing your love and finding love again

The Best Day of your Life – a very UNROMANTIC romantic comedy

The Chase – 1950’s period British romantic comedy

The Encounter – romantic drama for two actors

The Makeover – comedy about seeing an old flame again

The Perfect Partnership – romantic comedy for 3 actors

The release of Theodore Marlow – romantic period drama script about joining a lost dead love

The Royal Blood cannot be Mixed

The Storyteller – a play about forgetting your anniversary!

The Surprise – a short comedy play about a botched proposal

The Wingman – comedy about a guy who’s hopeless with women

Shadows of time – romantic sci-fi screenplays

The Day Trip – play for mature actors about two people who meet on a plane after thirty years

This Seat’s Taken – one act romantic comedy about OCD

Uncovered – romantic drama script

Unlikely Hero – a comedy drama about firefighters

Used hearts – romantic drama script

Waiting – short romantic comedy about a blind date

Wall Flower house – a play about conquering agoraphobia

Why Affairs Happen – a 90 minute 1 act hospital drama

Yellow Roses – ten minute romantic comedy script for two actors

Yvette – period drama romance set in Paris

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