This Seat’s Taken – One Act Romantic Comedy about OCD


When Maya joins Leo at his table at the coffee shop without being invited, he has no idea what to say or do. His routine did not prepare him in this comedy about OCD

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comedy about ocd


Every day, every single day, Leo gets up, washes up, gets dressed by pulling items of clothing from his wardrobe from day specific
seccions, heads to the library, selects one book and heads to the
coffee shop where he reads and finishes the book, while enjoying their house brew in this comedy about OCD. This is his morning
routine. This is what he knows and this is what he likes… or at least it’s what he thinks he likes.

When Maya decides to join Leo for coffee, unexpectedly, one morning, Leo quite honestly has no idea what do with her. Putting his routine at risk is some random woman who offers him something besides the house brew to taste, asks him questions about his reading material he can do without and has the audacity to poke at his sanity, sense of adventure and tolerance for those things that throw him off.

Nonetheless, Maya’s endearing (or determined) qualities result in the unlikely duo forming a bond close enough that she becomes a part of his schedule. Just as he gets
comfortable with the idea of her being around she throws him for a loop when she asks him to accompany her to a play and one morning, Leo decides to buy the tickets…

The seat’s taken but by all means, let the eclectic, confused and
curious looking woman take it.


Parkway South High School, MO, USA – 2022
Eastern Mennonite University, VA, USA – 2022


Author: Lindsey Paulette

Genre: Comedy about OCD

Type: One act romantic comedy

Cast: 5M, 3F, 2N (but aside from the main two characters and thugs, gender can vary

Ages of the Actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 30 minutes

Set: A coffee shop and then a journey along a road to get tickets

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – characterization as Leo gets thrust into a number of uncomfortable situations

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Copyright © March 2018 Lindsey Paulette and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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