What Could Possibly Go Wrong? A Comedy about A Stage Manager’s Worst Nightmare


In this comedy about a stage manager, Mac’s marriage is falling apart and he’s now became a stage manager for a doomed adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

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comedy about a stage manager


Nothing seems to be going well for Mac. In, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, a comedy about a stage manager in two acts, his marriage is falling apart and he’s the lucky chap who became a stage manager for an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet (‘cause we know the works of Shakespeare, alone, can drive anyone crazy). For the most part the cast seems to have it together… Well, except for Henry. With a rollercoaster ride of emotions Henry has made every step of the delicate process of putting on a show, a nightmare. Desperately jealous of Titus’ role as Romeo, Henry’s cauldron is bubbling over with something wicked and like a thief in the night, his intentions are clear: he must steal the show. Mac, a worthy adversary understands too that: the show will always go on. It’s up to him to put a stop to Henry as he realizes he can save the day in more ways than one.

A stage managers lament.

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Author: Landen Swain

Type: Two-Act Play

Genre: Comedy about a stage manager

Cast: 5M 7F.  Main Characters : 2 – M, 2 – F

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Teens up to perform and all ages to watch

Length:  Just under two hours

Set: Backstage of a community theater. Evening time. On the upstage wall, there is a door which leads to the stage. SL of the door is the props table which has a wide assortment of props on it, including a script. On the SR side of the door is a costume rack. On the SL wall, there are two dressing rooms, women’s and men’s, respectively. In-between the two doors is a chair. On the SR wall there is a door which leads to an alley behind the theater, and a door which leads to the lobby of the theater. Upstage of the alley door on the SR wall, there is a telephone on a tiny shelf. All around the room, there are framed posters of fictional past shows on the walls.

Level of difficulty: Building comedic tension throughout as the cast members start dropping like flies. 

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