Mascot Masquerade – a whodunit comedy play

whodunit comedy play


In this whodunit comedy play, five theme park mascots arrive, (in costume, of course), as the guests of honor at a special dinner party hosted by an eccentric billionaire and his proud but temperamental butler. In order to share in the million dollar prize for attending this party, the theme party mascots must confess to their child-cruelty sins and beg forgiveness. However that becomes a moot point right after they “accidentally” kill their eccentric billionaire host. In Mascot Masquerade, a unique comedic whodunit by Mark aloysius Kenneally, secrets are revealed but complications arise and things immediately go from bad to terribly worse. Just because they’re mascots, doesn’t mean they’re always nice. Is there a motive underneath one of those masks?

This play is an homage and a tribute, not only to the wonderful murder mystery plays of Agatha Christie and other writers of that ilk, but to other classic spoofs on the genre, e.g. the movies Murder by Death and Clue. It should be staged with that in mind.

MASCOT MASQUERADE got an Honorable Mention in the McLaren Memorial Comedy Play Writing Competition in 2015.

Read about playwright Mark Kenneally. Other comedies (Moose tracks – a dark comedy about family and murder) by Mark.

Author: Mark aloysius Kenneally

Genre: Whodunit comedy play

Length: Two – two and a half hours

Cast: Cast of seven: 4M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult – one of the characters is an elderly man.

Suitable for: All ages

Set: This play was written with stage directions that indicate a two level set with an upstairs, downstairs and spiral staircase, however, these are not an integral part of the story and therefore a single level set can be used. The only real things necessary for this play are lots of doors for entrances and exits offstage.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – achieving the feel of the murder mystery genre yet conveying the comedy overlying it

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