Friends and Family – teen drama script

teen drama script


In this teen drama script, new kids at the school and siblings Devin and Mel are forced to spend every other Friday afternoon following school with siblings Charlie and Anna while waiting for their mom to pick them up. The sets of siblings start as strangers but grow closer over the course of five different times together. They learn about themselves and each other while exploring the differences and similarities between friends and family. They also learn that some kids have had to deal with pretty bad things that have happened to them and sometimes their friends do become very important to them, almost like family.


DNHS Drama/ Digital Film Del Norte High School, NM, USA – 2017
Morris Hills High School, NJ, USA – 2019
Stromness Academy, Scotland, United Kingdom – 2023

Author: Pearson Kunz

Genre: Teen drama

Type: One act play

Cast: 2M 2F

Length: 25 minutes

Ages of the actors: Teenage

Suitable for: Plays for teenagers

Set: The living room of an ordinary house. The set can be as complex or simple as desired. The only necessities are a couch (with a couple of throw pillows), an armchair, a coffee table and something to hang coats on. The doors can theoretically “exist” just offstage and out of sight from the playing space.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – great teen play for high school

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