Science Fiction Stage Play Scripts – Sci-fi and fantasy

science fiction stage play scripts



2093 – An action packed Sci-fi  – Screenplay about a futuristic assassin with amplified mind powers

Darkest Before Dawn – Vampire love – does it exist?

Shadows of time – romantic sci-fi screenplays


A Snitch in Time – time travelling comedy adventure for teens and young people

Alan Grimaldi and the 183 – a comedy about finding that you’re dead. 

Alien research – Funny play for primary school

An ordinary man –  Comedy about a guy who’s simply tired of being a werewolf and thus in denial.

Comrade Babble – a political satire about an undead businessman, with unfinished, er.. business.

Creature Features!! – A Comic Horror Script. (Part 2 of the tales of the Cul de Sac…)

Cyborg with Rosie – a robotic sci fi comedy

Death of a Gerbil When you wake up dead one day to find out that Heaven made a mistake

Death’s no laughing matter A young actress strikes a bargain with death

Disastral Plane – comedy about getting involved with the supernatural

Explain the Handcuffs – a time travel adventure – exactly what it says

God help us – dark religious comedy scripts – God’s been delayed at an intergalactic conference and now earth is about to be destroyed!

Hoods Forever – Superhero Versus Supervillain Adventure Comedy Script

In the KNOW – comedy about everyone knowing the future

Kate the Ultimate and Jane the Invincible:Earth’s Last Inhabitants – Short Superhero Comedy

Lost Property – comedy about Superman, who has lost his clothes

Moan Alone – A Zombie Comedy!!

Moon Base Delta – A Space Station, a Deadly virus, a Lethal asteroid and a Mad scientist!!! Oh, and a cereal fetish

Moonbase Delta – A Space Comedy Screenplay set on the Moon

Murder: The Final Frontier!An interactive sci-fi comedy

New Life – a Comedy about Reincarnation

No Year’s Eve – comedy about the world ending on New Year’s Eve

Not of THIS Earth – an out of this world comedy

The End of Class – Teen sci-fi comedy – when you’re the only class left in the entire world. 

Goddle – sci-fi comedy scripts When a human spacecraft crash lands on the telepathic planet Goddle, humerous chaos follows as the aliens invade the human minds.

Mister Hislop’s Dating Agency – Once you’re dead, your love life isn’t over.

Pirate Appreciation day – comedy script about pirates. Aargh!

Rag-Na-Rock! Loki, at the local high school, is about to start a war to end all wars and it’s up to the kids and 1 teacher to stop him

Ratboy – failed superhero comedy script

Sir Lyonel and the legion of unlikely heroes – funny fantasy script

Space Shenanigans – children’s comedy set in space!

Start Wreck – short skit on Star Trek

The 7th Officer – large cast adventure play for high school


The Seven Suits – teen sci-fi comedy about the apocalypse (well almost) and an unlikely team of heroes

The Ghost of Agnes Keller – a comedy set in the life after afterlife

The Vicar, The Four Thousand Year old Demon and the Cup of Tea

Trouble on Tatu Ween – War Stars Parody

Unbelievable – a play about having the gift of precognition

Villains incorporated – award winning Teen one act

Waiting –  What starts out as a battle of the sexes, ends as a battle of the species, all in the shopping mall toilet.

Wotcha! Gotcha! Steampunk panto in which Alice is sucked into an alternate universe by the evil Mad Hat and Moriarty


A Clean Break – sci-fi teen drama

A Puzzle for two – a philosophical play

A Second Chance – a group of dead people are given a chance to change events in history

Anastasia Romanova – alternative history of the life of Anastasia Romanova – what if she survived the slaughter?

Boy-1 – science fiction play for teens

Becoming Disappeared –  Creepy short sci-fi for 2M set in a post apocalyptic world

Believe A troubled girl with psychic powers visits a psychologist with an ulterior motive

Carmilla Classic vampire love story

Dr Reason – sinister sci-fi play about mind control

Enchanted – plays for Junior High – two boy scouts lost in the woods encounter a magical world

Exquisite Anxieties – Seven Slivers of Suspense – A Collection of Bone Chilling Short Scripts

Fogotten – what happens afer you wake up from Neverland?

Forsaken – a play about good and evil. In the Flesh…

Grace will lead me home –  Grace’s quest to find a magical cure for her ill mother takes her on a fantastic adventure

Hikers – one act for 2M. Where a chance encounter on a mountainside can change the course of your life forever

Lovely, dark and deep – one act sci fi drama about a man’s journey to another world

Mock Tudor Land – a Drama with a bit of a Bite!

Next – drama script about a killer virus striking a small town

Ooze Monster – Drama about Mental Illness and unleashing the Real Monster Within…

Parade day – drama about Roswell, years later

Regicide – fantasy play about revolution. And murder

Robotic love – sci fi play script about a robot created by a man who teaches her how to be human and then won’t let her go

Sexbot – a sci fi drama about a young female robot who takes on the identity of a human to defeat an empire

Starline 117 – a man is found waiting at the airport for a flight that will never come

The Frankenstein Factory – sci fi drama about letting a murderer go free in a new body

The Last Evening on Earth – a Dystopian Drama Script

The Magician’s Nephew – an adaptation of the classic children’s story

The Roses of Oshiro Village – fantasy adventure for teens

Teru’ah – Jewish drama script set in an alternate reality

The Lady of the Lake Murder – a fantasy whodunit

Unhappily Ever After. A fairytale. Gone horribly wrong!

Villains Anonymous – a supervillain story


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