This is a new category of plays that “Off The Wall Plays” have decided to start. Having received many submissions by teenage writers we feel that the talent in teens out there needs to be fostered, but also that a play written by a new young writer often cannot and should not compete with a play written by someone with thirty or forty years behind them. These are the writers of the future and we have decided to give them a voice.

Boy-1 – science fiction play for teens

Jinxed – insane one act comedy script

Lady T – one act drama for high school and drama college

Lies”R”Us – teen drama

Next – drama script about a killer virus striking a small town

Nothing personal, just business – funny one act script

Friends and Family – teen drama script about the new kids in town

In tents – one act teen play about bullying

Never alone – play about teen depression

Someone to remember – a one act teen drama

The book of souls – teen drama about bringing loved ones back from the dead

The Case of Ivan Kane – serial killer script

The condition – a humorous drama in one act

The Game of Life – one act comedy plays for 6 actors

The Great Bank Robbery Hostage Crisis two act comedy about a bank robbery gone wrong

The Mayhem Motel – Two-act American farce

The Perfect Partnership – romantic comedy for 3 actors

Who..you..me..someone –
the whodunit where someone definitely did it!

You are your own worst enemy – American period comedy about a small town hotel

101 Ways to Dump Someone in Five Minutes

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