Plays for ten actors – both comedies and dramas, and including once acts and full length plays. Cast of ten.

A major for Dixie comedy about running for mayor

  • 5M 5F
  • Length forty minutes

Bad News, Pluto!ten minute comedy sketch

  • Cast of ten
  • Length just under ten minutes

Bemused – British comedy about Youth and Age and what we all have in common

  • Cast 5M 5F
  • Length 90 minutes

Biddies Borstal – a whodunit ‘before’ he did it!

  • 6F 3M and 1 offstage voice
  • Length 90 minutes

Conned to DEATH!! A play about a fake psychic medium that goes awry

  • Cast 5M 5F
  • Length 35 minutes

Crooked Hand: Game of Cups. Comical whodunit!

  • cast of 10
  • Length 100 minutes

Don’t say you’re Harry – a two act farce

  • 5M 3F, maid and 2-3 non speaking guests
  • Length 90 minutes

DUMPED! – hilarious political satire about Donald Dump (mixed media)

  • Cast 2 actors on stage, 3 to 8 on video and numerous unseen voice actors
  • Length 60-75 minutes

How we saved our homeroom teacher – children’s play about their teacher being kidnapped by an evil wizard

  • Cast of 10
  • Length 30 minutes

In Hyding – award winning chilling version of the classic story, with a feminine twist

  • Main characters 3 – M, 1 – F. Total cast 22, but smaller parts can be played by the same actor. The show has been produced with between 7 and 22 cast members
  • Length 90 minutes

Ivy – children’s play about finding a way home to your family

  • Cast of 10 5F, 1M rest most likely 4M/N
  • Length 30 minutes

Jake Revolver – Freelance Secret Agent – a comedy whodunit

  • length 90 minutes
  • Cast size 8-12

Just us Girlz – full length Mafioso style farce set in a hair salon

  • Cast 6M 4F
  • Length 90 minutes

King of the Sea – short children’s play

  • Cast of 8 plus waves
  • Length 5 minutes

Kingdom – children’s musical about a dragon who loses his flame

  • Cast 4M 4F plus extras
  • Length one hour

Life’s Just a Merry Go Round – comedy about trying to kill your spouse

  • Cast of 10 5M 4F 1N
  • Length Two hours or just over

Molly and the magic phone – musical for children

  • Cast minimum 10 and up to 15
  • Length Thirty minutes

Nativity, news of Jesus – short nativity play

  • Cast 7-12 actors
  • Length 5-10 minutes
  • 4M 5F 1N
  • Length Two hours

Orphan Antsy – skit on the musical Annie

  • 7-10 actors
  • Length 4-5 minutes

Parade day – drama about Roswell, years later

  • Cast Main characters 3M 1F, Smaller characters, some of which can be played by the same actors: 3M 3F
  • Length 1-5-2 hours

Prelude to Murder – British crime script

  • Total cast: 7M, 4F (but one of the F must play two F characters)
  • Length 90 minutes

Six Accusers – Christian one act plays

  • 8M 2F
  • Length 30 minutes

Souvenir from Copenhagen – a LGBTQ love story

  • Cast 10 7M 2F
  • Length 150 minutes

Starline 117 – a man is found waiting at the airport for a flight that will never come…

  • 4M 3F 3N and a few non essential extras
  • Length 30 minutes

Style – one act drama about factory workers on the line

  • 8M 2F
  • length 40-50 minutes

Tales of Dark imagination:The Dark Chronicles of the Golden Raven society – ghost story scripts

  • Cast 9-13 actors including one F older child
  • Length 75-90 minutes

The Big Solar Storm – children’s play about the solar system

  • Cast of 10 children
  • Length ten minutes

The Blueberry Balladeer – plays for youth theatre

  • Cast 9-19 actors
  • Length 1.5- hours

The Christmas Ghosts – a children’s play about the three ghosts of Christmas. With a tech savvy approach

  • Cast 6N 2M 2F
  • Length 10 minutes

The Chronicles of Jack – South African drama scripts

  • 8M 2F
  • Length 75-90 min

The Dummies Guide to saving the USA – CIA comedy script

  • Length 50-60 minutes
  • Cast minimum 10 up to 16 actors

The Frankenstein Factory – sci fi drama about letting a murderer go free in a new body

  • Cast 5M 3F 2N
  • Length 35 minutes

The Hopeful Diamond Caper – two act crime comedy about a huge diamond on a ship, a wealthy woman and a couple of bad guys

  • 5M 4F and some extras
  • Length Ninety minutes

The Impostor – Comedy about an estate agent

  • Length 70-80 minutes
  • Cast 4M 6F

The Legend of the Rogue OR Mask me no Questions! Comedy Melodrama set in the Old West

  • Cast 6M 4f
  • Length 75 minutes

The Magician’s Nephew – an adaptation of the classic children’s story

  • Ensemble cast – 6F, 4M plus extras.
  • Length 60 minutes

The Owl and the Pussycat – short play for younger children

  • Cast 6 up
  • Length 10 minutes

The Pigeons in the Orchard – a Chekhov adaptation

  • Cast 5M 5F
  • Length 70 minutes

The rat trap – large cast comedy farce

  • Cast 5M 5F
  • length 90 minutes

The Retirement of the Witches of Ipswich – British comedy plays

  • Cast of 10
  • Length 1 hour

The Royal Blood cannot be Mixed

  • 8M 2F and up to ten other smaller parts
  • Length 2 hours

The Summoning – audience participation comedy horror

  • Length ten minutes
  • Cast of 6 – 13. 1M, 2F, 3-10N

The Tell Tale Teacher – Award winning children’s adventure comedy play

  • Cast of ten
  • Length 30 minutes

The Trail’s Creek – a drama  about mental disability in a young girl that isn’t quite what it seems

  • Cast of 10 6F 4M
  • Length 70 minutes

Think before you vote – South African school story

  • length 20 minutes
  • cast 10F

This Seat’s Taken – one act romantic comedy about OCD

  • Cast 5M,3F,2N
  • Length 30 minutes

Welcome to Playwit – Children’s play – Izzy is swept off on an adventure by a magical Teddy

  • Cast of 10: 3F, 3M, 4N
  • Length 90-100 minutes



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