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Uncovered – romantic drama script

romantic drama plays


A man and woman have been living together in a small Chicago apartment. She has been working to pay the bills while he works on a novel, but he’s developed writer’s block, and it’s been eating away at his confidence, and lessening her attraction to him. The rift has gotten to the point where she’s been spending most of her time at a friend’s place.
He goes to see her at work and watches her in a different light as she floats around her restaurant interacting with the customers. Then they go out for drinks, and their passion is rekindling.

We hear them as they ascend the stairs to their apartment, bumping against the walls as they release from each other’s embrace long enough to unlock the door.

Inside we watch as they work out their relationship, one that began with a mutual love of books, one helped to be put back together – and almost taken further apart – by the books in their life.

Performance History

Winthrop University, SC, USA – 2017
Alphabetti theatre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK – 2019

Author: Greg Urbaitis

Genre: Romantic drama script

Type: One act play

Cast:  1M 1F

Ages of the actors:  Late twenties to mid forties

Suitable for: PG 14 language

Length: 25-30 minutes

Set: Set in an apartment’s bedroom in Chicago, at dusk. The sun is going down and the street lights are coming on. There is a window at the back of the apartment, and one can see city streets through it

Level of difficulty:  7/10 – Two handers are always challenging but the conversation between the two actors is light and interesting to follow

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Used Hearts – romantic drama script

romantic drama plays


Used hearts is a story of two people who were young together meeting up again and finding that they really loved each other all along. Ted and Virginia knew each other in high school and meet and fall in love online. When Ted is diagnosed with cancer, they make a decision to find a way to be together once and for all.

Read more about playwright Tony Broadwick.

Author: Tony Broadwick

Type: One act play

Genre: Romantic drama script

Number of actors: 3 2M 1F 2 adults 1 child

Ages of the actors: 2 adult 1 child(M)

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 30 minutes, half an hour

Set: The stage is bare except for two chairs. One is placed stage-left and another, stage-right.
The wall in the background is white. This will be used as a film screen.
There is a stack of papers, an IPhone, a  small laptop sits on the floor near the left chair.  A stack of papers is placed by the foot of the chair on the right side. A laptop, a tall glass and a bottle of Vodka are placed nearthe stack of papers.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – technical due to characters writing on computers

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©August 2014 Tony Broadwick and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Early Liberty – two act drama plays

two act drama plays


“Life is about paying attention to the right things,” but what happens when the people and places you consider safe aren’t? What is “safe” and who spells “Home”?

When Mark Haywood follows the beacon into Lighthouse Cove nothing is what it seems. But if Mark’s world is falling apart—despite increasingly-frantic efforts to keep it together, then the hotel proprietor and his family need a special kind of rescue from each other. Just what will it take for Selma to grow up and for Mark to wake up? Can these dueling opposites save the hotel and find a way to be together? Set in 1985 on the Atlantic shore, Early Liberty explores the limits and boundlessness of love and hope, and the darker side of what it means to dream.

Early Liberty is a play about false fronts and true love, about crossed wires and yardsticks we never measure up to.  This dramatic love story is especially relevant now, especially as regards women’s status, and the parallels between the idealized Reagan Era and the “world as it is today” to reveal that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Early Liberty was produced at Texas State University (Lab Theatre) January 31-February 3, 2013.The play has already been workshopped but the author is open to minor changes, authorized in writing. Read more about playwright Rita Anderson

Rita and Early Liberty have both been recently featured  as the cover story in Baring Her Soul for a living – Hill Country View.

Author: Rita Anderson

Genre: Drama, two-act drama

Type: Full length drama plays

Number of Actors:   4M, 4F

Ages of the actors: All adult, 20s-60s.

Set: An out-of-date hotel in Norfolk with a nautical theme.  First day of Spring.

Suitable for: All ages

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – much of the play is carried by a conversation between two people.

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Aldous Remembers – romantic drama plays

romantic drama plays

Aldous Remembers – Romantic drama Plays

Aldous Bentley has a problem: he is prone to dangerous sleep walking and forgetfulness. His memory often eludes him; he can’t remember his wedding day, or precious moments he’s accumulated in his life. Now, after one year of marriage to his beloved wife Wanda, he often fails to remember anything that involves their time together.

One night during a small gathering at the home of their longtime friend’s Vance and Lisa Shante’ Aldous confesses to Vance in the kitchen that because of his inability to remember significant moments with Wanda, he feels he may not be in love with her, and that she is the wrong woman.

Meanwhile in the living room Wanda confides in Lisa that she too is not sure she married the right man, and that his fleeting memory and odd sleep walking has smothered the fiery passion she once had for Aldous. With lost memories from Aldous and growing frustration from Wanda, will the Bentley’s love survive this early test in their marriage?

Lovers of fine wine, the Shante’s and Bentley’s soon discover the complications involved in matrimony. Only time and the partaking of fine libations bought from their meeting place of Ithaca, New York, a place for which both couples share fond memories, will tell in this touching drama as each come upon revelations in their marriages.

Aldous remembers, a drama layered with humor and honesty examines the connection of love and memories, and how we deal with the potential realities of losing people we cherish in our lives and the moments we spend with them.

More about Paul Hood and romantic drama plays. Paul Hood will allow workshopping of this play.

Author: Paul Hood

Genre: Romance, Drama

Type: One act play

Cast:  2M 2F

Ages of Actors: Married couple late twenties to middle aged

Length:  Eighty minutes

Level of Difficulty:  7/10. Maintaining pace and audience attention as in this play it’s more words, less action.

Set:  A house – the living room, kitchen, porch and bedroom are shown in different scenes.

Instructions and Recommendations: The author would like to play to be produced as written, without alterations.  Due to the length of the play and it being written as a one act play, an interval could easily be set between scenes without altering the play at all.

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