Channel Surfed! A Comedy about Cable TV going wrong…..


When the cable company fixes Parker and Morgan’s cable and adds ‘free’ channels, they get trapped in a TV world. How do they escape? Comedy about cable TV.

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comedy about cable tv


It is just another day of Parker sitting around watching TV in his sister’s house. Ever since his girlfriend, Crystal, dumped him, he does nothing but this, and wears very little other than boxers (today they have hearts on them) and maybe a housecoat if it’s cold. Morgan, his sister, who is putting him up and is getting just that little bit tired of it, walks in from work exhausted. She is stressed over a work project and tells Parker he needs to clean up because Crystal (his ex and also her business partner) is coming over to work on the project in this comedy about cable TV going wrong…

This doesn’t sit well with Parker, as Crystal is the last person he wants to see, so he tells her so. Morgan gets mad because all he does is sit on her couch and watch TV. He points out that isn’t the case, actually, as the cable hasn’t been working. When she asks him why he hasn’t called the cable company, (this did not occur to him) he says that he thought she would do it. This makes her even more mad. To smooth things over, he calls them. When he calls, he is told that they are trying out a new tech on their side and it will fix the signal and they are going to give them a few extra channels for the inconvenience. So he gives the go ahead. Who wouldn’t want a few extra channels for free? But there’s a catch. Soon Parker learns that whatever channel he is on makes the rest of the people in the house act in that way (Telenovela, DIY show, gameshow, film noir, etc) When the door to the outside is opened or a window all that is seen is static and they can’t escape! When he calls the number back it is disconnected. How do they get back to normal now?

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Author: Jeff Carlson

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Comedy about Cable TV

Cast: 3M 3F

Ages of the actors: Young adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 80 minutes

Set: A living room. Stage left there is a front door with a coat rack nearby. Down Stage right there is a door to the kitchen. Upstage right there is a Hallway towards the bedroom. Upstage left there is a staircase and window with nice drawn drapes. Center stage there is a couch on a rug with a coffee table in front of it. Players will act as though the fourth wall has a tv on it. Upstage center between the stairs and the hallway is a small table with a phone on it.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – the players need to act as if the fourth wall is the TV. This play has great comic scope for the actors to swtich quickly through a variety of characters and genres, with funny results

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Copyright © November 2023 Jeff Carlson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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