Foulweather Friend – a two act dark comedy

two act comedy
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Foulweather Friend,  a two act dark comedy, is set in a forgotten hamlet in 1957 Vermont. The town is slowly crumbling around its last remaining living inhabitants.  A community theatre company persists in producing plays even though most of the subscription audience are in the graveyard and might, to be fair, require they be exhumed.  (At the very least they’ll have a full audience that way.)  They are in the process of rehearsing their latest play, “Foulweather Friend,” when a mysterious young playwright,  Pegeen Dalrymple, arrives in town.  But is she who she says she is? And what does she want? Family issues collide with the supernatural including Druidism in this full length play.

Author: James Kent

Genre: Dark comedy

Type: Full length play, two act dark comedy

Length:  Two and a half hours

Number of actors: Eight, 8,  5F 3M

Ages of actors: One late twenties, one late thirties, rest early fifties to early nineties

Suitable for: All ages

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – much of the humor depends on the zany older characters

Set: In Act One we are introduced to a pond, then a community stage brimming with props and set pieces.  In Act Two the characters are only in the graveyard.  Drop dead silence is punctured by sounds of crickets, cicadas, birdsong and by lightning and thunder.

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