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Used hearts is a story of two people who were young together meeting up again and finding that they really loved each other all along. Ted and Virginia knew each other in high school and meet and fall in love online. When Ted is diagnosed with cancer, they make a decision to find a way to be together once and for all.

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Author: Tony Broadwick

Type: One act play

Genre: Romantic drama script

Number of actors: 3 2M 1F 2 adults 1 child

Ages of the actors: 2 adult 1 child(M)

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 30 minutes, half an hour

Set: The stage is bare except for two chairs. One is placed stage-left and another, stage-right.
The wall in the background is white. This will be used as a film screen.
There is a stack of papers, an IPhone, a  small laptop sits on the floor near the left chair.  A stack of papers is placed by the foot of the chair on the right side. A laptop, a tall glass and a bottle of Vodka are placed nearthe stack of papers.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – technical due to characters writing on computers

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