The Great Bank Robbery Hostage Crisis – comedy about bank robbery

comedy about bank robbery



When a gang of notorious bank robbers hold up the local bank in a small town in North Carolina, they don’t realise that, being a small town, the only person with a key to the vault is the manager and it’s his day off. Things go even more wrong when they find they’re surrounded by the police, with no manager and no money and a woman inside the bank who is about to go into labour. Not to mention the old age pensioner who’s day has been completely ruined because she’s going to miss her hair appointment. Or the undercover cop.

Other comedies (The Mayhem motel – two act American farce) by Landen Swain.

A short two-act comedy about bank robbery for a large cast.

Production History

Englewood Church, SC, USA – 2017
Wisconsin Heights Players – WI, USA – 2018
The Cheshire Dramatic Arts Academy, Guernsey, UK – 2019
Holy Rosary School, Johannesburg, South Africa – 2021

Author: Landen Swain

Type: Two act comedy

Genre: Situational comedy about bank robbery

Cast: 8-9M, 6F

Ages of the actors: Adult to old age pensioner

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 45-50 minutes

Set: A bank in fictional Orvell, North Carolina, nine in the morning. The bank door is found S.L. Opposite the door on S.R. is the bank teller’s booth, back wall has three doors, from S.R. to S.L., Vault, backroom, bathroom.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – situational comedy and characterization

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