Who..You..Me..Someone – funny whodunit script

funny whodunit script

Who..You..Me..Someone – funny whodunit script

Someone is dead. Stabbed in the back on the living room floor, the blood just missing the priceless Persian rug in this funny whodunit script. But who did it? Could it be Mr Who, called in investigate the murder of Mr Someone, the unfortunate victim found lying in the living room by Mr You the night before? Mr Me, who lives in the cupboard can definitely vouch for Someone’s whereabouts. He was in the cupboard with Mr Me the whole evening. Where? Oh, that’s also the name of the sister of the deceased, Mrs Where. So the investigation begins and continues with the appearance of the extremely suspicious Miss Hymn. So to sum it all up: Someone was killed by the suspect, who could be either Me, You or Hymn. When more bodies start to fall, it falls upon the shoulders of Mr Who to unravel it all.

If you think that’s confusing, imagine the confusion of the characters themselves in this funny whodunit.


This play has been performed at the  Delbarton One Act Festival, USA
Christian Homeschoolers of North Michigan, MI, USA – 2017
Vryberg High School, North West Province, South Africa – 2018
Christian Academy in Japan, Tokyo, Japan – 2018
Yappers theatre co., Victoria, Australia – 2018
Merritt Island High school, FL, USA – 2018
Westville Theatre, KZN, South Africa – 2020
Cuyahoga Falls High School, OH, USA – 2021
Pinnacle High School, AZ, USA – 2021
Pearland High School, TX, USA – 2022
Friends University, KS, USA – 2022

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Author: Chris Connors

Type: One act play

Genre: Funny whodunit script

Cast: Cast of 5 3M 2F

Ages of the actors: Adult but could be played by any age above 14

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 20-25 minutes

Set: The Living room of a large home. A closet door stands in the corner of the room (upstage right). There is an eloquent, Persian rug neatly covering the stage where the men stand.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – keeping a straight face

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