The Dummies Guide to Saving the U.S.A. – CIA Comedy script

CIA comedy script


In this CIA comedy script, a band of evil doers – a.k.a Connie and Blyde (who work for Al Tyrone and his bunch of goons) attack the Whitehouse and the CIA’s base of operations and kidnap the vice president as part of their cunning and devious plan they wish to fulfill.

With the CIA crippled they only have one agent left for the job. However, he has no field training and there is no time to learn. He has to learn how to be an agent ON THE JOB while trying to take down a villainous master of mischief, gangsters, and criminal icon copycats. His name: Wilbur.

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Sequatchie County High School, TN, USA – 2020
Diagonal Community Schools, IA, USA – 2023


Author: Jonathan Smith

Type: Full length one act comedy (but could easily be split with an interval into a two act comedy)

Genre: CIA comedy script

Cast: 11M, 5F – some roles can be doubled. Can be performed with a minimum of 10-12 actors.

Length: 50-60 minutes (an hour with scene changes)

Ages of the actors: Teen up

Suitable for: Teens to adult to both watch and perform

Set: Simple – the stage is split in two halves so the action takes place on one side then switches to the other, or both are used to represent different locations. Desks and chairs and phones are needed.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – scene changes.

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