Antibiotic! Hospital Comedy Script in Two Acts



short medical skit


In this hospital comedy script in two acts, Wally, who is an elderly man and a member of the great unwashed, creates havoc in the male ward, whilst an unfortunate male patient who is having a problem with his genitals is placed in the female ward due to overcrowding. Back in the female ward, the patients discover that two of them know the same man (rather well) and only one of them is married to him!
This play is set in New Zealand but the content is universal and will be giggled at by audiences throughout the world.


Moartz, ACT, Australia – 2018

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Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Hospital comedy script, medical comedy script

Type: Two-act play, 2 act play

Cast: 15-20 actors, fifteen to twenty

Ages of Actors: Ages Twenty to Seventy 20s-70s

Suitable for: All Ages

Length: Two hours, 2 hr

Set: Two hospital wards – the beds stay the same but the patients change as the lights go up and down.

Level of Difficulty: 7-10 – achieving fluidity with the set changes and humour.

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