TWO HOUR LONG PLAYS – full length plays

two hour long plays

Two hour long plays. Scripts for full length plays that are approximately two hours long.


A Snitch in Time – time travelling comedy adventure for teens and young people

Antibiotic – a hospital comedy script in two acts

Cinderella – the Panto

Clown car – an hilarious whodunit script. With clowns.

Corpse. All Inclusive. A Russian comedy about faking your own death

Day of all Days – Secrets and lies are revealed in this family drama

Death’s no laughing matter – two act comedy play

Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin – musical children’s plays

Explain the Handcuffs – a time travel adventure – sci-fi comedy script

Life’s Just a Merry Go Round – comedy about trying to kill your spouse

Lofty Larceny – two act French style farce

MarriageSSSS – a comedy about just that

Mascot Masquerade – whodunit costume comedy play

Not of THIS Earth – an out of this world comedy

Nothing to die for – dark comedy drama about affairs, murder and revenge

Pirate Appreciation day – comedy script about pirates. Aargh!

Plain as Jane – a comedy where Jane Austen is brought to life to help a young writer

Puss in Boots in the Wild West – The Pantomine!

Ribbit – award winning comedy script about believing in fairy tales

Running of the Aaah!Comedy about the bulls trying to sabotage their own Running

Snow Good – Hilarious Snow White pantomime in the style of the Goons

The 7th Officer – large cast adventure play for high school

The Blueberry Balladeer – plays for youth theatre

The confederation of radically altered people (CRAP) – superhero comedy play

The Fun Doctor – large cast Rock and Roll Comedy

The Oracle (Digital) – dark comedy about office politics and the office GOD

The Oracle (PRINT) – dark comedy about office politics and the office GOD

Tune in – two act comedy about reigniting a dilapidated TV station

What could possibly go wrong? A stage manager’s worst nightmare


All in the past – murder mystery play script set in 1930’s Shanghai

Beside the Kitchen Table – the ghost of a murdered girl seeking revenge haunts a local family

By The Rivers of Babylon – American Drama Script

Check Off in the sun – family drama script

Deliverance – play about Joan of Arc

Dr Reason – sinister sci-fi play about mind control

Forgotten – what happened after Neverland? Large cast fantasy play

Juan and Emmett – tragic LGBT love story

Lies You Can’t Make up – a drama script about JFK

Memory Palace – lovely script about the life of a typical family spanning generations

No ordinary man – an interview with a serial killer whose twisted motives may just end up costing the detective dearly

Teru’ah – Jewish political drama script set in an alternate reality

The Black Mask – Irish Crime Drama about love and betrayal

The Roses of Oshiro Village – fantasy adventure for teens

The Passion of Mary – American historical play about the Quakers

The Unbroken Chain – drama about war and its effect on families

Todd – full length drama script based on ‘Sweeney Todd’

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